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No, I wouldn't do it, just because it is bochillism, which is the same thing you can get poisoned with if your canned goods sit around too long and explode.

You are beautiful girl!!! Seriously!!!

Going to look at the new pics now...

Ok lets start this out with you definitely don't need it!!

I had a friend do botox and didn't even notice, so hey i guess that's a good thing.

As far as braces go, you can get porcelean vineers(sp?) that give immediate results, i have some on my front 2 teeth because i had a gap, i've had it for about 10 years since before it became super populare and totally love it!

My cousin got botox (and she is not the plastic surgery type AT ALL) and looks scrumptious. I would never get regular plastic surgery, but have a chasm-like furrow between my eyebrows from frowning and worrying constantly, so perhaps someday I will botox that bit...
Mmmm Botulism!

Probably not, but never say never.

I have had LOADS of Botox injects and I swear by it!!!!
First i used to just do my forehead lines, then i added the furrow between my brow. I also had lipsuction to suck the fat out of my chin a few years ago and they used that fat and injected it into my laugh lines (worked awesome and was natural to boot!!! my own fat!!!).
I had my nose done at age 16 also. I have loads of dental veneers, bonding and crowns too!
If i had the $$ now i would do a forehead lift, then tummy tuck and lipo on my thighs, some more facial injects and a boob lift!!!!!
Go for it, T.!!!!!!!
You are gorgeous with or without it, but, "with" usually feels better afterwards!
Good luck.
Show us the before and afters.

I've done botox and fillers on my frown line (I'm a serious frowner). It's great! They can use collagen or restalyn. He'll know which is best.

Enjoy your new face. If you don't like it not to worry - you have to have it done every couple of months :-(

I wouldn't personally (but I would definitely get a boob job).

There were a few ladies at my former work that had it done and I was totally creeped out by it. You could tell that it was done because their eyes stopped smiling when they smiled. It was like the top half and the bottom half of their faces were detached somehow. Scared the hell out of me....they looked like they were half dead. Ick.

That's just my opinion though...which doesn't mean squat.

Yes, in a heartbeat! While I am ok with how I look right now (considering I am no longer 21) but in a few years, I know that I will want more and Botox is only mildly invasive (as opposed to face lifts etc.) and temporary, so if you don't like the result, it is not permanent.

I strongly believe that if it makes you feel better about yourself, you should do it. After having my two kids I realized I was in danger of becoming a frumpy middle aged, sagging mom (and sadly have the pictures to prove it). This was not the image I wanted to present at all- at work or at home, and I did a few things about it and I feel terrific for it all.

Tell us how it goes!

I'm with Rachel on the whole Botulism risk with Botox. Once I'm done with kids I *might* have my boobs hoisted back up to their proper position, but until I'm back in the work force, we don't have the $$ for "elective procedures". I do look forward to seeing the after photos of you though. :)

Whenever I think of Botox, I always think of Oprah. She had a show on where someone was trying to convince her that she should have it done, and she laughed at the woman. She said (to paraphrase) that without her facial expressions she might as well kiss her show goodbye.

Some folks with Botox (though of course not everyone) look awfully robotic because they no longer can use all the full range of their facial muscles. I find myself staring at these people trying to figure them out...and it's not the type of staring they were going for, I'm guessing!

Never.. I don't trust us and I don' t mind wrinkles Whenever I hear the word I think of abfab and star laughing..


I will not do Botox, any needles that poke into my face freak me out. But I will other plastic surgeries, like lipo, boob job. In fact I'm going to see one very soon. So excited.

My younger sister got Botox. She is a forehead "skruncher"...vertical wrinkles there because of her facial expressions.

I am 3 years older...43..but don't have any facial wrinkles. (They say...after 40, its your ass or your face. My face is fine...my ass is the size of a freight train.) Maybe I would consider liposuction. That same sister had some lipo too.

My elder sister had a "boob job". So, I am the only one yet to hit the plastic surgeon.

What I would really like is something that would help me drop some weight in my forties...it just crept up on me! Tertia, you are so slim, you probably couldn't relate to THAT particular complaint!

Best of luck on the makeover...we all deserve to feel and look our best!!

