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An early Happy Birthday to you. Have lots of fun! Enjoy the 2 days & 1 night, even if it is work related. Before we know it this blog will be own by a buxom young looking blonde. Woo hoo! ;) Take care and know that you'll be missed.

Happy botoxing! I love Muriel too - I was thinking about that film yesterday, actually. Must be because I've been listening to Abba lately. Looking forward to the pics!

Happy Early Birthday!! Happy Botoxing too :)

Good luck with the botox! Looking forward to seeing the new face (but from the photos the "old" one looks pretty cute too!).

Make the most of the kiddie free time - you'll miss them, but when you do just think of the poo, the vomit, the sleeplessness - and get back to remembering why it's good to have a little time to yourself now and then!

Have fun!


Have a great time, Tertia!! I can't wait to hear about the Botox adventure - been wanting to try it myself. Did you know that getting botox while your lines are small can keep them from getting deeper later? See - preventive maintenance = same as sunscreen = necessity!!!

Enjoy your free night - just got back from Napa / CA Wine Country Girl Trip away from my 8-month old. It was great - don't feel bad if you enjoy it!!!

Happy birthday Tertia! Can't wait to see the Botox. I'm sure you'll remain G&D as always. =)

Good thing you also have another B-- Brains! hee hee

Have fun!

Oh my dearest, Asshole. I wish you the best of luck and the results that you are hoping for. :)

I can't believe that you are going to get a night of uninterrupted sleep!!!! That really makes you an Asshole, lol! Make the best of it and try not to smooch their little faces too hard when you get home. Lord knows you are going to want to squeeze them until they pop after a night away.

Enjoy! Good Luck! Post soon!

I'm sure it will be great! Enjoy your night away from the babes and sleep. You will miss them, but you will be rested and beautiful. Hate you very much ;)

Have a fabulous time! If I had this opportunity I would jump on it!

Good luck! I am afraid once I see your pictures, I will want to do it too. I don't post, but read often. I love your writing!

Good Luck!

Can't wait to see the before and afters.

The best part about business travel is that you get a bathroom to yourself and you can get dressed and ready for the day without interruption thereby avoiding leaving the house wearing only 1 earring - enjoy!

Also - the botox takes 5 - 10 days to work so don't expect instant magic. Good luck!

Which day is your birthday, you old hag?
Happy Botoxday!!!!!!!
Good luck! Remember... no pain, no gain!
And... it takes a few days for it to work, so be patient dahling!
P.S. I bet your babies look bigger to you when you see them again!

B day as in Botox day, you assholes!!


T- It will take several days for the botox to take effect. You will look like you've been stung by bees for a few hours. looking forward to seeing photos pf that. :-)
Assvice: Ice the area before the injections- it really helps with the sting.

Yay for Tertia, Queen of the B's.

Luck luck luck! Love Muriel! Must rent again. :)

good luck!

Oooh good luck - I hope you get pics! I'm morbid that way (as long as it is someone ELSE under the needle!).

Have fun!

Sparrow's fart?? *snort*

B = babies!
B = bitch (in an awesome, goddess type way)
B = brains (as someone mentioned above)
B = bastard, cause what am i gonna read for the rest of the week while you're gone? ;)

Happy B-day(s) Tertia! Hope everything goes smoothly. (Pun not intended, I swear! I even made myself cringe.)

Here's to a face which, while less wrinkly, is still expressionfull. Or something like that.

Love Muriel! Must rent it again.
Good luck on B-day. Remember to post pics. What are we all going to read while you're away?!

ahhh, the b squared conundrum. been doing it to some degree most of my life.

welcome to the club...much love! b

Fuckerama - good luck with the b's

Happy Bday! Good luck w/the botox! Can't wait to see the results!


Happy Birthday Mrs. Gorgeous and Divine!!!


Happy getting Botoxicated! And I do want before-n-after pics!

Okay, been working on this for a while (yes, my life does suck, why do you ask?):

Brace for the bye-bye to the babes, you blonde, buxom, braced, botoxicated bitchette. You're baring us to bunches of boredom. We'll be bolloxed.

Okay, crawling back into my dark corner now...

If you were truly vain, you'd also be obsessing about your belly and your brows and your breath. See? You're very reasonable with only four B's.

What is the Muriel thing? I've seen you use it a couple of times before.

Good luck making it away from the babes.

Can't wait to see b4 and after pics.

Pictures! We want before and after!

HA! The comments about T getting a full nights sleep are making me laugh.

I bet the last of my husband's hair (not that there is much there but hey!) that Tertia will not sleep much at all while she is away. She'll be too worried about the babes to sleep.

The first time away is always a kicker.

Have a safe trip!

What area(s) are you having done? Hopefully not too many. It is good for the Glabella (the nose where it interfaces the forehead) and to blunt the Crow's feet (along side the eyelids). I am not big on whole foreheads or large areas of the face. Expressionless faces aren't very attractive.

Bottom Line: 4-5 days for an effect (less with Myobloc), lasts 2-4 months early on

Best Regards

OOoooooo Happy Birthday and have fun! I'm so excited. Your the first person I've ever known to undergo one of these things!!! Hey...wait a minute. I don't really know you.....well, I feel like I do and THAT'S what counts! So rock on!

Whahaaahahaa and of course your B for BESSSST friend... the divine, the one and only BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (that's B) Ahem. Good luck. Hope you are not frozen for all eternity into one shocked expression. Love yoooo lots.
Your best friend

Happy Birthday, Tertia! May your doctor have good aim, and may you not suffer flashbacks of needles being stuck into other places....

I didn't know sparrows farted and what time do they start farting ...I must get up that early so I can hear it, good for a laugh... Hope the B.day goes well - looking forward to the before and after pics.

Kim, you totally cracked me up!

Yes, Tertia... at precisely WHAT TIME does the feathered flatulence begin?


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