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Many friends swear by "teething tablets"... I had better luck hunting for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow...they never had them. A mystery to me...but many swear by them...

Frozen rags...unsanitary sounding but sometimes the only thing my boy would mess with. He HATED teething rings...

Tylenol at times...

Some people give baby orajel, I never did because the pedi said it made the gums "tougher", thus making it harder for the teeth to break through. Supposedly.

However, you'll do whatever works best for all you.

Stock up on chardonnay...lol

Prepare for lots of ass vice...mine included...none of which really worked. Just lots of holding and snuggling...and biting me. Lots of biting.

((hugs to you all))

I'm in complete agreement. This teething thing has turned my perfect angel into a miserable banshee. I hate it.

Poor chicks, its a shame they have to go through all that. There should be a little button you could press when they are asleep....maybe they could put it next to the volume control, now theres an invention I would go for!

sheesh id LOVE a sleep mode button, quiet mode button and a volume control.

poor little babes *kiss*

We have a v tough time with teeth over here. Henry has been working on the ones about to break through for a couple weeks. It makes the nights rough, but at least now that he's older he doesn't get into the habit so much of night wakings due to teething. On the nights that the teeth aren't moving he catches up on his sleep, like last night.

I have friends who claim it doesn't bother their babies and I think it's either a miracle or they're lying.

Guinea pigs are born with full-grown, adult-sized teeth. Though, I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted that.

No good assvice here- agree that the whole process leaves a lot to be desired. Tylenol sometimes helps.

It does get better- by the time they are toddlers, they seem to tolerate it better.

Then, when they finally have a full set of teeth, they start losing them! (I am in full tooth fairy mode with my two now- do you have the tooth fairy in SA?) V expensive, I must say.

Ms. Dharma got a late start with the teeth. The first two only just appeared about 2 weeks ago, and she's ten months now! She's drooling and whining like a mad woman. I've been giving her baby Tylenol, plus two long naps a day in her swing. The naps seem to put her in better spirits--- but frankly, my nerves need the breaks from her whining. How do some women stay strong through this???? I may have to take up the chardonay!

I've got one just finishing the teething bit -- she's getting her last 2-yr molar now -- and one just starting -- he's gumming on his hands like there's no tomorrow. Teething sucks.

I second the call for Tylenol (though Motrin lasts longer so we use that for overnight). The teething tablets can be found on any internet drugstore site and they seem to help a bit.

The worst BY FAR are the stupid eye teeth. those pointy suckers cause little ones so much pain. I hope you find something to help soothe them. Good Luck!

Oh, the poor lil' babes! I'm glad to hear they are being so good about it though.

My kids were all late (10 months and up)in getting teeth which made it easier, I think. #2 was a holy terror at 13 months while he was getting some molars, I believe. That was the only time with three kids I EVER called the doctor practically in tears with advice on how to make any of them sleep (I also had a 2 month old preemie at the same time). He told me to ditch the Tylenol and go with Motrin because it's anti-inflammatory, not just an analgesic. It also can last long enough to get a decent night of sleep. It was really a sanity saver for me and it gave the little guy some much needed rest. It doesn't sound like you are desperate for any assvice here, but just think... when/if you need it, we've all already written it up for you! :)

Good Luck!

The stuff that your friend recommended might be what they call here Nelson's Teetha- it's a homeopathic preparation of baby-strength chamomila, so it has no adverse side-effects. I don't know whether homeopathy is well-developed enough in SA for you to find it in the ordinary chemists'. Teething is horrid, and for the next few months, until the last molars erupt at about 15 months, then you get a gap until about 2 and a half. Good luck.

This is the stuff. If you want to try it, tell me if you can't get it or any equivalent in SA and I shall try to send some over.

I'm one of those that has LIVED by the teething tablets - made my Hyland's. We've been through two jars so far (16 teeth at 12 months). It helps his whole demeanor...he just seems so much happier.

The other thing that really helped mine was if I ran my fingers under cool water and then rubbed his gums for him. The pressure really helped him.

vampyre teeth.
the only way to go.

i used to work at a gift shop that sold them year-round, not just at halloween!

so i know all about vampyre teeth.

hey t.
i absolute recommend the homeopathic teething remedies. they work wonders. here in Canada we have a brand called Boiron, who makes Camilia.
Also, try cool chamomile tea. I gave our son spoonfulls and dipped a cloth and rubbed it on his gums, as recommended by a homoepath. My little guy hardly fussed once he had the drops or tea.
good luck K&A!

I'm jealous. My daughter, 7 months, not a tooth in sight. Nice lump where her right lower premolar will eventually go.

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