I had botox injected into the outer edges of my eyes in hopes of stopping a "twitch" - didn't work for that. It hurt like hell.

I am sure I am way older than the rest of y'all; I had an eye job (upper and lower lids) and a forehead lift, which helped with the "in between the eyes" furrow, when I was 42, and it's only now starting to creep back. My hairstylist is in her late 30s and she gets botoxed - looks great and her face is still expressive. I think if anything is overdone, it's not good. A little isn't bad.

If you can afford it and want it to do it, understanding all of the ramifications, it's your face and/or body and pocketbook.

I think I'm done with procedures, though, other than Lasik eye surgery early next year.

i wouldn't do it. It's not my thing. I want to grow old gracefully. Luckily, my mom still looks pretty good at 60. i don't mind looking like I'm aging. Other than the ol 'conception' thing, i'm pretty much an au naturale kinda gal. i don't even wear makeup! Still i'm sooooooooooooo gorgeous and divine! ;)
But... that's me. I say, it's your G&D bod, do what you want with it. :D and if anyone has problems, tell them to eat your perfectly lifted ass!

Have you seen Dr. Phil's wife? Have you seen how she tries to make faces, but can't, because her forehead doesn't move? Have you noticed that this makes her look befuddled, scary, and stupid? I am not against it for you personally but it sure freaks me out when I see it on Dr. Phil's wife.

I had braces as an adult. I think it's better to straighten your teeth and leave them intact than shave most of them off to put caps on them. I am so thrilled that I had the braces done! It will be so worth it!

I have an INTENSE fear of needles, so you can bank on the fact that no one is going near my face with one! :-)

Seriously, you are G&D - you don't need it, but if it is what makes you feel better about yourself, then I say go for it.

Haven't read all the other comments, but I just wanted to say I am v jealous (read: happy for you!) Heck. You don't need botox. I don't need botox. But we women need to feel like we're doooooooing something! It's fun! So have fun. If it were me, I would do it, so I can't wait to hear the details!

Tertia, you don't need it at *all*, but since you are doing it, you'll be very careful that the doctor knows what he's doing, right? Ask to see the vials of Botox that he's using, to make sure it's legit. Black market Botox is usually what you hear the horror stories about, and doctors who don't know what the heck they're doing.

I wouldn't do it for plastic surgery, but I did have a series of Botox injections to correct my lazy eye. (This was after years of surgery to try to return sight to the eye.) It didn't hurt, really, but I freaked out when they approached my face with the needle.

Oh, and it didn't work.

No, I would not get botox. I do not believe in taking actions that teach my child that the normal aging process is something to throw away good money, and possibly good health, avoiding.

Also, I would not continue to keep a beg button for finanical assitance for my Nanny's pain-reducing surgery based on the premise that I had didn't have the money to help someone who is "like family" and then post about how lucky I am to aquire "at cost" plastic surgery.

Let the "Tertia rocks" choir begin...

Um, Kathleen, Tertia's friend is an anti-aging specialist. As far as I know, breast reduction surgery is not an anti-aging procedure. It's a bit like complaining to a dentist that they're not performing laser corrective surgery on your eyes. So...
About the button: it's not a beg button, it's called solidarity.
And yes, even though I wouldn't choose Botox for myself, Tertia does rock.

Personally, I couldn't do it. Not because of the idea of whether or not to age gracefully, but I think someone aiming a needle near my eyes would make me totally and fully freak out. That said, if you want to do it and have the money to do it, then go for it. If it makes you happy, then it's not worth debating.

It sounds like a great idea! Especially going for the less invasive anti-ageing treatments before considering anything related to a scalpel!

What I really REALLY want is laser hair removal, so I never have to shave my underarms or legs again. Then some kind of skin "resurfacing"on my face to diminish pimples and the scars from a couple of moles that had to go. Scars nobody else seems to notice, but *I* notice them.

As to the complaint about the Rose Fund button...I disagree, it's totally appropriate for Tertia to encourage the internets to give money to someone she cares about. The internets have the option to just not donate money. It would probably be inappropriate if Tertia were asking for money for her own cosmetic stuff when she can afford it already. Even then, it's not really inappropriate to ask, only inappropriate to whine when turned down!

