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Tertia, it's me, Shaz - 1 day away from the holiday and feeling a lot better - in a large part thanks to you and all your advice & life experience - thanks again!!
Go for the botox babe!! I have often thought about having in done myself and hey, you are getting some of it for free - how good is that!!!!
Don't know about you, but I have this lovely little frown line in the middle of my forehead I would loooove to get rid of - so do it, don't listen to any negative comments, it's for you, you deserve it for you and you know it!
Much love to you, Marko & the beautiful babes
Take care pretty girl & talk in a couple of weeks,
Shaz x

Oh and those who do post negatives - fuck offski!!

Very healthy attitude, in my opinion. Go for it!

I had botox to get rid of a scowl trench in my forehead caused by years of squinting, and crows feet on the side of my eyes. Very subtle, and not a single person has noticed.

I say go for it. So long as you post everything you do online, you will always get dissenting views. Just do what makes you feel good.

Your original question: "So, would you do Botox if you could? What do you think?"

I would definitely not use Botox on myself, and I think it's dangerous and unnecessary.
I didn't respond yesterday, and I didn't read the comments. I'm sorry if people got harsh.

Botox is a bit different than wearing makeup or a Wonderbra. It's injecting poison into your face.

This is JMHO, but I'd rather hear you're doing it because you don't like the look of your wrinkles rather than "just because I can...it's cheap...etc"

I don't mean to offend you, but like you said, you asked.

I wish you the best in your self improvement process. If Botox works for you and gives you positive results, great! It's your body and your decision after all. It shouldn't matter what any of us say, but you *did* ask.

For fuck's sake, it's Botox, not surgery. The risk of complications is miniscule. And it wears off, so if you're not 100% pleased with the results, you don't have to do it again.

And after all the hormones so many of us have injected in our asses, what's a little poison in the face?

blogging, it's like creating family, isn't it?

personally, i live on one side of the US, my family on the other.

there is a reason for this!!!

only a gorgeous and divine woman would say 'i am getting shots in my FACE because i think it will be FUN'.

I think you are a closet blonde....much love!

I would love to get Botox in my forehead. There are a few deep lines there from years of scowling (I always scowl, and I don't know why.) My mom gets Botox injections for headaches, and they have worked wonders for her.

And no, she doesn't always look surprised. ;)

If it makes you feel more G & D, then go for it!

I missed yesterday's entry and don't have time to go back and read the comments - but I'll tell you this, I looked into fillers and can't wait to hear what you think. Expect a long conversation or email about this particular issue! And as a potential user, I won't be half so easy to deal with as the political naysayers I imagine commented yesterday.

I have an improvement fund, myself, although I just started it. I think I want to do lasik first, then fat injections (instead of fillers) on my chin and cheeks, then thermage THE FIRST SECOND MY JAWLINE STARTS SAGGING!!! For me. My husband won't notice, I promise.

So I guess you know where I stand on this issue.

I was a naysayer because of my son's CP and use of Botox for medical reasons. But I have nothing against anyone else using it if they see want to.

The whole "won't do it because it's botulism" thing makes me laugh a little. If you knew how much they used in MULTIPLE areas in my son's legs, hips and groin, over several different occasions... The teeny bit used in the face would look like nothing.

(Of course, there are risks with everything, blah blah blah. But I've seen people badly burned from waxing their eyebrows, and have severe allergies from new makeup. All in the pursuit of beauty. What's the difference?)

Good God! Use the freaking Botox. If anyone has a problem with it, that is THEIR issue.

If I could afford it, I'd get a boob lift, augmentation, lipo on my legs, arms, thighs, belly. I'd get a tummy tuck. (Hello twin skin!)

I'd get the extra skin excised (cut off) because when losing weight, fat cells shrink, the skin is still there. And when I am done, I'll have lost close to 90 pounds and will have some excess wiggly bits.

I'd get my chin fixed, I think it sticks out too far. I hate it. I could use it as a shelf.

I'd get Botox as well.

Call me vain, say I'm selling out and can't deal with being old, whatever. All I know is that I was in such a hurry to grow up, have a family, I destroyed my body in the process. I'd like to look in the mirror for a brief time before I die and not barf.

Botox away T!

Agree 10000%!!! And by the way, when I did Botox/Filling, I was feeling very happy before and I did it as a gift to myself.

Right on, T.

Egg Donor prepares to create an onslaught...

