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That Scary Shouting technique is pretty effective. I wouldn't mess with her after hearing that.

I hope you'll post Before and After pics a la the cheesy magazines!!
So glad it went well.

I think Evan and Kate could have a shouting contest!
Adorable, as always... want to just eat them up!
Show us your expressionless face please?????

Any idea why I can't view the video? What program do you use to open it?

Don't know what's going on...I'm not usually this dense.

lol!!! my 29 mo. old daughter was in the office with me when i played kate's video. she freaked out and said "no more mommy...that's scary" and ran out of the room. love it!!

Adam looks so serious it's funny! My 18 month old screeches like Kate while tearing around the house, very scary for the uninitiated.

Glad the Botox adventure went well!

Pterodactyl Kate!

hahaha about the videos...

Yay on botox...very posh office! I am very glad the doctor wasn't overly "enthusiastic" with the botox. I'm sure in a few days you'll look even more G & D. I'm happy you did it. I know when I get to that crossroad, I'll do it too!

Have fun on the overnight trip and enjoy many a glass of wine and a long hot shower! You should feel very fabulous when you go out.

Enjoy and congrats!

Scary? I was laughing my head off watching the videos. Funny, definetely not scary. But maybe it is, since my head is off. err, never mind. :)

Those little clips are fantastic.

PS: Does anyone else think the results of the poll (thus far "About Half?" seems to be winning) are a little sad? I answered "About Half?" because I have terrible self-esteem issues and don't think I'm nearly as cool as the people who's blogs I read (haha, but no, that's really the reason.), but there must be other reasons? Just curious.

Clearly these babies are reacting to the sight of their new mum.

Tertia darling. You forgot the picturs of YOU!
Adam and Kate are a fantastic distraction, though. =)

LOL at Kate's video. Gawd that was funny! Adam's was v cute as well. Look forward to pics of YOU once the Botox kicks in.

Very Scary indeed. Scared my kitties right off the floor! But so sweet!!

I have botox on my wish list but I am a bit afraid too. I'd love to get rid of these crows feet though!

My kitties just bolted the room, perhaps to commiserate with Laura's! Very cute.

I want to see After pictures, don't care about the damn Botox, but fillers are another thing.

Did I tell you someone mistook me for my sister's MOTHER about a year ago?

Can I take karate over biting?

Re: Botox....cool! But why are all the doctors doing everything so modestly these days??? What ever happened to doctors who had guts and went for the gusto? I swear. So many things are anticlimatic these days because nobody wants to take a risk....nobody wants to risk the radical change. (Except for perhaps the doctor who did Michael Jackson's nose job! LOL!) Everything's a little tweek her and a little tweek there. Girl, when I get my boobs done, if I get my way those honkers are gonna be so large I'll have to carry accident insurance to cover the people I injure with them when I walk down the street! LOL!

(OK....Now taking tongue back out of cheek. )
Re: The baby videos-- oh thank you!!! The one of Kate had me laughing out loud. I love it! And I reaaaaalllly needed the laugh.

I played that video of Kate screaming and both of my golden retrievers sat bolt upright from their deep sleeps and glared at my laptop.


oh my goodness


glad that's only on the internet... wouldn't want to run into either of them after dark :O

my heart's pounding! good job on the self-defense techniques! :)

also, to respond to Sunny who was asking about today's poll...

i only voted for 'about half' because i'm not nearly as G&D as most of the women i read on the internet, and i'm 24 so maybe they wouldn't want to hang out with me in real life :( :(
even tho i drink a mad glass of red wine ;)

boo hoo hoo
back to my self-pity cave,

Squirty diarrhoea and projectile vomiting make good physical deterrents, too.

Can't wait to see your expressionless face, T! Glad it went well. Scary Shouting seems very effective.

On your poll: I met my DH online. We met after about a year and a half of chatting, talking on the phone, etc. I flew up here to Alaska for his 25th birthday. We got engaged that weekend, and we got a cat, which of course seals the deal. We got married 2 months later and I moved up here.


A D O R A B L E !!!! I loved the clips.

Actually, you shall not note any difference with Botox. Botox partially "freeze" your movements to prevent future wrinkles. Very slightly.

The smoothness is the magic.

I met my husband online, too. I moved down here (Missouri) to be with him, and we got married a few months later.

WAH! I can't get the clips to load, but the pic of you and the kidlets is great!

Glad to hear your face is doing well, dahling!

Kate is very "Jurassic Park"/baby raptor. She scared the crap out of me. She could definitely earn some money doing voice-over work and sound effects for horror movies. (Man, I sure hope she doesn't wake you up at night with the Scary Shouting.)

For your poll, I picked 75% but probably should have said "all." I don't generally read blogs unless I really like the blogger, and the ones I've met in real life, I've clicked with. If I don't like the blogger that much, I stop reading the blog.

Hey, I met my hubby online, too! I picked about half, because I've met quite a few online friends in person, and while I'm friendLY with all of them (and have stayed so), I only became actual friends with a few.

It's a fine distinction. But I usually find that if I like the person in writing, I like them in person, too.

Oh, and those babes? OH. MY. GOSH. Simply lurve 'em. My neighbour's kid does Scary Shouting, and they're from Australia. Maybe it's a funny English accent thing?

They are absolutely darling! Thanks for sharing. Glad botox adventure went well. Was looking at my own aging forehead in the mirror today and I was thinking I might need some, too. My mom loves it.


I have twins too and I know how that can line the face and crease the forehead! Therefore, not having the funds to spring on Botox, I use Frownies, which I order on line. They are touted as Hollywood's oldest secret and Dorma Desmond was wearing them in Sunset Boulevard. You know, that scence where she is gettin ready for her big comeback? They are bits of tape with a special skin happy glue that you stick on overnight. As the ad says - Frownies on, Frown lines gone. They really really do work. And at $16 a box for a 30 day supply, they are pretty budget friendly too.

I know I'm out of it, but would someone please tell me what G&D stands for? It's un-googleable!

Doctor Mama, G&D is gorgeous and divine!

MOT, I am googling Frownies as we speak!

Whoa! Your babies scared my dog!

Ummm... I have a dirty little secret. I had fillers done too. Would you believe (I will bet it is the same company!) Sculptra is running the same trial program here in the U.S.? So one of the docs I work with did it for me for free. If it is the same thing, the effect you have now will be gone in a couple of days (darn!) but will return at your follow-up when they re-inject and begin building from there. I hope he told you to come back for more.

Anyway, my dark circles under my eyes were gone for two days! I looked fabulous! I can't wait till my second injection (NEVER did I think I would do anything like this). Ha.

David was a screecher as well. Have a wonderful video of him "talking" to his Sesame Street toys when he was six months old. Very precious.

Congrats with the easy application of Botox. Pictures, want to see pictures!!!

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