I dunno... If I had the $$ I might consider a little lipo under the chin. If of course, the procedure did not gross me out so.

Go for it!! Why not?!?

Kathleen, Tertia's blog readers asked her to set up a "beg button" so they could help Rose out so get off your high horse and pull that stick from your arse already.

Personally I wouldn't do botox but that has more to do with me being disgustingly young then it does anything else. When I'm older I might consider it, but frown lines are the least of my problems right now. I will admit to be looking into lipo at the moment though.

Tertia, you are beautiful as you are but personally for myself if I could afford it I'd do it in a heartbeat. I am not into the aging process and anything that can help and you can do it go for it. If it makes you feel better about it will be worth every penny.

And for Kathleen, no one forced anyone to donate to Rose's fund, we all gave because we wanted to and Tertia DOES ROCK in case you haven't noticed how many people adore her. ((hugs T))

P.S. Tertia also has a help Katrina victims on her website too. So yep, YOU DO ROCK TERTIA! We love you.

i did it and the doctor was great. he is what he refers to as a 'conservative' w/the stuff and he uses myobloc or some such thing.

it was a tiny needle and i know i scrunched up my face like he jamming me with an old style hypodermic, but i don't care, i hate needles. I look pretty good, if i say so myself.

however...i pretty much looked pretty good to start with. i'm just vain...he has a blog that is pretty informative if you are interested: (i don't know if it's legal or not, but if it gets deleted, we will ALL know!

he is pretty much like the unicorn in the sea of plastic surgery being as he is a) honest and b) kinda teaches people about what/why/how things are done.


i am only 20 first off...
but i wouldnt do it.maybe its my moms influence, she wont even color her hair, but i just...dont like how artificial it is, how built on artificiality so much culture is. maybe i can say that now because i am young. i am not, however, beautiful in any usual definition; i weigh 200 lbs.
so i have thought alot about these things and really...i just dont "believe" in plastic surgery. or botox. also, i think its creepy.
the rose thing is different to me because big boobs = major pain!

Does your friend need another subject?

Hubby is currently in med school in Mexico and I follow him around whispering "Plastics" to him whenever I get a chance.
He has not bit yet. Oh well, a girl can try :p

Go do it Tertia, awsome deal.

BTW. Me and your other readers insist if you do ANYTHING we get proper before and after shots. Thank you :) (And you would indulge us right?!)

Honestly, my son has CP and gets Botox injections to relax his muscles to help prevent contractures and other Bad Stuff. So I kind of look at Botox in an entirely different light. I don't think I could do it electively when I know he needs it to prevent complications.

(Though I have been asked by friends to try to "sneak" an extra needle out the next time he gets an injection.)

Plus, I'm disgustingly young. Practically a child. ONLY 30. And naturally perfect. Uh-huh. Yup. No room for improvement here.

Funny you should bring this up.... just yesterday I found out that Botox injections can be used for people who have trouble with underarm perspiration, like myself. You can get the injections and not need an antiperspirant for up to 10 months (if memory serves me right). I haven't researched it yet but it's definitely on my "to do" list. So yes, I would get Botox injections. You didn't specify WHERE. LOL!

When it comes to my face, I'm not having serious wrinkle issues, yet. That's a BIG yet. Looking at my mother and my aunt, who both look like the California Raisins and have since their early 40's, heredity is a bitch and I'll look just like them some day. So I probably will consider it at some point. I am concerned about the unnatural look that I've seen on some people, though.

If you've seen this guy's work and you like what you see, go for it. I would want a lot of referrals. Did you "Google" him yet? If he screwed anyone up they'd surely slime him online somewhere.

{When it comes to Trolls (yes, Kathleen, you are a Troll) I usually don't respond but today this got me.}

For the Troll:
If you dislike so many things about what goes on here, why do you come back? Do you go to what is considered a bad restaurant and sit and complain about the food? Re: The Boob Fund... you don't think Tertia should foot the bill just because she can afford some "at cost" procedure for herself? Wow, if that's how you think , your friends must love you. Also, what is wrong with up-keeping one's appearance? We maintain our cars to keep them like new, we repaint our homes when they start to peel... why should our "temple" be left to crumble and disintegrate? Should we show our children that we care more for our possessions than we do for ourselves?

