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Used to do a lot of oral sex as a teen - did and tried everything and swalloved whatever just to make my boyfriend love me and stay crazy about me.

Realized don't like performing oral sex, much more confident now. Know my husband is deeply passionate aboput me anyway and we have wonderful chemistry.

Enjoy sexlife more without the oral part.

Norwegian feminist

Oh- Forgot to say - my comment was about your latest poll, Tertia. As you of course understood anyway but I had to mention.


Reminds me of your darling brother!!!

Reminds me of your darling brother!!! He is just a big a PITA sometimes.....but isn't that why we love 'em!!!

You have my Yahoo IM. Chat with me. I'll call you names just like Marko does. You'll hardly notice the difference. ;)

Re: Marko chat. ROFLOL!

Re: "tried everything and swallowed whatever...."
Ewwwwwwwwww. You make it all sound so......very disgusting. Glad your a Norwegian Feminist now. Life is much better when you just stick to what you're happy with and leave the lumpy bits out. Horray for womanhood!

You'll just have to send him chores to do from the next room - like 'do you want a cuppa? - well, get me one whilst your there etc.

ewww faith - lumpy bits - barf!

I just email the chore list, it works quite well.

You need someone like Marko to keep you in line and out of trouble!

My boyfriend is exactly the same way! So frustrating! He ignores me too, when he doesn't want to do soemthing I want him to do. Either that or blatantly says "No." So frustrating.

That's why I try to get him to come the conclusion that he wants to do whatever I want him to do. If I make my argument, give him awhile to think about it and let him make his own decision, he *sometimes* will do whatever it is I want him to do. But mostly he just doesn't do it...

(He won't IM either. He thinks I waste time chatting all day.)

Am I the only one who is laughing over the fact that you want to chat with him when he is in the house with you? :)

I totally get the chatting while in the house thing.
Try chatting sexy... totally gets their attention.
"what are you wearing?"
"what are you going to wear when you do the dishes?.."
Love the chatting... oh yeah, and the other thing too!

We just email back and forth - with our connection it is almost like IMing. Scott will sit in the living room in his chair on his laptop, and I'll sit about 15 feet away on the couch with MY laptop, and that's the way the evening goes.

Sad, huh? Tee hee!

funny. he always writes such long paragraphs to me. I actually end up skimming his notes, as there is not enough time to read it in its entirety. :)

Wow, looking at the poll results, I cannot BELIEVE so many people swallow, in light of how many calories it has.

Hmm. Regretting putting boyf on Google chat as he writes MISSIVES - like LOOOOONG paragraphs which require actual thought to reply to. So usually end up pretending to work and ignoring HIM. There's a turnaround for stalker Bee, hey?

The men I have met have not been really chatty. Not that I have chatted a lot with anyone, but those have all been women. Maybe you should try to talk about sex, that might get his attention!

Hi Tertia - sorry for the off-topic question. After a long road, I am expecting twins in April, and I remember your post a while back recommending bath seats for the babies in the tub. Would you remind me of them, if you have the chance? Thank you so much.


at least you were chatting in different. hubby and i sometimes even IM each other when we sit back to back. heh

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