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Just to prove that Marko is right:

The internet is for porn.

You need to buy an iron?

{Totally effing confused and scratching head.}

What's next? A Crock Pot?!?!


I probably should mention that the link I posted isn't actually PORN. LOL

It's not porn? I am very disappointed. :(

Angie - my thoughts exactly - are IRON?? For T? Ha!

What a chatterbox - and he is offering to come shopping too! just when we thought we had pigeonholed him and then this!

See, soon you'll be complaining that he won't shut up. You just can't win with men...

Though he sounds like a lovable asshole!

How do you do that? No.. not ironing. How do you record from vcr to dvd?

Okay, what the ho-de-hey are you doing with an iron? I hope you are tenderizing some meat for a braii or something.

I own an iron, but it holds down all the receipts I need to file for my taxes!

The mall, though, I can see going there, and I guess an iron would pique my husband's interest that MAYBE he wouldn't have to look like a sharpei at work every day if I actually used one.

LOL. you two are very funny assholes.

Bout as chatty as my DH :)

And I thought it was bad that me and my hubby email each other from separate rooms in the same house ;)

My husband and I would do that except he plays online games and it not condusive to iming.

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