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Yay! We rule the world. I really do like that world view - I like it a lot. Should we tell Thabo we are planning a coup? Let's take him to lunch first and ply him with wine (lots). Sure he'd go for it. We rule - hurrah!

Your wine farm? I thought they were all state owned?
SCNR... [g,d&r] :-P

The only problem I see is that, according to pictures you've posted, you would be banned from your own country per the "no thin pretty people" rule....

Tertia and Bee for Presidents! (could I perhaps be a presidential tea lady, oops i mean wine lady?)


Hey - I was going to say that the poll results were unanimous so far - 4 out of 4 for Tertia, but then came the 5th vote.

Who is this Harry Potter fan ??

Agreed, I think so as well. And Bonobos prove you right every day. Sadly, I'd have to go with Harry Potter, sorry abt that. Too irresistible. [Call yourself "Empress" and then we might talk] And what's wrong with talking abt what Johnny did all the time? Johnny leads such a mahvellous, fabulous life!

[Can a country be a "who" rather than a "which" or "that"?? I'll have a fit if I was taught wrong, gahhhh!]

Tertia, I would v v much like to sign up either as a subject of your country or co-empress. Sounds divine. :)

very cute!

I'd love to come live in your country. Can I start on the cocktails now?

I'm moving to Tertialand! You got my vote! More Wine!

I'm not sure when I laughed harder... reading all of your hysterical (yet quite reasonable) proposals for ruling the land or when this thought about what we'd call your car-less friend entered my mind....

"Queen Bee".

Her name with the title has quite a 'sting' to it, huh? Oh my. She can't be Queen. If so, we'd have to change her name. Or maybe she could just choose one like the Pope does?

(okay... so I won't quit my day job for comedy.)

Ooooh that sounds WONDERFUL!! Can I be your princess and help you sip wine and feed you grapes (the ones that got away from being pressed for wine!) I know I'm G&D but I'm not thin so I wouldn't have to eat donuts - in fact, I'd make you both look GAUNT, so there's a good thing!! Pretty please?? Your everloving princess xx

All those who voted for Harry Potter - OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, I say!

In fact, there's a new rule - Harry Potter is banned. We will have no Harry Potter in Tertialand. Subversive material. Wont have any of that.

I'm sure the fact that all fertility treatments would be totally gov't funded (including meds) is a given? :)

Well, my small but highly vocal baby will be pressing an awful lot of grapes in Tertialand... (About time she did something useful.)

Before I vote for you though, I need to know what your stance is on free chocolate?


I'm sorry, but where is the Ministry of Chocolate? Don't force me to coup you. Because you know I will.

Of course I voted for Queen G & D, but I have to admit, I`d take Harry Potter over Dubya any day!

(Dubya is my president and Arnold is my governor -what a concept. Is it real, or am I dreaming?)

Whenver I get frustrated with being an American, and feel like changing my citizenship (which I could easily do, since my husband is a citizen and employee of a foreign government), I remember this: as long as I`m American, I can VOTE. So I will stay!

YAY For you! YOu are winning in the polls! How many times can we vote?

Look, I've already made myself President of The Universe loooong ago, but I think you'd do a fine job of running the Department for Getting Tipsy.

Talk about a landslide win!

This was fun. I did my own version on my site, but it wasn't nearly as good as yours, natch.

"...fat would be the new thin." HA! Love that! Thanks for a great laugh.

So, in your pretend world, you're a drunk, too! LOL Just kidding! Couldn't resist.

I don't have time to drink. Dh is gone a lot and the kids would burn the house down if I wasn't paying attention. Enjoy!

Your Highnesses, may I request a kosher winery? Then I will gladly live in your kingdom, drink wine all afternoon, serve you with reverence and listen to you talk about your kids' poops all day.

I'm submitting my application to be your Chief of Staff, or Secretary of State, or whatever it is you people over there call it.

Love it.

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