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Perhaps, while world markets and the like are important, people realize that in their day-to-day life, family is the most important thing. You talk about all that business stuff at work all day and so do those people. Perhaps a night out is more enjoyable for you all if you can talk about a passion in your life: your kids.

Glad you had fun!

I know what you mean. I've just got back in the "game" after 4 years away from it. I am so relieved when an associate pulls out a photo album and starts talking kids. I feel it's my specialty now, and the thing I'm most interested in. Funny how work used to seem so serious, life and death...now it's...well, work. We all know you can talk world markets. You're a smart gal. But it's great you got to talk about your darlings! After all, Kate and Adam are FAR more interesting than crappy world politics.

Tertia, dear, you're so bourgeouis! Ain't it wonderful?

Your new poll makes me sad. Who are these 20% who would keep a smart, handsome man with money and give up sex entirely? (I gave up the money; looks would be second; sex third; gotta have the brains, no doubt about it.)

Everyone needs an opportunity to brag about their kids and to commiserate with other parents that have been there and done that.

I'm glad you went. If it stirred up those types of emotions, you were long overdue. :)

Ohhh boy. I kind of feel like I have given up on my career as a result of having kids (yeah, I still teach, but my novel? Is gathering dust). I'm happier with the kids, but sometimes I think about how I was going to publish my first novel by the time I turned thirty (HA!) and feel a little pang. It's funny--a group of my writer friends and I formed an independent workshop years and years ago, and we all sat down one time and decided what our futures would hold--each person would get theirs predicted by the rest of the group. One person was going to drink themselves into an early grave, another was going to have a bunch of kids and give up writing, and I...was deemed most likely to stay bitterly single and childless, but brilliantly successful as a writer. LOL!

I'm still in the place where my heart breaks into a million pieces at these get-togethers, and I avoid them as much as I can!
But Tertia, you are sooooo not letting any side down! I for one am still so happy that you get to be that woman who talks about napping and bedtimes and schedules. It is right, and it is good.
And I love you for talking about the guilt that you felt there. I make half-hearted vows to myself that when I finally get pregnant I won't talk all about it, and when I finally have a child I won't talk all about the child, but it's all just a little bit of crap really. I can't wait to be able to 'talk all about it', guilt be damned.
But I do promise to never become part of the "just relax" brigade (sorry, they are really annoying me at present).
Just to say it again, yay that it got to be this way! Yay for the pocket photo album and the naptime info sharing!

I went away for work the week before last. My first time away from my babies for more than one night. I was all prepared for work talk, but about halfway through dinner, the cocky, obvious party guy in our crowd, pulls out pictures of his boys, and before we knew it, the whole dinner table was talking all mushy about all our kids (didn't have anything to do with the champagne or wine we were consuming). After dinner, we all went back to the beach at our hotel, and once again, the conversation turned to our kiddos - from the 2 year olds to the 16 year olds.

I know what you mean about it being so hard when you don't have and want children, and to be in a place where that's all the conversation. I remember attending my best friends baby shower for her twins (and then their first birthday party) while I was still childless, and even though it's been over 4 years, the pain is still very real.

I went to reunions and first wasn't married then came the baby issue. I would crumble insdie as everyone around me had baby pics however, if I had children I'd be doing the SAME thing. Last reunion I went to I had just been in my 2 week wait so it wasn't as bad as I was hopeful (ha) but I would never subject myself to this again. I couldn't handle it, I didn't go to the last one and next they will be on grandchildren I'm sure but you have every reason to be proud and show off those babies.

Naturally you are gorgeous!

It was your first reunion after you had kids - it was then natural for you to speak about what your heart is full of. And the rest of the group joined in and enjoyed the conversation. That makes it just ok in my opinion.

But honestly - if you're at a table where people are stuck , I think one should try to find other great subjects to talk about too - be it work or something totally different.

As still childless, I try to take responsabilty myself for bringing up other subjects that is funny or engages people when kidstalk starts tiring me.

Even the parents seem to enjoy that. That being said, I do engage in a whole lot of stories about other peoples kids myself. I am interested in issues concerning raising children. But only provided the anecdotes about the kids aren't downright boring - like the details of somebody's sons gymclass or whatever - stories that just have no point.


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