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Unbelievable, Tertia. We just had a similar situation in the US in Texas and Oklahoma, where almost all of the fires were started by cigarette buts, or careless kids, or fireworks. Despite the numerous warnings by the weather people and government about what was at risk.

I'm so sorry for that man who died, and for anyone/anything else affected.

Same thing here in Southern California. People just aren't careful.

Tertia, those photos are incredible.....worse than what I see coming out of California each year. And personally, no subject makes me feel more hopeless and helpless than forest fires....We've had years of public service announcements and Smokey the Bear and what not to try to educate the public-- but any one careless teenager or drunken lout can do so much damage with so little effort. My heart aches over the situation.

I totally agree with you, and as an ex smoker, I do want to just add, most cars don't HAVE ashtrays anymore. Please don't flame me, I'm just saying.

I'm so sorry to see what is happening to your beautiful city. I hope it stops soon.

Tertia, that is horrifyingly incredible. I know how you feel about all this - we had a HUGE wildfire about 1/4 mile from our house Christmas Eve this year (I'm in Texas). It is nerve-racking, scary, and stupifying all at once. Ours was actually started by an electric fence. It was one of the most scary things I have ever been through.

(((((HUGS))))) to you and Cape Town.

Yep. Same thing happening here in Oklahoma, where I live. I could/can see the fires outside my office window in downtown Oklahoma City. It just takes one person's carelessness to ruin many lives. Stay safe!

The same thing happens here in Australia - I don't understand how people can just throw them out the window and not give it a second thought.

As Kel said, our beautiful parks are burning too :(

I saw it on the news yesterday and thought of you.
I hope it stops soon, before even more is lost.

I've been thru that sort of thing, it's very scary we almost had to evacuate but they got it under control thank God.

Stupid ass people! It's bad enough there are fires due to nature but do we need to cause any more??

Oh gosh that is scary! We have the same problems here in Texas right now - no rain in months - and everything is dry as shit. Last month almost an entire neighborhood burned less than 1/2 from our house....scary shit.

We've had some bad fires here in Australia lately too, luckily none near our area (this year!). It pisses me off to hear that some are deliberately lit or some dickhead has tossed a butt out the car window.

Whats amazing is that someone has to post this! I mean, Good lord, how much thought does it take to know that you shouldn't EVER throw something that is on fire OUT your window.

Too many fucktards all over the world!

Isn't it awful when this happens. And for years afterward, the mere sniff of smoke sends you into a panic. It's been 22 years since the fires here that scared me into insomnia for a year, and I still get the shivers when it happens again, which unfortunately seems to be every summer now. One of the fires currently burning here (which have killed three people) was DELIBERATELY lit.

'Horrifyingly incredible' yes, that describes those photos perfectly. There is something awesome and amazing about them until you realise how much devastation they reflect.

Was rather ashamed to see that it was a British tourist who started the fire. I'm not excusing such inexcusable and unbelievable fuckwittery - but he probably would never have seen any public service announcements or the like, as the UK is far too damp for such things.

My heart goes out to you and all in your beautiful city...


Thats my city too :(

I can only apologise unreservedly for the twattishness, stupidity and arrogance of my fellow countrymen. They're a problem here as well, if it's any consolation.

Yes, it's summer here too and we also have fires caused by cigarettes ( as well as lightning strikes) The government is forcing cigarette companies to manufacture cigarettes made with special paper that stops burning unless it's being smoked. I don't think it will work though,because a cigarette can ignite grass in an instant especially on a windy day. Some people are such dickheads.

Five years ago I moved to Utah with my (then)BF who was a Helicopter Pilot fighting fires in the forests and mountains. I never quit "got it" about the danger of fire, or, the danger he was in until the night a fire broke out on the mountain we lived at the base of. I watched it creep down towards us and we were all evacuated. I actually saw my guy at work and how dangerous it was for him and the firefighters he dropped into the flames. No one was hurt and we had no damage, but, man I will NEVER forget how fast that thing spread or the fear.
Please remember the lives you are putting in danger (the firefighters and innocent victims) when you act like an assclown and are careless with your fires/ flames/ sparks/ butts / joints/whatever...

We have been watching this on the news in Pretoria and I was so sad. We went to Cape Town in November and hiked all around Table Mountain and were just so enthralled with the beauty of it all. What an incredible waste, just a terrible shame. We will be back this month--I will be very sorry to have to see the damage.

The same thing is happening here (Texas) and it's supposed to be winter!

The same thing is happening here (Texas) and it's supposed to be winter!

I saw this on the news and it made me cry. I can't believe how worse the fires got and how stupid people are regarding cigs. That poor innocent hiker.

We had the most lovely sunset up on Table Mountain just a couple of weeks ago, watching the dassies and other animals. I'm so sorry.

My city is engaged with devastating fire of her majesty Winter. Among whirling snowflakes it fights, trying to give life to its inhabitants by its heat and no let them to become numb. Natural gas gears explode in futile attempts to maintaine heat. Some people cannot be gained from blockages of the ruined buildings. Cold of hell borns hell fire.

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