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wow. very moving. my heart's pounding just reading that first link. thank you for posting these.

The Methodist Church is taking contributions for health kits and flood buckets. The cost of a health kit is about $12. Here is the link: www.la-umc.org
The great thing about this is that all administration costs come out of the Methodist Church budget and not from contributions for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Anyone going over to my blog (the first link): SCROLL DOWN FOR LINKS.

I've been flooded w visitors, over 100 so far, but only two stayed longer than 0 secs which defeats the purpose of sending people over so they can learn how they can help.

So, again, SCROLL DOWN FOR LINKS, there are several that will allow you to donate money for people and pets; donate goods; volunteer to house the victims; and donate blood (latter not a link, just a wish of mine - and the hospitals actually)

In addition to fisherwife's comments - the non-profit organization she is talking about through the United Methodist church is UMCOR - United Methodist Committee on Relief. 100% of donations go directly to the cause - the Tsunami relief last year and the Hurricane relief this year - you just designate where you want the money to go and all of it goes there. They are also collecting supplies for flood buckets and health kits as mentioned. The link is:

Tertia, you might want to consider linking here:


And even more directly to here:


It tells anyone and everyone to help (without so much hate being spewed! Natural disasters and their force can't be one hundred percent predicted!)

And Tertia, thanks for your support of the US! God bless.


Thanks for posting the link to my site. I've already had one person visit me as a direct link from you. I've found the place where I'll be taking my donations, now I just have to finish collecting them. I hope your link can help!

Thanks again!



people are still trapped and dying.

"Natural disasters and their force can't be one hundred percent predicted!"

Why Abby, but they were, that is the funny thing wouldn't uyou say. THEY WERE. Everyone knew Katrina was coming - and it was a force 4 hurricane. Imagine a force 5? Hard to isn't it. And the world watched those who were trapped die of thirst, hunger and exhaustion for days, before anyone could be bothered to help them. And just like MollieBee said, so many are still trapped and dying, or dying by the freeway. Death isn't too PC, ever.

So yes, Bush and the FEMA director have my utmost disrespect and I will forever despise them for the way they acted during this.

One of my dear friends has a daughter and grandson in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Over the years I've gotten to know Julie and her on, Matthew.

Matt comes out every summer for a month, and he and my son are best buddies and part in tears when it is time for Matt to head back home. I have come to love Matt like one of my own. He is a wonderful child, his mom an amazingly strong woman who has been through some very rough times.

Their house came through pretty well in terms of loss. Part of the roof over Julie's room came off, and everything in her bedroom is gone. She lost all her photos, her bed, dresser, clothing. She has two outfits she can wear from friends.

They have water, but must boil it first. No shower as the pipes are clogged. She is the only house in miles that has phone service.

They evacuted to a brick building for the storm but have been home now for 3 days.

Food? Gone. She was able to get cheese and saltines at the market but that was it. My friend shipped a package overnight with jerky, canned meats, tortillas, powdered milk and powdered juice mix.

She's sending another package today with a few clothing items and some cash from us.

I feel so helpless...

I'm worried about the all people suffering, not just Matt and Julie.

Please tell me why it is taking so long to get help in? After most hurricanes, major disaters, it took 2-3 days to get help in. Why did it take 5-6 here? Why?

I'm sick....

Tertia, thanks for adding the Red Cross link in your sidebar.

Anyone who feels they can't afford to donate, try this plan: Commit to cutting back on Christmas (or Hanukkah, etc.) shopping this year, and spend that money now to help the victims of Katrina. So many of us have all we need, and our children's needs are met. With hundreds of thousands of Americans having lost their homes and their jobs (and thousands their lives)—and the federal government not especially motivated to help them—we all need to be generous right now. I like to support the Red Cross, as their services include psychological counseling. The horrors these children and adults have experienced and seen—they'll need a lot of counseling.

