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That was completely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, Tertia.

That is simply beautiful.

Beautiful and inspiring. What an outlook on life. I am amazed and humbled at her take on a situation which would cause many to curl up in a ball and quit. I could learn a lot from this woman and her family! I hope it is OK, I am forwarding this and her blog site to my sister. She has a good friend who is a former infertile, and is due any day with her first child. They have good reason to believe that the child has Down's. I think she would love this story, and hopefully it will help her cope and bring her peace. Thanks for sharing!

That is the most wonderful thing I have ever read. Her outlook on life is so uplifting. It has made me open my eyes to our situation. Thanks for sharing. God Bless her and her family.

Thanks for introducing us to Molly. What a remarkable woman and Christian. She and her husband have some lucky little boys.

I heart molly. always.

I envey that kind of Faith. It's been so easy to turn our backs on those we think have "failed" us somehow, as I feel I have done. But I know that it's this kind of Love and Honor Molly and her family has that makes the hardships not so hard.

That is amazing to read. I remember when the doctors said that our daughter had had a grade 4 brain bleed and then 9 months later told us she had cerebral palsy...it is absolutely terrifying and so hard to find peace with.


T, I already cried over this once on IVFC! Now, twice?! I can't take it!

It is so beautifully written and shows such poise and wisdom. How lucky little Andrew is to have a mom like Molly who realizes the gift that he is.


My husband and I argued during all of my pregnancies when I had prenatal testing, because I would not have aborted a Downs baby, though he would have pressured me to do that. (Fortunately, we didn`t face this.) I know too many Downs kids who lead happy lives. I`m sure Andrew will be one of them.

I'm writing her - my nephew is 4 with Downs - not diagnosed until after birth, and the impact my nephew has made on our entire family moves the earth.

Thanks for sharing Molly with us.

Amber~ I heart Molly too. Always.
you're pretty ok, yourself.

I've spent a little time reading over at Molly's tonight. Thanks for pointing me her way. She's very inspirational. In fact, she reminded me of a poem called "Welcome to Holland" that I would read over and over again while conquering the disability world with my children. You can read the poem here:


After reading Molly's writing, it almost seems as though she could have written that poem. The quality that she possesses, is something to envy. To be able to face what G_d has handed you with grace and perseverance. To overcome the anger and the self-pity and find the good in what you have.

She is truly a wonderful woman.

Tertia, every now and again you cause me to not want to read your blog at lunchtime because people want to know why I am so teary eyed, but I will continue and never mind the tears. This story was so much like deja vu. I know exactly how Molly and her husband must have felt. I just wish I could express it as well as she does. Thank you for the story.

OMG I'm crying. My baby Anna has downs and she is so perfect and beautiful, I never knew how to put into words how I felt when I found out and how I feel today. Molly so beautifully illustrates how blessed we are to have these wonderful children.

Thank you so much Tertia for sharing this. So many people say "I'm sorry" when they hear I have a child with downs. When, in reality, it's the opposite. I am truly honored that God felt that I could care for this precious, perfect child.


Both you and Molly-lamb rock! But then I've always know that!

Oh, my, I've been outed by Tertia! (she actually asked my permission to share - she's good about stuff like that!)
You all are very dear, very sweet, and make me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks for all your sweet words.
I heart you all, too ;)

What an inspiration. Thank you Molly (and Tertia for sharing).

Thank you for linking to Molly. That is an amazing post.


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