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Too bad they aren't cute. It would be so much more fun to look at these pictures.... Oh well.


PS - Kate appears to be worried about her toes, what with Spring there, and summer just a short way off. Get that girl a pedicure!

Gorgeous, gorgeous babies. Love the family shots too. You are looking very G&D and thin in the reflection, I might add!

Hey, can we see some video of Kate rolling over by grabbing her foot? That sounds hysterical...

Oops, that last one was me. Cait was still signed in.

That first picture of Adam, clearly pleased with himself for sticking his (HUGE!) foot at the camera, made me literally laugh out loud! What a little ham! I take it he's still sleeping better now?

Kate seems more subdued (pensive?) in these photos. Think she's jealous of her brother's newfound joviality?

LOVE the pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Hi Tertia, I was looking at the very lovely pics of your lovely family and I noticed what looks like bars on your windows... or are they on the fence? You have most probably discussed this before but why are they there? Are they on the house or just fence and are the a necescity for you... if so why?
If this is too long.... you don't have to reply .... just curious. I live in Melbourne Australia and I lock my front door at night but it is un locked for most of the day.

Thanks K.

By the way, love the sneeky peek picture of you in the reflection on the windows behind Marko! :)


Seriously, those are some cuuuuuute kids you have there, lady. I just want to pinch Kate's thighs and make her giggle!!! They are getting so big and look so very happy. I love it!

Oy, here come the apologising and explaining. Seriously, you cannot go a fortnight without it can you. You'd get deprivation symptoms.

Now, bars on the windows... My guess is it makes the Sado-Maso games a tad easier, what w all the accessible tie-down locations. And my guess is also that Aussies like it cleaner and are generally less kinky. [They still play better rugby though, which fully proves one cannot have it all.] Then again, the unlocked doors make it far easier to make friends, no?

Am at a loss, Anglos are weird.

BTW, pic of MIL w Adam, he does look a bit like you in that one! Finally. Good one, kid.

Adorable as always.

Gee Tertia..you don't like your Mom at all. *wink*

I think the older the babes get, the more they look like each other. When they were younger they looked very different from one another, but as they get older you really can see the similarities.

We have bars on all of our windows and doors - its just a reality of living here. To keep the baddies out.

That's punishment?

Please don't punish us again!

Oh, PLEASE don't throw me in the briar patch!

(cute kids!)

Terri, do you mean she doesn't look like her mum?

Or are you trying to start trouble in the Tertia family? (hehehehe)

I'm so glad to see Kate in something other than pink!

Do you let the babes play with the toothbrush or do you actually brush their teeth? I've been slacking on that aspect of baby maintenance. Henry's top two teeth are coming down now and he doesn't want me to stick anything in his mouth at all. Of course he would like to eat the cat kibble please thank you.

It's funny to see them tripping out on the grass. Henry loves to pluck at the grass too.

Our nights are getting better. Hubby is finally letting me let Henry cry a little at night. I'm only getting up once or twice a night instead of every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. He's going to be 8 months in 5 days. I am returning to law school in January so I definately want to have the sleep problems sorted out my then.

Laughing....the babes are cute and, yes, we are a bunch of assholes!

Okay. Is it just me or is there a striking resemblance between Marko and your father? They say that us gals generally go after guys that remind us of our fathers, right? It's also quite obvious why you're so G & D... your parents are a good-looking pair!

The babes are getting so darn big! Obviously, you worrying about not feeding them enough is not really an issue as they are thriving beautifully. :)

Love. Love. LOVE all the pics! Gotta' ask, though; Has Kate just puked all over her leg (or it's just a shadow, maybe?) in the outside pic and is about to finger-paint in it? WWM, I tell ya'! ;)

YAY! We're assholes! We did it!

Tertia- I am still struggling to recover from the punishment of having to look at the babes. That was absolute TORTURE- having to look at them... and not be able to squeeze their chunky cheeks and legs.

I beg you... please do the spanking thing next time we are out of line.

But then again... we're such assholes we might like it! ;)

Hey! Why isn't your REPLACEMENT husband in that picture, huh?

Hey! You have called me an asshole before! Am feeling all loved now. LOL

So glad to finally have been called an asshole* by you..I feel so utterly loved..The babes and your family all have resemblences..its awesome..Kate gives me such a "I want one" feeling..Adam, well that boy just makes me LAUGH HARD, OUT LOUD!!!!!!

I knew what you were getting at but took the punishment anyway- great pics!

I have two comment/questions:

1) What kind of weapon is your father wielding in that picture with Marko?


2) Your mom looks mom-aged, not grandmother-aged. If I had to guess, I'd put her in her late 30s ...MAYBE early 40s. Tell her that she looks fabulous :)

The babies look huge. How lucky you are!

Marko is totally hot and the babes are GORGEOUS! Hard to believe that soon we will look back on these baby pictures and not remember what it was like to have them so little?


The babes are getting big and they are as G&D as you and the rest of your family.

Why tin? Why not plastic?
Oh yeah, and the kids, they're pretty cute ;)

That pic of Kate and your mom is special...Wow, what a couple of beauties!

Now we know where the G&D came from and where it is headed!

Honestly, you have a gorgeous family!!! and looking at pictures of your giggly delighted babes brightens my day! Thank you!

Metaphor my butt. You said scenario not metaphor.

"Then, to continue the thought process, a question. Rather, a scenario…"

So now I'm all confused 'cause I don't know for sure if I am an Asshole or not. You see I've actually lived through the scenario you outlined for us (two tins one for the ASPCA and one for starving babies in Africa*) and I typed up exactly what I have done in that situation when presented with that choice. But you never actually *said* metaphor.

So am I an Asshole or not?
Part of me wants to be an Asshole because that would mean that the G&D African Tertia Goddess lurves me.
But part of me rebels at the thought because damnit I have had to make that choice before and I was honest about what I did.

~Adi V.
* Damned hard choice that. Love the little African babies. They remind me of when I was little and my mom and dad told me that the moles that showed up over night were Angel Kisses. I was convinced that if I was good enough that one night the angels would kiss me all over and I would wake up black. Jeez don't know if any of that made any sense.

I believe your dad has a pipe in that picture right?


Your hubby is HOT! Now wonder you two have such Gorgeous & Divine children!!

They are looking good and so are ya'll.

I love your family Tertia, you guys are so cute.


It's so good to see Adam happy and laughy! Really warms my heart. Still so glad that he's sleeping like a human being now!!

Good work, Mother ;)


Sooooo cute! I envy how adept you are with that camera. The babies have gotten so much bigger. It's easier to see when they are not your own.
Yours remind me of my Evan and Samantha. The boys are hams and the girls are girly. Your babelas are v.v. adorable!!!!

And yes, for all you wackos, T.'s father is "wielding" a pipe!

Such a G&D family! But what's with the 2nd photo of the babes? Kate's holding her stomach and Adam's reaching for his gut like they've just eating something awful or maybe - seen something horrifying, like, like...

Mum's wrinkly chest!

I can see why they'd be naseous.


ugh. My spelling is making ME nauseous.

The smile Adam has in the photo of him brushing his teeth/gums brought tears to my eyes. That child is beautiful. His smile lights up a room, I bet. What a perfect little man!

I'm just wondering about this term fartbag. We don't have that endearment in the states.

G&D family - all of you.

wow they are getting big!! They look the same size as my Jakey and he is 14 months old! What do you feed them over there in SA! Only kidding. They are absolutely darling and I love them!!

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