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But, my dear, you are using L.O.G.I.C.!

Clearly it is something that not all people possess the ability to utilize!

Being intelligent is a heavy burden, isn't it?


Now I'm "B"- ???


1. B is my fave letter

2. Do you EVER sleep?


Another thing that really annoys me is when the entire extended family goes along to the supermarket. It is already so crowded in there with all those bulky trolleys!! Leave granny and the 5 kids at home.

wait until you visit hong kong. it goes one of two ways. if you even stop to pick up your child, the crowd whirls around you until someone gets fed up with the .00004 second that the diversion is causing them, and sticks out their elbow and belts you (or child) one.

and getting off the subway and lifts are a nightmare. that's when my elbows go out.

so come visit!

What is this "sleep" of which you speak?

Perhaps you could write my doctor who is not so "on board" with the concept of the thing, "sleep."


PS - if you go see Tess, I may have to cash in frequent flier miles to join in the elbowing!

You forgot all those people who stop dead right at the very top or bottom of an escalator in order to take a thorough look around. With you being shoved into them from behind.


Could you just make this grand anouncement to the people and tourists of New York? Step aside, and let people off the subway first.

My son thinks I'm a crazy lady because I'm so adamant about his stepping aside to let people off and not blocking the sidewalk. It's embarrassing, though, to have a native New Yorker child who stands right in front of the doors when they open. He might as well be walking around with a map in his hand and money hanging out of his pocket.

Chill babe - take the bunch out of those knickers - just joshing!! other people can indeed be effing annoying!

Wow. Someone who feels as strongly as I do about those issues! I thought I was the only one.

I'm on a not-so-subtle mission to teach the world the elevator rule. It's the beauty of having a toddler. Every single time we wait for an elevator, I review elevator-door etiquette with Josh (loud enough that everyone nearby can hear). I figure at least Josh will know to step back and maybe a few others will learn too.

I'll confess to being the passive-agressive type that knocks my stroller or shopping cart into the person standing in the middle of the aisle chatting. Always appearing to just be too clutzy to fit by the tiny space to the side, but always on purpose. HATE those people.

Whatever you do, don't come to the US and go grocery shopping in the south (not sure about the rest of the country) on Wednesdays - it's Senior Citizen day and they get a discount for shopping that day. Once I made that mistake and every single aisle I went down I had to struggle past little old ladies discussing the merits of regular flour vs bread flour while blocking the way with their carts.

Oh man, does this hit a nerve! Nothing drives me more nuts than people who try to cram in an elevator before people get off!

By the way, did you get your iron?

Now, please remember, Emily Post says it is NOT just the rule for elevators, but true of entrance/exits anywhere...we are supposed to give way to those exiting...it truly is common courtesy and it just drives me NUTS when someone just mows me down as I'm leaving a store/elevator/whatever while they just barge right in like I'm not even there. I am a hefty woman, I am not invisible, nor can one walk right through me.
Harummph. There's my grumpy, weepy barren old widow crone thought for the day. Very unpleasant today, aren't I? :-P

Wow. Sounds like you had a lurvely day at the mall. :P

How about those elevators that open on both sides? It's quite simple people... one side says ENTER the other side says EXIT. Go with the flow. If you are trying to enter while I'm exiting, I WILL roll my eyes and suck my teeth like a teenager. You deserve it.

It won't kill you to walk around to the other side. I promise.

Yes, yes, yes! Those are SUCH pet peeves of mine, too.

And Moxie, I was thinking the same thing about NYC. Drives me batty!!

hitting the nail on the head again T.

I cannot STAND it when people do this.

MOre than that is how people use pubic toilets - has anyone noticed that most people don't flush!?!? or is this just a Durban thing? And they NEVER wash their hands.

I only go if FORCED BEYOND NECESSITY and even then, hover, flush, wash hands and scrub til skin comes off. I mean, surely people do flush the loo in their own homes?


Can we extend the elevator & mall rules to airports? First, there's the big family gathering in the middle of the aisle, complete with wall to wall baggage. Then we have the Pre-Boards: perfectly healthy, able people who insist on pre-boarding or hanging around to be first in line, even when their rows haven't been called yet. Then there are the legitimate pre-boarders who do indeed need extra time...but do they remember that when it is time to get off the plane? Noooo, they choose to ignore the "please wait" message and want to get off first, so we can all wait while they stand there and gather up everything that should have been shoved back in the carry-ons prior to descent. Oh, and carry ons! There's another peeve. A full sized suitcase (or 3) is NOT carry on! The people who stand there on the plane whining because they can't find space in the overheads for their 3 ft x 3 ft friggin' suitcase and their other carry on and garment bag and big purse and little purse and coat and camera and hat and so on and so on and so on should be forced to travel in cargo themselves. Last peeve: quit reclining the seat into the next row's lap! You know there's no room. If your legs are crowded, think how much worse you are making it for the person behind you. Quit ramming the poor guy's knees trying to force your seat further back. Yes, you did pay for your seat. So did he/she and you are now encroaching into the territory they have paid for.

Ahhhh, I feel so much better. Thanks, Tertia!

This irks the hell out of me. I think people in general are just getting ruder.

Another pet peeve: when EVERYONE crowds around the baggage carousel at baggage claim. So you can't even see your bags coming off much less get to them in time. People, if you would just stay a couple of feet back (and your entire family) then it would be so much easier for everyone. Hate that.

I used to live in a small, mountain resort town where vacationers used to actually walk in the streets rather than use the sidewalks!!! Of course, being passive-aggressive myself i was v.v. temped sometimes to hit them with my car and just say, "Oh... was that you???, Soooooooo sorry...."
Agree with everyone on all counts.
Why oh why can't people figure out that we have to SHARE this planet??????

Haha. It reminds me of when I worked at a resort in Vegas as a front desk clerk and had the dredded job of "baby sitting" the damn elevator an hour out of my shift. People are so stupid they wait for the elevator then start talking and miss the damn thing. Or crowd around it like you said. Me being annoyed after about 2 mins of this started asking people to step back because the people inside the elevator may want to get out... just a thought.

Boy was that a fun job...

Old Farts' Day at the Grocery Store - oh yes. Running their cart right out in front of you so that you're stuck standing there and never even look up. I want to yell, "It's all right, take your time! I'm going to be old someday and I'll be tedious as hell - it'll be my turn!"

And they're so impatient with each other. "It's rice! It's just rice! It's all the same! If you want it put it in your basket!" "She wants you to pay her! Get out your checkbook!"

I had to train my family not to stand in the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen while I was clearing the table. Train them.

We have the same with the trains.. people stand in front of the door, and you can't get out.

I now stand in the door and they can't enter the train either. They eventually move away

And hopw fucking hard is it to STAND TO ONE SIDE on an escalator???????

That is my all-time biggest pet peeve. And if I am getting out of an elevator and have to weave through a bunch of people crowding in, it drives me batshit nutso.

Hah. Like Moxie said, people do that during RUSH HOUR in NYC. You'd hate them. You're supposed to stand off to the side of the subway car doors so that people can exit. People (usually tourists *grr*) like to position themselves smack dab in front of the doors. They usually get pushed SO far away from the train SO quickly that they miss the train altogether. :)

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