So many of those "you should be happy with what God gave you and never want to change a thing" people are unhappy, overweight women who, frankly, are depressing because they feel stuck with a body they don't like but don't have the energy to do anything about it. I mean, seriously. How many of the people who wrote those comments are running around, doing little dances on the street, totally in love with their bodies? How many of them don't sit in weird ways to cover their tummy puches or wear big oversized t-shirts to hide their shapes? (sure, there are a couple of you out there, but COME ON PEOPLE!!!).

They'll get pissed that I wrote this because they know it's true :) ; however, I think one reader called me "soulless" at one point, so I don't have much to lose.

You're awesome, T. Yay for you doing something to make yourself happy.

I'm all about the experience and you sound sound so excited that I say go for it! I wouldn't get the same buzz from the experience, so I wouldn't waste my money. But there are plenty of things that would make me as excited as you are, things maybe you wouldn't be interested in. And I funnly intend to enjoy! As should you. Life is meant to be fun.

I can't do Botox. My eyebrows are far too mobile, and quieting them would make me look startlingly different. My dad had crazy eyebrow action, too, and yesterday, I noticed that my 93-year-old grandma has no visible eyebrows, but she does have arched eyebrow wrinkles right where the eyebrows ought to be!

Me, I avoid botulism by not eating food out of dented, rusty cans (or tins, if you insist). There was that unlicensed quack in the US who ordered botulinum toxin from a biological supply company to save money and administered it as if it were Botox. People got seriously screwed up by that. But real Botox is pretty safe.

I supported Tertia's forrays into botox land. It looks like so much fun-- plus, it's not even permanent. But Orange, you make me laugh! Go on, girl, with your serious eyebrow action! I agree-- botox is not for people like you, because the rest of us woud totally miss all the character your eyebrows bring to the table. (My husband and my baby BOTH use their eyebrows a lot. My daughter first raised one eyebrow at 2 months old! LOL! As for me...I'm jealous. I can't move one brow without the other. I do smile a lot, though. It's all I've got going for me!)

In closing-- you know who else has no eyebrow hair??? Whoopi Goldberg! But unlike your grandma, Whoopie shaves hers. She says her face looks funny with eyebrows. Wild huh?

Have fun. Will you be posting before and after pictures for us? Please?

You raise some great points, Tertia. I shave my legs, but I don't usually wear makeup unless I'm performing or for special occasions. I would never do Botox, and for me I can't seperate that from the political--American society doesn't seem to have a real appreciation for the beauty and sex appeal of older women. Do you find South African society different? My feeling on the difference between plucking my eyebrows and Botox tends to be that plucking my eyebrows enhances what I have, whereas Botox is fake and would make me look like something I'm not--but now I'm thinking critically about this, I'm not so sure that's accurate. I have certainly used creams in an attempt to prevent wrinkles, and is that really so much different from Botox on a philosophical scale? You've given me a lot to think about--I still don't think my granola-hippe girl self will ever do Botox, but I clearly need to do some more thinking about why I feel so viscerally against that when I'm fine with plucking and shaving and using $50 eye cream.

Oh, I didn't mean to make YOUR decision about politics--I just meant that I couldn't seperate MY decision from it. I really was just curious if S.A. society is as youth-oriented as American society.

Oh for God's sake, if you want to do the boxtox, do it! You certainly don't need the blessing of "us" nor do you need to explain yourself - do it and have fun!

Marko is lucky - it sounds like he will never get bored with you around anyway. I would make some changes but only if the risks are low - you have more guts than me.

I find it pretty funny that some people seem to equate getting botox with irresponsability and crazy unsafe living. While I sit here and seriously consider trading in my car for a motorcycle...

Oh, and botox is safe unless administered by a completely untrained quack, it was that idiot doctor who cut corners and ordered straight botulinum toxin who did some permenent nerve damage.

I saw a show on women getting botox once when it was new and novel. One woman said, "Hell, if your car door gets a ding you get it fixed - why not your face!"

Botox rules! It has been in use a long time and is well understood.

I don't think I would do botox. But just because I think my face looks okay...except for the big, ugly mole (that I used to think gave my face character but as I have aged has just gotten bigger, yech!) that is GOING TO GO VERY SOON!!!

I think I wouldn't mind some lipo on my thunder thighs and big butt though.

Whatever floats your boat, I say.

Sheesh people
T- Get the damn botox. You are G&D but you'll just look more relaxed. I get it for use in migraine treatment - and it's fab for that. I will tell you that it stings like a motherfucker when you get it injected. It's takes a few weeks to notice the results. The "filler" I don't know about. Is it some kind of cadaver tissue - or do they take your ass fat to inject?

