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Baby nerds in training, what with the reading in the tub! Actually, it is also a favored place for my reading, though I've discarded the board books, and prefer a good Vanity Fair. So now you know they're nerds!


And could Adam be any more a boy, what with the nude bum while reading?

woohoo, finally get to comment in the top 5.
The babes are not only adorable, they are smart too.

Just gorgeous....

What beautiful photos. I hope Adam got a doll too!

Where's Adam's Doll?

They are sooo sweet Tertia. They really are.

The babes are not only beautiful but clever too!

BTW, who does Kate look like? I can really see both you and Marko in Adam. Who does Kate take after?

Beautiful pictures. It looks like the babies are sitting up really well now.

Tertia, I read your blog a lot but rarely comment. I also rarely think babies are that cute (other than mine of course), but I have to say, Kate and Adam are adorable little children. You can tell they are happy babies, too! Keep up the good work.

My Lord those babies are so cute. Damn you! Must tell ovaries to shut up and resist urge to assault husband and make more babies for myself!

It must be the English teacher in me--the combination of books and little baby sweaters* is making me want to fly to SA and cuddle those babes for hours. Hooray for raising little nerds!

*Do you say "sweater" in SA or "jumper" or something else?

OMG Lissa has the same exact doll, in FACT she has that one and then one that is a white rabbit and then one that is in a purple bear jumper. She got them all for her first birthday, it's funny how prevalent those soft little dollies are.

Clever babes!

What gorgeous babies and I am thrilled that they have already discovered one of the great joys of life--lounging in the tub with a book. Wait till they get old enough to take a glass of wine with them...

Watch out! All that sun on Adams bum and he might get ass wrinkles and need Botox!

They are truly adorable and it is so pleasant to see photos of them enjoying their books.

We've got to concoct an ass-wrinkles meme. Any ideas?

T, those babies are so cute, I don't know how you can stand it. Do you nibble them all the time?

Pfft. Where's the Dahl, Poe, Shakespeare and Kipling? Blog about this again when they're doing some REAL reading. ;) ;)

I love each and every one of these pics. I couldn't pic a fave if I had to. Although, I do really love how expressive Kate is in the pic of her and "Sarah".

Are we sunning bums because of diaper rash? I found it always worked well for my lil' guys.

They are divine. Thanks for sharing. :)

The babies get cuter every day, I swear. (But I think you should get Adam a doll too. One of my best friends has two nieces and five nephews, and she says her nephews terrorized the nieces by stealing their dolls all the time. Now, she says, all the boys have dolls as well as the girls, and they like to pretend to care for the "baby" as much as the girls. One of her younger nephews even named his "baby" after my friend, which tickled her. I guess we can hope that maybe it'll teach boys to be good daddies.....) By the way, I love when babies have books! Get 'em reading early!

My all-time fave thing to do is watch my 11 mo with a book. He will sit and turn the pages so intently - just melts my heart! THanks for sharing the pics!

Ditto all the other responses. I love the pictures of gorgeous and divine and highly academic babies!!!

they are, obviously, extremely brilliant.
(great photos)

So cuuuuute! My little sis (now 14!) had that same doll and absolutely adored it. Thanks for giving us a pic fix. ;o)

Echoing cries for Adam to have a doll too! There is NOTHING cuter than a little boy 'looking after' his baby. I (wicked older sister) used to steal my brother's doll and run around holding it by the hair. My poor bro!

For the first 5 or 6 years of their respective lives, my daughters named every. single. one. of their baby dolls "Sarah." So sweet.

Baby Einstein! V good choice.

I'm all for boys having dolls, too--except that when I offered one to my son he promptly removed it's pacifier and then never looked at it again. He has instead taken to adopting stuffed animals (usually tigers, leopards, etc.) who he lovingly and carefully feeds, dresses, tucks in bed, and carries everywhere.

I look at these pictures and it makes me want to have a baby so bad I start fantasizing about driving down to DH's work and pulling him into the stairwell! Guess I'd have to discontinue use of the Pill first. Seriously, your babes are so adorable, I can barely stand it. I may have to lie down.

Reading in the tub picture = my favorite.

In fact, I think I might do just that next time the babies take a nap.


They are so awesome. It's like looking into the future, the 2 of them look soooo grownup reading.

Tertia-those pictures are really cute. Your babes are G&D!

Hi T - You know almost all kids walk by the time they go to kindergarten, so no need to sweat about their milestones. They will do things whenever they are good and ready. There are a LOT of kids who go to kindergarten without much interest in books, so be pleased that they are certainly ahead in that regard. :)

I loved reading to my children. This poem always struck home with me:

You may have tangible wealth untold
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be --
I had a mother who read to me.

-- Strickland Gillilan (1869-1954)

Raise a reader, it's the best gift you can give your children. (Ok, where's Adam's baby??????)

Oh my goodness Tertia, thosepictures of your babes reading are absolutely adorable!!! You need to submit them to a magazine or photo contest!!!

Haven't read all the comments but skimmed one asking about a doll for Adam... thought I might recommend the children's book "William's Doll" which says little boys need dolls too so they can grow up to be good daddies :) "Sarah" needs a twin, too! :):)

I love the pictures! Such intent little readers. You can never start too early. Louise M actually quoted a poem the my mother gave to me in a frame...Literature is that important. I do try with my kid.

About the doll...well, my son is now 18 months old and the only thing he uses dolls for is weapons. He has a purse, or "manbag" as his dad calls it, that is also uses as a weapon too. Its amazing how fast boys acquire the caveman mentality. lol I hope I don't get bashed for it. I swear my son has a doll, its just not loved on yet. He'd rather snuggle with his lovey at night than be tender to a doll while he's awake.

Take care,

Absolutely yummylicious pix! And, why are your babies asses always out? Diaper rash problem? Or, you just think they are so cute?!
BTW... Samantha has a pink poodle named, what else?... "PINKY" and Evan has a brown bear named, "Barry White", of course...

Not only are they BRILLIANT but oh so cute! That one of Kate and her dolly is priceless :)

Oh my gosh! They are too cute! And look at how intently they are looking at those books! You know-- these pictures make me think of how in my "Montessori From the Start" book, they say we should avoid distracting our babies when they are studying things because at these times they are building up their attention spans. Now--the keen attention they are paying to some of this stuff will drop off when they become mobile. (Kind of like how a teenager's IQ drops the minute they hit puberty and discover the opposite sex......or in some cases the same sex! LOL!) So my assvice is to nurture, enjoy and take advantage of the less mobile periods, because they are probably an important time for intellectual/emotional growth. Besides-- when the TWO of those critters start to walk Tertia, what in HELL are you going to do??? LOL!

adam's face is so expressive!! so adorable!

Is it completely silly to be happy that your daughter's first doll has my name? Thought so.

Those are seriously beautiful kids, Tertia. And then they are talented, to boot. I'm highly impressed.

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