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I agree...B week was beautiful, and I enjoyed it a lot. But gosh am a sorry about all the Appendix B difficulties. I was so expecting to hear good news about some of this subjects - especially the "two mommies." Let's end B Week with another "B" - Best Wishes for All.

Not to be a constant quibbler, but my selection would fall in the category of "I'll put that thing in here, but be sure he's only going to see the beginning and the middle."

Thanks for a great "B" week! I'll be adding a few from the appendices to my thoughts and prayers.

What letter next?

Brava for a wonderful blog series! Best wishes to your sister for a safe surgery, big hugs to Millie and the two mommies.

And I hope Adam kicks those teeth right back. Poor li'l guy. Now, go re-energize that brain!

After the worst cooter wax in history (complete with burning/blistering, which turned into peeling, which turned a rash much like poison ivy), I signed up for laser hair removal and haven't looked back. Oh, is it ever worth the money.

I'm so proud! I suggested the poll subject! But I don't understand the reference to 'that thing'. I thought we were talking about wine? ;)


So sad about the sad Bs.

Lulu too is teething and has re-become an industrial strength PITA. I've decided this whole teeth business is a MAJOR design flaw.

thank you for B-week, tertia. that was fun. as always your blog provides a much-needed escape from the IF drama in my pathetic life :)

I, for one, would like to see what you would do with a "Q" week, or, an "X" week for that matter!!
So sorry for all the B's having a bad time. My heart is with you all.

Congrats on the second box waxing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a freshly waxed kitty.

Here's the Q-- Have you tried sugaring instead of waxing? I saw a website online that said that using sugar (similar to NADS, I bet) allows the esthetician to re-wax (or rather re-sugar) much sooner than when using wax. This removes the need to wait for the hair to grow back to sufficient length to permit re-waxing. Supposedly it works better too.

I dunno if there is anyplace near Mpls, MN that offerd this, thus, I ask if you have any experience with sugaring vs waxing.


p.s. I hope Marko is smart enough to shave his man bag. Few things in this life equal the joy to be had when 2 people rub tgeir hairless slippery bits together. Good times!

I feel like I'm on Sesame Street. "This episode was brought to you by the letter 'B' and the number '2'." Oh wait. We talked about your #2's in a previous post. lol! Thanks... The B's have been a blast! (another B!)

I can empathize with your sister. DS #3 was breech and I needed a c-section. He was coming out butt (another B!) first. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a healthy baby, of course!

I'm v v glad to hear that your cooter was less tortured this time around. I was actually wondering if the first time hurt so much because of the person who did it. I have found that different people's techniques have everything to do with how much waxing hurts. Assuming the same person did it this time, I'm glad I was wrong. :)

When I read about Millie and the two mommies, I started to cry. I don't have any words to express the sympathy I feel for them.

On a lighter note, the second round of teething BLOWS. (another B!) Middle boy had to have Motrin every single night (around 12-13 months old) before he went to bed in order for any of us to get some sleep. Tylenol and Oragel didn't do squat. Anti-inflammatory was key. Can you imagine how painful it must be to have molars rip through your gums?! The poor little man must be miserable. :( I hope you find something that makes everyone happy and well rested. :)

That was one hell of post, dear. Chock full of stuff. Now my brain is mush. Off to get another cup of coffee!

Hello Everyone, it's one of the "two mommies" here. I wanted to write a personal note the first thank everyone for their excellent suggestions about names. My partner and I loved reading everyone's feedback and tossing around new and wonderful ideas for what our baby might call us. Unfortunately, as Tertia mentioned, last week I had a miscarriage. It has been a horrible week, but it finally feels like there just might...might... be light at the end of the tunnel. We've been grieving the loss of "Rooty-George" (the nickname we had given to our baby - odd I know, but it has special meaning) and have recently signed up for a city program that plants trees for babies who died at any age as well as babies who were born alive. Hopefully next summer we'll have a special place to visit and remember Rooty-George. Thank you also for the lovely comments I have read in this comment section. It is so helpful to know there are others out there who understand this pain and/or who sympathize and send healting and hopeful energy. I think we're going to try again in a few months and we're hopeful that since I achieved a pregnancy so soon with my partners egg (on the first attempt versus 11 failed attempts with my own eggs) that we'll be blessed again. Hugs and to all of you out there in this caring and warm e-community.

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