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Hello! I personally think your website is G&D, but if you want to make changes, you could request the help of a very famous blogger by the name of Dooce! She and her husband are updating and redesigning her site quite often and may be able to help you. I'm not sure if they are doing that sort of thing, but it's worth a shot since they are SO good at it. Just an idea. Good luck!

I can help . . . its not too hard at all. I use Microsoft FrontPage to cevelop them, so you will need that program to be able to manage the site forchanges, etc. Email me!

what do you mean, the "the long typepad.com forward slash blah blah fishpaste "?
I just use http://tertia.typepad.com and it works fine :P

sorry, can't help you with creativeness as need it more myself these days, but I am sure one of the other 1300+ readers of today can help you out! Good luck!

Schmutzie does some of the best page designs I've seen. http://schmutzie.blogspot.com/

Doesn't Andreah (Aitch) do that sort of thing? I think I remember her redesigning both Karen's (Naked Ovary) and Julia's (Uncommon Misconception) blogs.

Check out verydesigns.com. The owner has a business doing graphics and web design and is also a mommy blogger like yourself.

No design advice, but I just want to say I can't wait until your book comes out and you make 60 million rand.

Do you have a US distributor yet?

I recommend Echo at echoleigh.com. She's done my site and several others which are beautiful!

No blog-design advice here, either. On my site I just play with Front Page and basic HTML and drive my husband batty with my love of pretty backgrounds and other annoyances.

But, YEAH for your book being out soon! :)

Zoot did my site, and I think she's wonderful. http://www.misszoot.com/

This was recently on CityMama`s (http://citymama.typepad.com/citymama/2006/01/index.html)blog --
"If you have a blog and are thinking about a blog remodel, the Aitch (http://theaitch.standingcheese.com/)is your gal. You tell her what you like and she whips up a design in no time. You can pay her via PayPal or peruse her wishlist for choice items. Then, with your approval, she sneaks into your blog black ops-style, does her thang, and before you know it, your blog is looking fresh for Spring."

I am going to recommend you to a blog friend of mine who may be able to help with the site design. Will let you know!

I do blog template design and would love to help. For some customers I will even do a design for free.

Some of my work:


Email me if you are interested.

From one "whore" to another ... go easy on the image. One man's meat is another man's manna. It's not actually the lowest one can go.

I'm looking for help in making my blog look nicer as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated or maybe you can just make a post or a comment

But i thought Bee was your best friend! You are a whore!

No help here but I can't wait to see what you have in store!

I found your site via Hashai.com - and her site is and has always been beautiful and so are all the sites she creates. I would very much like you to refer to her.

Check ciaomybella.com I do not know if/how much are you willing to pay but I have a little x-mas coupon from them which gives a free design (although some charges apply).
and yes, exchange rates are a bitch so I do not know if this would work for you.

No help with the site design - but thought you would get a kick out of this: Your sit has officially been banned by the "filter" at work!! Apparently "Blog Whore" did it in!!!

I do websites, though predominately for schools.

www.baragar.net is my business (it's how I pay for infertility treatments)

www.cmjhs.com is my school

www.baragar.net/international is an incomplete mock-up for the contract I am currently working on.

My page is the basic typepad non-exciting stuff too...

However, I think an enormous shaved cooter surrounded by wine glasses/bottles would sum you up fairly well! (well, okay, maybe a baby picture here and there too)

The best blog designs I've seen are -

They were both created by Anna from Pixel Forte / Blog Togs -

They make trendy personalised blogs that I think look fantastic.

Recommending The Aitch as well. She also did Cecily's site (Wasted Birth Control).

Namo WebEditor 2006 Suite is very easy to use and it blows Microsoft Frontpage out of the water. This newest version of Namo has lots of neat features for blogs. I don't use it for my blog because I just don't have the time to fuss to make the blog look fancy, but I use it for my website and I love it. You could download it at namo.com for a free trial. But a word of advice. If you decide to buy it, buy the CD version. If your computer ever crashes, you will have the CD to reinstall. Namo's tech support is practically non existent and it would take a very long time for them to get back to you. Amazon.com sells the CD version and when I bought it earlier this month, it was on sale. It might still be too. It was cheaper at Amazon than it was at the Namo site.

T- I would totally fall for your whoring ways, but I am not creative in a blogging sort of way. Wish I could help, but it sounds like you've got lots of qualified helpers. :)

Congratulations on your first domain name! Watch out, they can become addictive - I reckon you should go and get gorgeousanddivine.com too!

For web design I just use Dreamweaver and do webstuff as a obsession hobby. I am by no means a professional, but these days you can get someone to make you a template and buttons etc (or you can make your own using a program like PSP or Photoshop Elements which is what I do). One thing that I do find useful when starting a website is to sit and think about the colour scheme, overall look and feel and font styles/colours that I want to use before I begin. I know it sounds basic but it is a royal pain to change your mind half way through (believe me, I am in the middle of changing one now and it's a pain). Take a look at some of your favourite blogs or websites and pick the things that you like about them. Also when choosing a colour scheme do you want to go with contrasting or complimentary colours or maybe just different hues and shades of one colour. With fonts - do you like plain serif (typewriter) fonts or sans-serif or fancy? What kind of feel do you want - retro, funky, crisp and clean etc.

HTH and have fun with it :)

I have a question and some assvice. Have you considered purchasing a shared hosting plan and running Movable Type instead of using Typepad? I don't know if you have the same options in South Africa, but here in the U.S. it is much more economical. For example, I can get a hosting package for USD $10 that includes more than double the bandwdth than advanced Typepad. Bandwidth will be your main concern as the site grows and you get more visitors from readers of your book. I would be happy to help if you are interested in going this way. Don't be scared of Movable Type; after you get is set up it is just as simple to post to as a Typepad blog, and it is much more flexible in the long run. Good luck on whatever you decide!

I have to say, I like the simplicity of your blog. No frills. The appeal is all in the writing, not banners.

I love you just the way you are. xoxo

I don't know if you've chosen anyone yet, but I'd like to recommend AB Chao, from www.hashai.com.
She's designed these sites: www.missdoxie.com and www.hannahbeth.com, among others.

I distinctly remember offering to design your blog months ago...for FREE even. I also sent you a design idea.

But then you countered with, "oh no thanks, I won a free blog design from some best of blogs awards, so beat it hobag"

You had me in your clutches, but then you threw me away....Then again, that was when I read your blog. I am oiver it now.


theme site lince looks nice

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