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Congrats! Will it be available to buy in other countries besides SA? All of your lovely US fans will want to read it too, you know!

Fabulous! I think you will do an awesome job. I also think you should write like you do here. Directly to the reader and referring to yourself as "I". What is that first person?

I love the idea especially if you are going to write the good and bad same as you do here. I don't think the bad side (the hurt, the pain, the low self-esteem all of it) gets out there enough.

Best wishes!

Not sure yet about the rest of the world. The local publisher might decide to try and take it international, or I might negotiate a separate contract with an international publisher.

Actually have no idea how it will work.

Do talk about the international! Maybe you could do an informal poll here of who would buy the book/how likely to buy, and use that to negotiate with! Look at your pre-made market!

Wow, Tertia, that's awesome.

You have some serious talent, woman. I am glad the world will know!

You will make tons of money if you market it in the U.S. Get Oprah to read it and you will have a best seller. Go on the Today show, etc. Watch out world, here comes Tertia!

That's wonderful news! I think you will do a fabulous job on a book. And if you do sell it in the US, I will buy it.

Will certainly be fired from my job for squealing aloud as I read this post, but I cannot help it--I am so excited for you! As far as tips--I think as far as the writing goes, you probably don't need any. The blend of humour and sadness you bring to your writing is perfect for this sort of book--the humour actually makes the sadness more real, keeps it from feeling cliched--you do such a lovely job letting people see all the dimensions of the experience, so that it feels real. As a writer myself, I would merely suggest you tackle the project in pieces (helps tremendously) drink plenty of wine (see previous parenthetical comment) and don't be too demanding of first drafts.
I am also a professional editor, so if you want any free input...ha ha.
Again, SO excited for you!

Hey! The woman with the amazing story! Thanks for the kind words, but really, they wouldn't publish you if you weren't worth it! I have goosebumps thinking about your story sometimes, and, in the IDOLS sense, you deserve to go all the way.

Delurking to cheer you on!!

Awesome! I have loved reading your blog and will definitely purchase your book.

In terms of format/style: How about alternating chapters between letter style to the babes and the style that you blog?

*Note to self. Read T's blog BEFORE IMing her.*

Wow, wow, wow! This is huge! I will be waiting to buy a copy, so I can show it to everyone who has listened to my stories about my friend Tertia.

Tertia, First let me say congratulations! This is excellent news! I can assure you that if this book is available in the USA, you will make lots of money from this. There are so many people going through fertility treatments, and most of them feel as if nobody understands. I will be buying your book for sure, and would love to see others enlightened as to what it's really like to experience infertility. As for writing advice, you certainly do not need it. You are not only G&D, you are a brilliant writer! Good luck!


That is so awsome. I am very happy for you. I am sure you will do an awsome job. I would buy the book. Go international!

I don't know anything about publishing books but Mindy (from The Mommy Blog) does. I am so excited! And don't worry, as far as I know drinking wine is a requirement for book writing, just ask Hemingway ;)

Everyone else is right! It will make a killing in the US. So many of us do feel so alone with infertility. That's awesome news. Good luck! Talk to an attorney about a contract with the publisher in case the book becomes a good seller.

I would most certainly buy your book because your story is an amazing one. That and I'm hoping I can get it autographed by the author (seeing as how she lives right up the road from me ;-)

If you want my 2c, it would fare better sounding more like your blog. In other words, don't let them "Shape" the thing into something totally unrecognisably Tertia.

Good luck.

Good for you!!! I will read anything you write as long as I can get it in the US! Just make it like your blog - personal, with your honest personality showing through - and Project X will be a smashing success.

Tertia, that is wonderful news! Congratulations. You SO deserve this. I would totally buy your book. I would think there would be a great market for it in the U.S. Has the publisher considered that? Keep us posted on how it's going.

I'm so very happy for you!

fantastic! how wonderful for you! you definitely deserve the accolades and recognition that this brings.

i have no advice, i've had people who worked at publishing houses visit my blawg before, but as far as i know it was the ladies' bathroom attendant on her lunch break.

i do think your book could be marketed outside of south africa. if the infertility blogging community proves nothing else, it is that these experiences are not geographically limited.