Absolutely go for it. Did you know that with continued use, Botox will also PREVENT future wrinkles in the treated areas?? Bonus!

I just have a petition. If you do it please tell us how much does it hurt. I've always wondered but if you ask the doctor, he will always say it does not hurt a bit. I need the TRUTH!

First, you are an intelligent adult and these are your choices to make. I can't imagine any of your readers have reason to doubt your judgement and ability to make informed choices for yourself. Saying what they would be comfortable with is one thing. Questioning your judgement is another.

I had to laugh that there would be a controversy over botox anymore. I live in Los Angeles where a trip to get some poison injected into your brow is about as big a deal as a trip to wal*mart in the rest of the country. I say go for it if you want it...itty bitty, teeny weeny note of caution below...feel free to ignore.

I do know one person who had a negative reaction with it when the paralysis was a bit more extensive and lasted longer than it should have. She went to an inexperienced cheap doctor for it and I think that was the problem, not the botox. He just didn't know what he was doing and used too much and not in exactly the right places. So my advice is for a newbie you should start with the smallest amount possible just to be sure you don't have any negative effects. But the great thing about it is it isn't permenant so if you hate the effects (doubtful) it will wear off. No more scaring that a bad haircut.

You are a grown up and the best thing about being a grown up is that as long as you aren't hurting anyone else you get to do what you want to do.

Alright T, you asked the question 'what about you'? Me? I would never have Botox done. I like my little wrinkles. I think there is a charming, loving, warm quality about women with wrinkles: Judi Dench, Helen Hayes, Maggie Smith, etc. Good gawd I hope we don't all want to end up looking like Joan Rivers or some of those older models. But, I don't have a wrinkly forehead and I don't know if I would feel differently if I did.

I do know that if I suddenly came into a lot of money or ran into an old friend who was a cosmetic dentist, I would have my teeth done without blinking an eye. They are straight; there are no gaps; they are well shaped and nicely positioned. But they have had a grayish tint since I was a child (antibiotics to blame). I hate taking open-mouthed pictures or smiling because I feel as if everyone is noticing my not-white teeth. So that's my thing and my insecurity. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would say that it was horrible to voluntarily have all of your teeth filed down to skinny nubs and have artificial ones glued over those prongs sticking out. But I would.

We all have different experiences and carry different baggage that makes us want to change things about ourselves. And you are right, it is the same as wearing make-up, working out, dressing up, tweezing, plucking, pulling, shaving, glossing, waxing, tinting, and tanning.

I shave but don't wax. I highlight but don't tan. I work out, but hardly ever dress up. Having neatly groomed eyebrows is important to me even though I hardly wear make-up. What does that say about me? It says I'm me. I do some things and not others.

I, like Marko, don't care if you do Botox. If you want to, do it, as long as it's not dangerous.

O.k. but I just read a comment that Botox can be used for migraines, so now I'm interested. ---So see, you people, it's all circumstantial.

P.S. Can they put some of that Botox in your chest so you can get rid of that wrinkly skin there? (If I push my boobs together, or wear a push-in-up bra, I have wrinkly chest skin and it drives me bloody bonkers too.)

Just a thought. :)

The older I get, the less opinionated I feel about 'anti-ageing' schemes.
To wit:
I was prescribed a low dose of retin-a for some bumps on my face. I've been putting it on my 'laugh lines' between my nose and mouth...
Do what you gotta do.

I have no idea if I'd do it. I'd get laser eyes surgery, though, and I'd get the fat removed from thighs if I could afford it. So, I think every woman needs to do what's right for HER body and not judge anyone for doing so.

I totally agree (with what I think you are saying)! There are so many levels of "vanity", and it's totally a personal choice. One woman's eye liner is another woman's boob job. Good luck!


I had a similar thought when I saw 10 minutes of Oprah interviewing Julianne Moore. They both agreed that botox was bad because it was not natural blah blah. Have you ever seen Oprah without make-up? She is hardly recognizable. Really if looking "like yourself" is so great why doesn't she do her show au natural? She herself has admitted that "it takes a village" to get her looking the way she does for her show. I don't really get how 30 minutes of Botox treatments for a little $$ is somehow more self-indulgent and "fake" than hours spent in front of the mirror everyday and tons of $$ spent on beauty products... Some women feel great freshly scrubbed and comfortably attired, others need manolos and lots of tuning up to feel like themselves. Most of us fall somewhere in between.

