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Happy Birthday, Rose! :)

Enjoy your new boobs!

Funny you mentioned the religion issue; I was just wondering.... What is the predominant religion in SA?

Yay. Sounds like a great day out (my birthday is tomorrow)

I'm glad all the funds got there, let us know how everything goes.

Congrats Rose :)

Happy birthday, Rose.
It was Neen's birthday yesterday. She does get to celebrate birthdays, but she doesn't want new breasts. Amazing how we all differ! I am fond of birthdays and Neen's... Well, I am not going to say THAT on the internet.

GO ROSE!!! Enjoy your new body!

GO T!!! buy her a tiny little bra. like a trainer bra or something, as a gag. it will embarrass her, but what are friends for?

Happy birthday Rose!!! I hope she has a great day

Happy birthday Rose! Have fun having a girly day :-)

Happy birthday Rose!!! Have a grand day!

Happy Birthday Rose!!!!

Happy Birthday Rose!
What a great year this must have been for you!!!

Happy Birthday Rose! Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday Rose! Even if she's a witness who doesn't enjoy a little something something on their birthday. I hope she has a great day and it's so nice of everyone to contribute to her fund.

Hope she had a good one! Can't wait till her surgery. Sending in a paltry $10 somehow makes me feel invested in this adventure :)

Happy Birthday Rose! I am glad you have such a great friend as Tertia. I also feel like I have made a bit of a difference in someones life. I guess this would be considered paying it forward. I am sure Rose will do something for someone else at some point in her life. HUgd to both of you.

crap, should double check first.... Hugs to both of you!!!!

A Belated Happy Anniversary of Your Birth, Rose!

In light of said Anniversary I'd like to share with you my own personal "B-day" prayer.

Good Morning *Papa!
Thank You for another year of learning.
Thank You for the chance to see things I didn't see last year.
Thank You for making me strong enough to survive the things that I do not yet understand.
Thank You for the wind and the rain and the sunlight.
Thank You for the beauty that surrounds me each day.
Thank You for the birds and the trees and the bumble bees.
(In this part I give Thanks for particular things that helped lift my spirit during the last year.)
Thank You for my Family. For the joy I have seen in their eyes when I smile.
Thank You for the friends I have made this year and for the friendships that have grown stronger this year than they were last year.
Thank You for making me who I am. For the happiness and hope I have been able to share with others.
Thank You for the continuing opportunity to make a difference in my own life and in the lives of others.
Thank You for the good health that I have been blessed with, and also for the days of sickness that I may better appreciate the times that I have not been ill.
Thank You for joy, and for the sadness that I have seen which makes the joy even more wondrous and sweet by comparison.
Thank You for the gift of Love that You have shown the world again and again with each passing day.
Thank You for the times I have felt great confidence and also for the times I have been timid. For what I have learned from both.
Thank You for gift of Life
Thank You for gift of Love.
Thank You for the gift of Learning.
Thank You for the gift of Another Year.

~Adi V.
*When I pray I refer to God as Papa. It helps to remind me that I am one of God's beloved children. Also the word papa is the same or nearly the same in more languages than is the word god.

Holy crap. Are those linens on the tables in the mall courtyard???

Happy Birthday Rose!

Happy Birthday Rose!

Happy Birthday Rose!!
Enjoy your new Boobs!!!
Pictures, please????

Oh, I meant before and after with a shirt on!

Ditto this comment:

"Are those linens on the tables in the mall courtyard???"

What's up with that? We're lucky to find a table that's been wiped off within the last 24 hours!

V v envious.

You know what I love about that picture? Having grown up during apartheid and learning about it in "real time," and having voraciously followed the news during the end of apartheid, it makes me stupidly happy to see a "normal" life event like lunch at the mall that includes both blacks and whites eating the same damn crappy food and shopping at the same damn crappy stores.

It gives me hope.

Happy Birthday Rose

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