Tertia...you know, sometimes you make me so mad! Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you that you need to resort to a poison to rid yourself of wrinkles. I get really cross about the whole "eternal youth" thing. We should be proud of our lines - they show the history in our face. Our loves. Our dreams. Our heartbreaks. Everything about ourselves lies in our faces.

As for the boobs..hey...that body of yours has carried several beautiful children - wear the sagginess with pride...and invest in some Wonderbras! The only person likely to ever see your boobs in their natural state these days is Marco ... and if he doesn't like the way they are, he can kiss my (saggy, childbearing) arse!

I don't know, maybe here in Aus, we just don't have the plastic surgery culture that seems to have permeated a large part of the rest of the developed world.

(And in case anyone was wondering, I am about Tertia's age, so I know what it's like to no longer look 18!)

Tertia - I've been botoxed 3 or 4 times (vertical frown line)... I love it and I say go for it dahling.

Kathleen, get off that lofty equine beast, you twat.

I'd do botox for another reason - it seems to stop migraines for some people. I'm not that perturbed by my forehead wrinkles but if I knew it'd stop my migraines I'd be there instantly!

I did both: Botox (forehead) and the "fillers" thing (the smile line close to nose/mouth), very "smooth". I didn't tell anybody (friends, mother, sisters). They did not notice, but everybody start telling me that I had a special look, that I was beatiful. I am 42.

Go for it!!

And yes, Tertia ROCKS!!!!

Oh good for you! Why are none of my friends cosmetic surgeons?? I am hoping to get my boobs done after this baby is finished with them! I would have no problem with Botox, - or anything else for that matter! If it makes you feel good about yourself it’s worth it. BTW I love the hair, you were right not to cut it.

I would not do it myself. There are certainly some plastic surgery procedures that I might consider, but Botox is not one of them, mostly because I just don't like the Botoxed look. So many of those actresses look kind of creepy to me now that they're all smooth and marbly and frozen. There's something about marketing lingo like "anti-aging," that makes me a bit twitchy, too. As if that kind of thing is really going to slow the aging process, you know? But, to each their own.

I wouldn't do it, but thats me...I am barely motivated to do my hair :) Now the botox for underarm perspiration is something I might do because I have a huge problem with that. But I don't think its a waste of money if you want it :) I just don't see myself ever wanting it ya know?

That's pretty neat. Truly. Since I'm a few days late on reading this, I did see the other posts about the mean people. Fortunately I didn't have to read it. Really, if someone were able to get their face done really really cheap, botox and all, would they not? I would. Of course, if I weren't such a sissy, I'd have a complete overhaul, but I couldn't afford it anyway. I hope you don't end up with a permanent surprised look, that would be a bit off. But most people really love the results, and have very little to complain about, and those that complain? Jealous because they can't get their faces fixed. (:

(I'm late, I know but what the hell.)

I dunno Tertia... I'm the same age as you, but I can't imagine I'd ever do it. I think of how beautiful people like Susan Sarandon and Julianne Moore are (women who have publicly vowed to age "naturally") and I have so much respect for them. Botox has a huge ick-factor that I just can't get over.

But it's your face, and only you should decide what to do to it, or with it!

Erm, what's G & D?

HA! Awesome. I had a friend that did it and looked surprised for a few days, but it relaxed and looked great. She did it the Friday before her sister's wedding though, I would not do it that way! I have never thought about doing anything to my face, but I guess I could start with some makeup!

You know I have no useful comment here. Maybe I will have to give it some thought when I don't look like a 13 year old anymore. Getting "carded" for PG13 movies leaves one feeling rather irritated.

Sometimes I wish I looked my age. Then people wouldn't stare at me and make rude comments when they see me with my son. You know the comments - "Children having children"

LOL If you'll be happy with botox, go for it. I told you when you went on and on about your weight ::roll eyes:: that you're gorgeous. Maybe an asshole, but a gorgeous one. I'll stick to that here.

If I ever live long enough to look my age, I'll ask you how the whole botox thing is :-)

Personally,i liked to undergo in this kind of procedure but i am afraid because it looks so painful,but base for what i've read it is worth it. Thank you for bringing up this important matters.

by: sphin

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