I say go for it. If you don't like the results, you don't have to ever do it again. I have no qualms against myself doing plastic surgery as long as I still look like me. I'm also considering a boob job in a year or two. And Botox is fine, although I don't want to have my nose fixed even though I don't like it much, because I think it makes me look like me. Does that make sense?

I do think I may have to have an eyelid lift done as I get older. I have the same lovely condition as my idol Katharine Hepburn, my eyelid have been getting droopy as I get older.

I'll stand by what I said yesterday, it's your body, your choice, all those fuckers who think they want to tell you it's wrong or your falling prey to what society thinks is beautiful, fuck em. fuck em all. And tell them to EAT YOUR PERFECTLY LIFTED ASS ;)

Like I said yesterday - if its what you want to do, then go for it!

I imagine that I'd give it a try, too, if there weren't icky needles involved....*shudder*

You go girl! I don't know what anybody else wrote in the comments before saying don't do botox. But I'm all for plucking, squeezing, lifting, shaping etc. It's your body after all...

PS - Love love love you're writing. I've just been reading this site for the past few months and have gone back to the archives!

PS - I might get botox to stop sweating as I do it excessively it's embarrasing.

My mum is going to get an eyelift and she gets it done for free here (canada) as she qualifies for it under medical reasons.

I was looking into lipo but I think I'm too chicken.

Does anyone see the parallel of the "you should accept the body God/nature gave you" argument? Would anyone think that`s an acceptable thing to say to an infertile woman, to discourage her from spending her own money trying to have the family she wants?
The longing for a child is certainly different from the longing for a wrinkle-free forehead, and I don`t mean to trivialize the former by making the comparison. My point is that with everything, it`s up to the individual to decide exactly how much he/she wants something, why, and at what price.

Now, first and foremost, I think that you should definitely do what you feel is best for yourself, and considering what will make you happy is a big part of that. I'm not one to argue against other folks' choices.

But - I do think that "the personal is political", so to speak, and thus getting botox is a 'political' statement - like many many other things. As much as you defend this as your idea and something that you want to do for yourself - which it is when seen from one angle - from a different angle, the idea that one will look better, younger, sexier, more intelligent or whathaveyou by injecting the most potent poison known to humans (admittedly in miniscule doses) into ones face is quite a stretch, no? I mean, it's not something one would come up with out of the blue. Botox is very rooted in a society that prizes very particular looks and youth, and would not make sense, for example, in a society that valued age - e.g. if wrinkles were seen as a symbol for wisdom, with ppl with the most wrinkles seen as the most wise.

So deciding to get botox IS a political decision - much like Wonderbras or makeup or even shaving one's legs. It is buying into a particular worldview. And some of these actions are more commonly accepted and practiced, and so most of us don't think about them much as political statements - except those who "opt-out" (I wonder how this plays out in SA, actually - are there also hippies who refuse to shave there?).

Personally, I think that ageing naturally is very beautiful, and so I'm not a huge fan of Botox - though I would consider botox as a possible way of dealing with my (chronic) tension headaches. But if it will make you happy dear - more power to you.

Babe, you only live once! Do whatever the hell you want!

I have been botoxing for about a year. Love it and will continue w/ it. Have been using restalyne too (filler). Love the restalyne in my deep nasal labal lines (I think that is the proper name?) Used it on my lips too. While it is very subtle I wouldn't do the lips again. I prefer my thin lips better. Go for it. The botox takea a couple weeks to kick in and the fillers swell for a couple days so go on a friday. You can always get a touch up so err on less than more. Good luck and feel great - you deserve it.

The idea that injecting Botox will make one look younger is a stretch? How? Getting Botox injected *does* generally make a person look younger - hence loads of people getting Botox injections these days.

All societies, current and former, value(d) looking good and youth. The Romans worshipped strong, youthful male bodies, the Victorians wore corsets so tight they displaced organs, aristocratic ladies caked lead onto their faces etc. The desire to look youthful is a universal human desire and not the result of some evil society projecting its evil whims onto us innocent citizens. The only difference is that we now have the technology to safely alter our looks in a way that no society in the past has had.

The desire to LOOK youthful is also not an inherent rejection of age/the wisdom that comes with age. Parodie (above) is conflating certain things - for example, youthful looks and intelligence. Not the same things. Believing a wrinkly, saggy old man is wildly intelligent (eminently doable) is not the same thing as wanting to see him in a Speedo (not so doable). Tertia didn't say that looking old makes a person worthless, nor is improving one's looks an indication of such a belief. You (Parodie) are the one who raised that idea. Be careful about putting words into people's mouths that weren't initially there.

