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*Applauding* Well said, Tertia!

i just have to tell you how much i admire your viewpoint. i agree with you, but sometimes i have a lower tolerance for people being assholes(in the..more traditional sense, not the tertia sense) than you seem to.
i think its bloody fantastic that you've managed to share so much of yourself and had all these admirers...and you provoke thought, and thats what its all about, in the end,really.

See, I'm a "professional" devils-advocate. Even if I disagree with you, I'll argue the other point of view, just for fun. But I try very VERY hard never to troll. If I find myself tempted to make a personal attack, I just turn off and walk away.

Opps... that's "even if I AGREE with you, I'll argue the other way, just for fun"

Is it still a troll if they aren't anonymous, but still a jerk? Like if they link to their real blog and email? I thought a true troll is an anonymous commenter that appears out of nowhere, then disappears into the night (for example, I'm thinking of that Holly chick on Cecily's site awhile back.)

Often I think that the "devil's advocates" (who can sometimes tend to be jerks, true) get unfairly labeled "trolls." Then everyone goes into attack mode and throws the f-bomb at them. This always irritates me. It completely changes the tone of the conversation.

that does it. you are on my forever love list.

and i am a most assuredly the most adorable devil's advocate of all time.

just ask me dammit! PUHLEEEZZZZ ask me!!!


I would love to be considered a darling asshole!! I admire that you welcome intelligent dissent and still embrace them afterwards. You are such an open person T. A helluva lot more kind than I am. I think its time we get a K & A picture fix! ;-)

Take care and thanks for just being you.

I don't know what you were getting flamed for but, if it's botox -- I've had it, it works great, and if you can afford it, why the Eff not? Just be advised: those needles do hurt. Also you feel this little *crunch* as the needle penetrates the fascia under the skin. Kind of gross. Not that bad though. And a little botox does NOT destroy all facial expression and you do NOT end up looking like some overdone freak. It just smoothes out a few wrinkles. Not a big deal.

Tertia, you old ho, you are a GODDESS. Smooooooooching your wrinkly brow.

I also thought Trolls were more like drive by shooters. They lurk and lie in wait until they can attack anonymously and then scamper off.
I think the repeat offenders on your blog are more Assholes in the strict sense of the word (*not Tertia's definition) than Trolls.
They are just mean people who suck and are not welcome here.
'Nuff said.
Tertia, love, let's move on...
no sense you wasting any more precious time on these blow-hards.

yes, I agree......no more attention to the trolls....

I love the Tertia Assholes but can't stand the trolls. I have to admit that sometimes I want to vent my fury on the trolls but I've learnt to step away from the comments section. At first I thought I was just sticking up for a mate by defending Tertia, but about six months ago, I realised that trolls and other unwelcome creatures thrive on the attention and I was just making it work. So now I just keep my mouth shut. (And boy oh boy, is that hard work!)

One point of clarification: Botox is not the devil's spawn; my kid is.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I get it now. I was thinking you were talking about those little troll DOLLS with the goofy hair and all.

*slapping my forehead*

No wonder my panties don't fit.

Tertia, you are amazing (not to mention G&D). Now you've even got me liking being called an asshole! Boy, this IF stuff takes one to all kinds of new experiences.

Words I try to live by:

"Defend and Diminish".

If I have to defend my beliefs, my points, my decisions, the only person I diminish by doing this is myself. If I have to attack a blogger to make my point and defend myself, in so doing, I diminish myself and not the other person.

Tertia, you do not need to diminish yourself by defending yourself to your readers. Nor should your commenters diminish their opinions and points of view by defending them, and particularly in an attacking fashion.

This is a pretty abstract concept, and I apologize if I am not doing it justice in explaining it.


Suzie-Q, those are called assHATS ;o)

Wow..I've scanned the posts and sure, i saw some dissenters, but I must have missed the trolls.

Or the post you deleted was a doozy! And I missed it!

My opinion? You write a blog and you open yourself up to arseholes. But I'm sure you have a tough skin and don't give a flying fig what they think :)

Don't feed the trolls...

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I get it now. I was thinking you were talking about those little troll DOLLS with the goofy hair and all.

*slapping my forehead*"

Judy, ROFLMAO! You made my day. :)

So if a troll is someone who writes nastily in the way of disagreeing with you, what do you call someone who writes nastily in the way of agreeing with you/defending you? I'm talking in general. Cause I read those kinds of comments just as much as the trollish, unfortunately.

The problem with trolls is that they must have the lowest self esteem, not to mention bad horrible lives to act the way they do. A dissenter may say they don't like something, but they aren't going to be rude every time. A troll? Keeps coming back and attacking you from every which angle. And personally, I'm sick of trolls.

A dissenter I be. I be a dissenter. Not a troll, not a mole and not a lamenter.


I'm just curious... What's the difference between an "assHAT" and an "assCLOWN"?

Here are some helpful ass word definitions from Merlin's Lists of Five Things: http://www.5ives.com/archives/002995.php

Five ass-related words I think I use a lot

1. metric assload (n.) - a lot
2. asshat (n.) - willfully ignorant person
3. assy (adj.) - unacceptably low-quality
4. big-ass (adj.) - large
5. asstacular (adj.) - really bad

I will add this one

6. asshole - a vulgarity used by Tertia that gives her readers an oddly warm fuzzy feeling

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