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Hardly! :)

I hate it when that happens! Sorry you didn't get any sleep. I was never able to sleep in a hotel by myself away on business. Cruel joke isn't it?

Of course they missed you. I missed you!

I had to make a trip away when my DD was just about a year old...she didn't miss me in the least. How upsetting.

Sorry you couldn't sleep. I wouldn't sleep by myself in a strange hotel room either. I'm just like that.

My hubby can't sleep when he's away from home, either. He says the whining of the baby monitor puts him right to sleep! HAHA

Hope you get some rest this weekend!

I'm sure Marko's just to embarassed to admit all of the hell that was wreaked upon your being gone. Like the washing machine exploded because he did it wrong, and the babes simply refused to be consoled until he made himself a Tertia mask and sang to them in a high voice. You know, all that. You are indispensable, for sure.

And hell, if not, you need to spend more wild nights away drinking with the girls.

Now that my little girl is (kindof) sleeping through the night, I will still invariably wake up at 3am and lie there, just waiting for my little girl to need me. As the hours tick by, and I watch bad tv, I really miss the nighttime feeding. It is the only time that Skyler and I have nothing else to do but just snuggle together, with no distractions. Luckily she woke up again last night at 2:30am...yay:)


Too funny!

The last few weeks my babes have slept like crap. I am up no less than 10 times. Sometimes I am up every hour/half hour with them. Little shits! (said lovingly)

So last night, I get them to bed at 9 pm. I lay down, read a bit waiting for them to wake up. Nothing. I roll over, go to sleep. 1 am I wake up. Amazing! They've slept. Then I lay there awake, waiting for them to wake up. Finally about 2:30, I drift off deciding they might actually sleep. HAHAHA!!!

As soon as I fell asleep they both woke up within minutes of each other.

From there on out I was up till 7 am when I got up with the other kids for school.

Kids sure are funny...




I hate it when my baby doesn't seem to notice when I've been away for the day. She's 9 months now and is doing the separation anxiety thing. I love it! Haha.

You know that everything didn't go well - babes aren't self sufficient yet. I'd bet you're getting a clean story so you don't know the truth of a night of craziness AND so you don't feel any guilt for being away. When you get home and hear the "everything went wonderful" story, just smile and nod knowing its all made up for your benefit. How lovely to have someone love you that much ;)

LMAO! Got the T-shirt and starred in the video!

For years K told people that our babies slept through the night...such good babies, he'd tell people...and the truth?
the babies never did...
perhaps Marko took a sleeping pill.

I missed you!

Marko's lying. He just doesn't want you to know that he spent the night on the floor of the babes' room crying in frustration, because, of course, men don't cry.

You are v indispensable.

Oh crap! Had it been me I would have had a few lovely glasses of wine and then the sleeping pill ;) The first actual night you get to sleep through is to be celebrated!

My in-laws are watching my little insomniac tomorrow night and I plan on taking a sleeping pill.

Whenever I am away from home, I know I will be unable to get to sleep quickly. So I always take the leftover painkillers from my laparoscopy and enjoy a little buzz before falling asleep soundly. After my lap, my pain was easily managed by ibuprofen, but I filled that prescription anyway! Comes in handy...

Awwwwww! Honey, we missed you!

Anyway, babies can't tell time and don't know how long you were gone. To them it probably felt like you were just taking a very looooooong shower!

You will never be indispensable!

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