Just start writing, from your heart, and see where you end up. If part of your story is at the surface, but out of chronological order, tell that bit and then go back. Write as you do here.

I'll buy your book.


A good person to talk to about this is Diana Gabaldon. She writes fantastic books but has no writing background or anything like that. She's very personable and will respond to you should you ask a question. www.dianagabaldon.com

I think it's a wonderful idea. Very G&D...I'll buy your book. :-)

A big congrats, you fat old ho'!!!
That is wonderful news.
Writing is a big part of my life, occasionally professionally, and wine is key. Go forth and write--your innate style is book-ready, and as everyone's said, you have a huge market in the US, so definitely discuss int'l publishing.

Congratulations Tertia! You deserve this!

Write the way you write here- it seems to be your natural voice and you write from the heart (which is why all of us tune in daily- we feel we know you as well as our close friends). Your writing speaks to people and that is a rare gift.

Don't assume that it will not make money- there are foreign rights here (referring to the publishing rights of course) as your story is one that will resonate with women the world over.

Can't wait for my autographed copy!

And as for the time to write it, what are you doing with all that 'free' time now that you have Adam sleeping through the night, huh?

OMG! I am so excited I could just BUST! This is so cool for you because you totally deserve it. No one should go through as much shit as you did and not get to write a book (and possibly make some money).

Re: Writing style... Could the chapters start with excerpts from your blog and then continue on with a deeper look into the story? Not that you don't get deep enough on your blog, but I'm sure there is a lot you leave out for the purpose of keeping it brief. I think your blogging style would make for a good read in book-form.

Oh, and if it's sold in the US, I'll take a case. If it isn't sold in the US, I'll be looking into mail order. Everyone I know will get a copy for Christmas. Even if they've never battled infertility or loss like you have, it would make them all better people to read about it. I know I've become a more compassionate person since following your story.

Well . . . you little asshole! So you're going to be writing a book--I think that's FANTASTIC!

I think that you have already found your voice while writing this blog, and I'd continue to use it if I were you. Personal, warm, witty, and not afraid to ask the big questions. That's the way I think you should write your book.

I agree with the others that there is no reason why your book couldn't find its way over to America, where it would promptly make you a tidy bundle. :-)

if it's going to be on amazon, i suspect you will sell plenty.

Congrats. Only advice I would have is to make sure contract includes a % of profits in case it does become a bestseller (I'm sure you know that already).

I think you are a funny, smart writer and you have an interesting story to tell. Can't wait to hear more about it.

P.S. Now we know the real reason for braces, botox, diets, general self-improvement kick you are on- when Oprah calls you to appear on her show, you want to look your most G&D ever!

AHA! At last the truth is out! I have a book deal! I will make millions! I will sit here at home, gleefully rubbing cash all over my naked body, chortling at the very thought of -


Wait a minute.

I'm not the one with the book deal?? You mean, I was actually telling the truth all along? YOU'RE the one with the book deal??

Huh. Imagine that. I wonder if I'll get any formal apologies to rub all over my naked body, in place of the cash.

Nah, probably not.

I'm so, so happy for you, T. And I can't wait to read my personally autographed copy (please make sure to spell "asshole" correctly).

I'll take 50 copies. I have so many friends who would love your story. Just reserve my copies, okay? Oh, and I expect them to be signed, dammit!


Woo and hoo! That is just the bee's knees! You must be chuffed! It's the dog's bollocks.

Okay, I'll stop reading the list now. Seriously, I'm psyched - I'd buy the book, so you must make sure you get distributed in Canada, too.

Actually, after reading getupgrrl's comment, I think the truth is, T is a front for grrl. Grrl's actually writing the book, but doesn't want to give any of the "told ya so"-er's the chance to say... er, "told ya so."

Thats just wonderful! I'd love to read it, too.


