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Happy Birthday cousin Dylan! Wow, you ARE a climber!

Happy, happy birthday Dylan! Best wishes from far, far away in Long Island, New York. :)

Boy, am I living on the wrong continent....

Happy birthday Dylan, in a couple years you'll be able to teach your younger cousins the fine art of tree climbing.

Yeah..I bet you get bored of where you live too!

Hey, I like your blog, I'm wondering if you'd like to exchange blog links?

Mine is a humor blog, it's www.billsbitterpills.blogspot.com.

Let me know.

Happy Birthday, Dylan!! Wednesday is my birthday, too, so from one fellow Scorpio to another, I hope this is your best birthday ever!

Wow, what a great looking kid! Happy birthday Dylan!!

Sort of off topic.. but isn't it Schwarzenegger? 0.o

Happy birthday, kid.
Tertia, I must express deep consternation about 1) Belinda's site appearing with disconcerting frequency on your page, and 2) the fact that Neen is top of your secondary list of links. When you become a famous book author, could you put in a good word for me?
Signed, the blog-pimp.

Awww, isn't it nice that Kate and Adam will have such a cool climbin' cousin to teach them things?

How often do you get to Tanzania?

Very cool.

happy birthday! tanzania sounds nice and exotic.

Dear Tertia,

As said by Dylan," Wow, thank you, that was great!
Gonna tell all my friends to look at me on computer!

Lots of love Dylan!

happy bday its not as sunny here in arkansas usa my son is dylan climer too his bday is in jan. he'll be 11 we both wish you lots of happiness on your big day

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