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Oh, I so wanted to do this! Books and greeting cards as well. If only I had talent...

What a neat book. Congrats to Karen!

what a lovely concept! hooray for books! =)

What a wonderful book - did you order a copy, T?

I think your poll is very interesting. Almost everyone said they don't believe in absolute truths. I found this to be astonishing as I believe all people believe in absolute truths. I happen to be pro choice very liberal and usually open minded. However, I find somethings to be absolute truths. For example, it is never ok to abuse the defenseless (children, mentally ill, or animals). I believe if each person did not have there own set of absolute truths there would be no morality.

Great concept - a book to answer the "how did I get here" questions later on :)

Good idea. I imagine something like that selling better online than in a store. Maybe you could suggest that to your friends.
Do your children want to join a bookclub with my children? They could get together, quaff alcohol-free wine and talk about families of bears.

I helped put this book together and just wanted to note that everyone involved with it has gone through infertility treatments...from the author (donor eggs kids), to artist (ahhh Islandgirl - donor embies - no luck there), myself (countless stuff culminating in two fabulous adopted russian children) and publisher (3 ivfs and gadzooks pregnant by sex).

We are absolutely hoping to sell this book online, offline anywhere...and since Tertia was there for the concept of it (3 years ago when "Destiny" on IVFC asked Karen to "tell her a story".) we love her support.

P.S. It's gorgeous...that Islandgirl is quite the artist.

I'm wondering if this book covers donor sperm?

hola como estas lei tu nota en selecciones y me llamo mucho la atencion porque de tanta lucha dios te dio la bendicion de tener unos lindos bebes yo quiero que dios tambien me de la bendicion de tener un bebe pero desgraciadamente no hemos podido porque para eso se necesita dinero para los tratamientos porque salen caros y desgraciadamente lo que gano no nos alcaza para hacerme un FIV o someterme a otro tratamiento no puedo leer bien tus notas porque no se ingles espero tu me puedas mandar notas en espanol porque estoy muy triste asta luego dios los bendiga espero me contestes pronto se despide yanny.

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