Very much looking forward to reading your book, Tertia. :)

I couldn't be happier for you - it's well deserved!

I would love to buy a copy - as long as I can get hold of it in Australia.


This is fantastic news. I can't wait to read it. And I'm not at all surprised about this. You are a wonderful writer with a very compelling story. Just tell it like it is (the way you always do) and it will be a blockbuster of a book. I would like to reserve my copy now. :-)

I am so pleased that you are going to be writing a book! Congratulations! My assvice: Write in the same style as your blog. Someone above suggested exerpts from your blog, and I -really- like that idea. I also like the idea of writing letters to the kids as part of it. I wouldnt know how to fit all that in though.

Good luck, and have fun!

Woooohoooo! I was wondering when you were going to get onto that!

As everyone has said, just be yourself and write the way you do. Don't try to be too politically correct (as if!).

As for the contract, it might be worth a few dollars to have a lawyer take a look at it for you?

Good luck, how wonderful!!!!!!

I don't have any tips or advice, but I'll buy a copy once it's published!

Congrats!!!! Totally awesome!

totally fabulous. publishing your story is so not about the money. but i bet that with your following many a copy will be sold. cool!

V. fabulous. Expect your book to be turned into movie but not sure who would star as you - would have to be intelligence and wit = Frances McD0rmand, gorgeousness = Cather1ne Zeta-J0nes / Camer0n D1az, not sure there is anyone, could scupper movie deal.

My vote is for drinking MORE wine while writing book. Excellent for creativity. Charles Bukowski, Dylan Thomas, etc.

Oh and by the way, in response to your poll, once again you don't have my response which is I MISS THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!
it has been more than 2 years since i had sex, can you tell?

Yay! I'm so excited for you! I'll totally read your book.

Isn't it sometimes odd how out of very, very, very, very "bad" things (the years, the loses, etc) comes something very, very, very "good". If its all about the journey anyway what a grand trip you are on!

G&D baby, G&D. Could we toss some bills Grrl's way just so she has something other than burbcloths to rub herself with until her own contract arrives?


Wow - what a great opportunity. I would totally buy your book in a heartbeat. Even though I know your story from following your blog, I would honestly want it for my daughter. There are so many of us who went through hell and back to finally get to a happy ending - some are still struggling. When my daughter is an adult, I'd love to share your book with her - show her how this woman from half way around the world quietly and unknowingly gave me the strength to keep going and keep trying. If it weren't for you and all the others internets who kept the fight going, I don't think she would be here.
Wishing you much success!!

You're such an asshole. That's great. Just be yourself. Don't worry about tone/voice/style, etc. Just start writing and what comes out will be both G&D.

Sometimes when you hear that another blogger has gotten a book deal you feel all jealous and petty and small inside, and wonder why they got one. But I feel nothing of that--just so proud and happy for you, and hoping that it sells a million copies and you can retire on the royalties. Congratulations! Put me down for 5 copies.

It is bloody fabulous!! I will buy the book for sure. Just 'speak' from the heart; ie do it blog style; you can't lose. It will be great!!

I have no useful advice, but I know you'll do wonderfully. Congratulations!

I will buy a copy, and put it on display in my house, and tell anyone who asks and those who don't that the G&D author once called me an asshole (swoon) in a personal email. :)

If you are getting a book deal, does this mean that from now on, you won't be able to blog about certain things going in the book, or that the archives will be gone? God, I hope not!

Wonderful news Tertia! No advice on structure or the mechanics of how/when to write, still trying to get off my arse and start writing myself. Your story is compelling and your blogging style rocks, so go with that.

I'm thrilled for you, you deserve all good things ya G&D arsehole (the CORRECT way to spell it Down Under!).

i got to know about your blog from Reader's Digest. couldn't stop reading your blog since then..keep writing coz i'm always looking forward to reading them

Congratulations! Any ideas for a title yet? Great also to see a post from Grrl - I miss reading her!

Wonderful news Tertia, you are destined for greatness!

You asshole! Well done you!!!