Thank you for putting on the American Red Cross donation link. It is wonderful to see during disaster the people that can reach out to help others and even other countries are coming to the aid of the U.S. All the energy spent pointing fingers should be spent helping these victims. I feel very blessed to know others can rise above that and do all they can to help.
Our companies are donating 10% to the American Red Cross, previously we were donating to the Tsunami Relief and will continue to give to that when we are more financially able at the holidays. Thank you again for posting about help for Katrina victims.

Thank you for posting about Katrina and the American Red Cross. I wish instead of pointing fingers people put the energy into helping these victims. We are changing from a 10% of all sales to the Tsunami Relief at our companies to 10% to the American Red Cross and have already made a donation to Feed the Children which were there clothing and feeding victims immediately. We have even seen other countries come to the aid of the U.S. this time which is heart warming. Thank you again Tertia.

Why T., the trolls - Brolls, more accurately, have found me, a rather amazing feat bcs they do seem to be blind as well. I will now go sit in a corner for daring to express an opinion, please excuse me.

While I think it's nice that people have set up places for donations regarding relief for hurricane victims, the best thing anyone can do is donate to an "authorized emergency relief organization": American Red Cross, United Way, etc. I'm not saying you can't trust people that set up donation sites, but I would be wary about where you are sending your money and what they are using it for. With an Emergency Relief Organization, you know that the money you send will go to the basic necessities that people need in conjunction with the federal relief/reconstruction effort. That's just my assvise.

While there are a lot of scams out there, someone like myself who is a small business, I don't even pay myself for over 3 years, opened a retail business with 3 locations (to pay off IF bills, ha yeah). I have company checks to prove all of our money has been sent direct to the Tsunami Relief Fund thru World Vision, Unicef and American Red Cross. I have company checks proving we give to the V.A. hospital, USO letters of donations, MDA, American Cancer Society, etc. and now we will have cancelled checks to prove that all 10% of our sales will go to the American Red Cross. We have a jar for donations that we have so far collected in just a few days time over $100. We keep none of that, there are scams but there are also honest people out there giving and you hope when you do give the what you gave gets to the proper charity. Our local fire department was outside collecting for MDA one boot and Hurricane Relief Fund in the other boot, when I put my money in those boots I did it believing they will do the right thing. There were a lot of scams after 9/11 and I'm sure there will be a lot after this also we just hope for the best. If it's a large donation it's certainly best to go with the direct relief organization.

I'm a US citizen.

I blame many people, including myself for the lack of action. The day after was so hard to actually believe and SEE the devastation, I was slow to act as well - I had no idea the damage.

People easily forget (especially in the USA) that our country is a 3 branch system - a system of checks and balances) with the local and state levels in charge of all of us as well in the areas we live. Is Bush at fault, yes! But only partly - he shares that responsibility. Is the State and local levels and FEMA at fault, oh yes - even more so than at the federal level. They tell the federal govt what it needs to know and they were the ones needing to plan good evactions for citizens of all races and income levels. Somewhere there was a breakdown in what really would be needed to evactuate, and that is sickening when you see the images of the dead, babies, elderly, animals, and families after Katrina hit. Where was the communication, the planning? So many people failed, so many agencies were slow up to 5 horrible days....so many.

Can we blame just one person? NO. It is a waste of energy - and while I appreciate Lioness's comments, and respect her right to say them - I just want to point out so many people screwed up, starting at the local level with evac plans. So many poor, POOR, people that could not leave...what a travesty at the lack of foresight for the poor and old - and so much of that is local and state to be mindful of, not a pre-occupied federal system that has issues of its own.

I hope MANY MANY things change because of this - but now, as so many have said, and Lioness too in a clear and detailed fashion, please visit the sites to donate anything you can.

We can't right what has happened, but we can work our butts off to correct it. Where my city, state, and federal government has failed, the citizens need to take over - that is who makes our country.

Thanks for helping Tertia with links to get us going on that goal! So many people will be helped. Blogs have done such a good job there!

Many thoughts,

P.S. I wish a natural diaster like this hadn't humbled us in such a way to realize we are not the best just because we are the richest - we are as vunerable as any person and place in our human family, no matter what country. But it did, and perhaps that humbled, clearer vision can make us better.

Becca, you said it perfectly!

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