And what's all this "but Botox is POIIIISONNNN!!!" crap? Good lord. Try drinking your black hair dye and see what happens why dontcha? Talk about an irrelevent argument. No one - NO ONE - has ever contracted botulism poisoning after Botox. Ever.

i would love to get my saggy boobs, my wrinkly and also saggy stomach done, AND get botox, so i have nothing to say, except "go for it!"

In my twenties, I bought colored contact lenses to see what I'd look like as a blue-eyed person. In my thirties, I got lazik eye surgery so that I could see clearly without contacts or glasses. These were both cosmetic in nature, and yet no one has ever implied that I am fucking with nature's design or trying to deny the "beautiful" effects of age.

Do what makes you happy, darling - but be sure to let us know how it feels and what the end results look like!

Wow..somebody feed the woman!

I didn't think too many of the comments were very negative at all..and, you know, you did ask!

Anyway, despite my misgivings over botox and plastic surgery, I am a big fan of freedom of choice...so if you want it go for it

And I'm glad I managed to say you were an arsehole in a nice way :)

" I am doing it for a few reasons – because I can, because it is going to cost me next to nothing, and lastly, because I want to, just for the hell of it!"

Come on T. Be honest now. We all know why you are doing it; you might as well admit it. You're doing it because you can't stand the thought of not being as young and wrinkle-free as I am. Really, it's okay to be a wrinkly old bat; I'll still like you. Really. Don't feel like you have to do it for me.


I'm a bit late for the botox party (that is what they have around here.........parties and the doctor comes with his goods).......please forgive my assviceyness:

I have had botox three times and LOVE it. It actually lasted about 6 months each time. I have a very wrinkly forehead and because I am such a very happy person and I smile and laugh all the time, I seem to have some laugh lines (i have a picture hidden on my blog in my 100 things list - I am NOT the skinny one) so you can see what I mean, I have a very high forehead.

I can be a bit anal and I did a lot of research before doing the botox. It is actually the enzymes from the botulism and not the bacteria itself. I went to a plastic surgeon because I am a snotty bitch and I also wanted someone who was meticulous. It is very important that they palpate your bone structure when injecting around the eyes.

Botox was originally used for people with tics (twitching) on their eyelids. It paralyzes the muscle temporarily and is supposed to be fine for pregnancy but since I am still doing endless IVFs, I have decided to wait until I am out of my particular hell.

It does feel a bit funny and it takes a good THREE days until you see the results. You will not notice it immediately.

Sure, there are some horror stories, but I'm sure your friend will be extra careful. Pictures would be awesome!

Good luck.

We all know Botox is the gateway drug to shooting crack.

OMG I am so sorry I wrote that last post - certainly not my place to say that - forgive me please am not myself at the moment.:-(

Good for you, I wish I was that brave!

So if Tertia asks for opinions we shouldn't post what we *really* think, we should fall in line with the positives? State your true opinion and you get the f-bomb (sorry, don't like to say or type it) dropped on you a few times.

Yes, of course she should do what she wants. She's a grown woman after all. But when someone asks "what do you think?" what's wrong with stating what you *really* think?

I enjoy this blog but find myself agreeing with T only about 50% of the time. Usually I don't bother posting what I really think. Too much drama that way.

I think my post above was extrememly benign. Then I read a bunch of "Oh for *f's* sake".

I'd do it in a second. Boob job, nose job and I'd have the fat sucked out of my ass too. I'd do it all.

Put me on "The Swan".

I. Love. Botox. Period.

Honestly? I'm way too lazy to do botox ;-). I'm too lazy to wear makeup more than twice a year. But if I ran into old friend, and he could do it..mebbe :-)

Didn’t you open a can of worms? :)

Sorry it's a bit late but I have to add my two cent's worth....

Yet another issue that polarises women! Cosmetic surgery versus aging naturally, pro-choice versus pro-life, natural versus medicalized birth, breast versus bottle, working versus stay-at-home mothers…the list seems endless sometimes. It always reminds me of the old adage ‘divide and conquer’ – a timelessly effective weapon in battle. And our lives have become a battlefield of sorts.

While we are busy bickering with each other over details – trying to prove ourselves right - we allow any number of systems and institutions to set the agenda and manipulate our lives: business, government, media, medicine, education, religion….take your pick – again there is no shortage.