Hi, Tertia,

I haven't read the comments, but here are my hopefully useful $0,02.

The three books I've written are academic books, not real-people books, but for the record I got 15%. The standard is somewhere between 12% and 20% for academic books, but 15% seems really common. My contract said "this contract gives us the first rights to print your book and you get 15%. we don't have to print it and you're not required to write it. if we don't want it you can take it somewhere else. if you don't write it we won't pay." Basically.

As for writing it, I work well with a schedule. I did a chapter by chapter outline at a very high level (often, just the general subject). As I got to writing, I further outlined each chapter as I needed it. And actually...I kept a blog. Not a nice user friendly blog, but just something that said things like (actual excerpt):

Chapter 6: I ran the ANOVA and correlation tests for the network experiments and randomized data. Wrote just over 1100 words in the chapter which completed the introduction to section 2 - describing the changes that needed to be made from the b. algorithm - and section 2.1 - the correlation with accuracy. This chapter is now 8 pages. I have all the material I need for the next section that discusses distribution of ratings, and will hopefully complete that tomorrow.

Ug. I'm glad the book was better than the blog. BUT - keeping that daily log of exactly what I did, with weeklyish updates of the overall status was TREMENDOUSLY helpful to me.

Finally, love your editor. My copy editor was amazing. She made me sound brilliant.

Overall, the books have been frustrating but very rewarding experiences.

Surely there is money to be made off your book, otherwise your publisher wouldn't be interested? They definitely believe they can make a profit, so why shouldn't you? Obviously the problem is that you don't have the capital required to publish yourself. One of my friends, Verity, is a songwriter who wants to release a CD but doesn't want to go through a recording company, so she is selling the CD before it has been made. When she has sold 5,000 cd's she will record it and send to everyone who pre-ordered. Perhaps you could consider something like that? Check www.iamverity.com.

Wow, this is fabulous! Here's another reader interested in a copy abroad!

As for how to write this book... I agree with Gina. Don't think about it beforehand. Just write. Just be yourself, like you are here. That's what will make people want to read it. That'll be perfect.

Brilliant! I was wondering when you were going to get published. Please don't forget your daily blog updates though, or I'll have nothing to read at lunchtimes.

Have you started a list yet of those of us who will pre-order said book? If not, you should. You may sell more than you think. I know I want to be on the list... :-)

V. excited about this news. I am SO glad for you, T! I am so glad for us! I can't wait to get my hands on your book... Please go international, or allow for it to be mail ordered, I MUST have it!

I certainly hope you become a (bigger) celebrity, make a ton of money out of it, and you can forget about corporate life and stay home with your adorable kids and Marko!

Congrats!! It'll be fabulous!

I know this has already been said, BUT... SA may be a tiny country, but the US is not, and I KNOW your book would do well here. Even if just with your legion of readers alone. You must, absolutely MUST, make sure there is a way we will get it here. And yes, Oprah must have a copy as well. Congrats Tertia!

Hey, maybe Gettupgirl and Julie could do a chapter so readers get a few stories - but I guess it is supposed to be your story only?

It definately should have a serious side plus the humorous side. Maybe you could say only a little about your personal side - i.e what job you do, which class, race etc, keep that minimal and leave it like gettup girl did in her last post - people are left guessing who you are but as she said she could be anyone - the cashier at the grocery store, a movie star etc because infertility happens to people from all walks of life. That way it could resonate with a wider audience.

But then again it will be hard to do that cos so many people know who you are.

Tertia, this just happened to a blogger in the US! Her book just came out this fall.

She is Julie Powell, and her blog is on www.salon.com. It was called The Julie/Julia Project. It was about her escapades in cooking every single recipe in Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

You can contact her through her blog (which is still set up but isn't active) and I bet she will talk to you about some of the nuts and bolts of the process. You are completely correct--a book is very different from a blog, and while you will use the same material you will do a lot of paring down.

Julie has PCOS and her new project is to ttc, so it will be interesting to see if she blogs about it. God knows she'll have good company.

