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Oh NO YOU DIDN'T!!! You made me read a whole weeks worth of "B" blogs and you didn't post about the BALDY?!?!?!
D@mnit Tertia! I've been waiting to hear about that d@mn baldy all week!!! How in heck am I going to decide if I want to risk going bald myself. !@$#%%^!&&!*!*!!!!!!!

Congratulations on the book, I can't wait to buy it. Go for the botox. Like you said all the money you spent on IVF and stuff, you deserve to spend some on yourself. I used to be scared of the idea of plastic surgery, since all the IVF procedures I keep thinking about it more and more. I'm trying to talk my husband into it but he thinks it's wrong.

You truly are a master writer! What a white knuckle cliff-hanger you have created for us waiting to hear about the bald cooter!

You did NOT just up and leave us like this, did you? That's such a MAN thing to do!

Seriously - safe travels tomorrow. Will miss your post, but will be waiting on bated breath when you return!

You are a blog tease.

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