We create these systems for a variety of reasons: perhaps the ease of living; as an attempt to gain control over our lives; to bring order to chaos… They may begin benignly enough but those systems have a nasty habit of assuming an intangible life of their own – in much the same manner as a corporation assumes legal identity as a ‘person’. Ultimately the system ends up controlling us.

Don’t believe me? I challenge you to find any system, cultural norm, or institution that actually meets the needs of women. (Or men for that matter!)

Unfortunately, as per the cliché, the personal is political, in every choice we make, every dollar we spend, each and every day - particularly if you happen to own a female body. We kid ourselves if we think we make decisions in isolation. We are all products of our society and that fact is constantly reflected in our choices.

Perhaps if we paused our bickering long to notice what is happening around us and scratched beneath the surface we wouldn’t be asking, in this instance, ‘what’s the difference in the pursuit of beauty?’ But would reframe the question to ask ‘WHY the pursuit of beauty?’ Why in this day and age, after all our ‘progress’ are women’s bodies still not ‘good enough’? ‘Someone’ is obviously gaining from this ‘beauty’ endeavour and it doesn’t appear to be us. That fact could never be more evident when the slicing of healthy bodies or the injection of toxins for the purpose of paralysing healthy muscles becomes desirable, acceptable, and ‘fun’.

Sorry, but you asked.

I’m just a wee bit exhausted by how readily we are to identify as consumers rather than citizens. It’s easy to rationalise broader consequences and social responsibility away with “it’s my choice.” But every time we allow complex social issues (be the manipulation of women’s bodies or the medicalisation of normal life) to be individualized and de-politicized we diminish pressure to examine the underlying causes. Essentially we may be locking ourselves onto a path from which there is no return. Botox IS a choice today. But how much genuine choice will women have, in the not too distant future, should it become the norm? How difficult will it be for the woman who ‘chooses’ (because of her beliefs or lack of finances) to live with the prejudice of a wrinkled face in a youth obsessed society? If we stop long enough take her into consideration we are behaving as citizens, with a sense of social responsibility for the society we will shape, but if we consider ourselves consumers we see no need to do so as we have carte blanche to consider our needs absolute.

I can’t help feeling we are too readily assuming our roles as puppets in a pandemic of manufactured selfishness. Polarised and pitted against each other we are way too distracted to display much awareness of how skilfully we are being manipulated by ‘the machine’ for selfish gain of others. We just trot along justifying our ‘choices’, (read ‘purchases’); each of which satiates us just long enough to pretend for a brief moment all is fine with our world. Sorry, but the last time I looked it was far from fine.

We shape our world with the consequences of our choices. The best we can do is make those choices wisely because the one you make today ultimately affects other women by raising the bar on youth and propelling us a little further towards our future reality. It is worth asking, “Do we want to live in that reality.” You might, perhaps, and that is your choice. But some of us don’t. And I see the choice to opt out of this youth, beauty and consumer obsession becoming increasingly difficult.

*yawn stretch ponder* wow to coin a phrase above, a can of worms or what!.. i say go for it, if it'll make you feel good then do it. I dye my hair, I wax, I pluck, I polish and wear coloured contacts with teeth whitening after this next fet already booked in, and as far as botox goes, if i weren't doing ivf I'd be lined up waiting for the doors to open I have no problem with my age I have more of a problem with people telling me how a xyz ager should act/behave and look.

go for it T lash and and spoil yourself your G&D for a reason.

I think sometimes we define "cosmetic" so differently. We all know how we want to look. I am a non-makeup-wearing, natural is best kind of gal.

However, I have a large birthmark. I've had several laser surgeries on it. They cost several thousand dollars (I had a reduced rate but it still was very expensive) and were quite painful. I stopped because the gains were too minimal to justify continuing, but if I saw hope that I could look "normal" and never have to explain the birthmark again I would have 35 of them.

I was amazed when I did this how many people did not get it. "Why are you doing that, it's not a big deal?" "What's the point of all that?" I had a whole list of judgmental comments once. SO many people treated it as my choosing to throw away money on something they thought somehow pointless. Yet they had no problem spending 2 or 3 times what I do per month to drive an SUV, live in a luxury house, etc.

I actually really debated cosmetics versus comfort for a long time before I tried treatment. But then I realized that even if the entire reason I was doing this was to look like everyone else, well, I had that right.

Botox is not the same. But it is still a choice. It is still something that lets you try it and find out if what it changes is meaningful to you. What I changed (or did not change) just wasn't to me. But like I said, I never was that kind of girl. I picked a whole career around never having to look nice and I intend to enjoy it!

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