Anyway I hope you see this message and that everything works out for you one way or another. I agree with the others--your book will sell in the US, I just know it. Blogging is so hot right now and you are already a great writer.

Seeming as you have no time, but plenty of written material...(blog, unpublished entries) throw them all together...and voila! a book. You don't have to do anything but watch the sales. (And maybe a few drafts). It sounds like everyone is pretty happy with what you already have. Why reinvent the wheel?

Yippppeeee! I'm just happy you picked a good project. You'll do fine! Best wishes!!! Smooches!

You're in a good position to start looking for an agent. There's pros and cons to using an agent. If you're not confident about negotiating a contract, then an agent might be a good idea. It's a given that your publisher will pay royalties. An agent can probably negotiate those percentages upwards. Was an advance offered? Ask for one if one wasn't offered.

A contract is negotiable. Totally negotiable. Do not come over all fluffy because someone wants your book ;). They want your book because it's worth publishing and they can make a profit with any luck.

Highly unlikely they will allow you to retain world rights. We've got a clause we insert which allows rights to revert to us once the publisher has had 2 years to market the books overseas.

Your local writers centre and the SA version of PEN will be able to help you. Here and in NZ, a member gets access to a lawyer for cheap or for free to have the contract assessed. You need a lawyer who understands book contracts and they are not common. It should be possible to buy a copy of a standard contract to compare your offered contract to.

Email me privately if you want to pick my brains more. My dh has had 14 books published and I know a fair bit about contracts, rights and who to ask about what.

That is fucking awesome!

Clearly, you must approach it with your v. v. wicked sense of humor. That's what makes your blog so fun.

The recent entries regarding hairless cooters and drunken evenings with the girls might make you sound like a slapper! ha

Tertia that's freakin AWESOME. I would buy your book. I'm sure just about everyone here would.
My advice is don't change a thing. Don't try to revise it or anything. Keep it as much as possible EXACTLY the way you wrote it. It's real and it's true. It'll grab people just the way it is (I mean look at your following here! That should speak for itself!)
Be yourself! Your G & D self.

That sounds just great! Can't wait to read it! I really hope this opens up a whole new world of wonderful opportunities for you!

Ab fab indeed, this is bloody gorgeous! EXCELLENT! Well done, T.

Wahoo! Great news, Tertia! Congrats. You'll do a great job, I'm sure.

Definitely sell the sucker in the US... I will give to all my friends - fertile, infertile, menopaused, etc. You write with compassion, wit, grace, and well a liberal dosing of "assholes" Your story is yours and the world needs to hear it... and you wanted to go beige... as if... totally over the top excited for you and laughing my ass off about the babes in the tub while someone is going number 2... perfect playpen.

Definitely sell the sucker in the US... I will give to all my friends - fertile, infertile, menopaused, etc. You write with compassion, wit, grace, and well a liberal dosing of "assholes". As someone who generally only reads trashy smut novels - it'll be a change, but I'm definitely buying it and reading it. Your story is yours and the world needs to hear it... and you wanted to go beige... as if... totally over the top excited for you and laughing my ass off about the babes in the tub while someone is going number 2... perfect playpen.

add me to the list of people who would buy one the instant it becomes available!
It's going to be fantastic!
oh...and congratulations!! :)

You will make LOTS AND LOTS of money. You can quit job and come visit us all in the US on your book tour. Bring babes and Rosa. And Marko toois he wants.

Seriously you will sell a ton of books.

Not bad for an asshole!

Wow! Great news! I'm sure you'll sell loads of books! I have absolutely no advice about publishing, but I just wanted you to know how very happy I am for you. Congratulations!

No advice, just a big CONGRATULATIONS to a very deserving writer!!!

Great! If your publisher won't expand to other countries get a bunch of copies and sell them via Lulu.com or cafepress.com or out of your office, and charge twice as much (v worth it, of course)!

Be yourself, (in the words of Neil Gaiman) don't use big words, and the pages wll fly. Your story is compelling and heartfelt as is.

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