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To bring Rose's friend for a visit is a great idea. When they are out, Rose can show off her own set of 'twins'.

I think you are a genius!

Oh how gorgeous the babes continue!

Hey -- are those bars on the window? And if so -- does this mean the little monkeys are trying to escape their "zoo" already? So you really didn't have anything to worry about at the developmental screen after all . . .

You may be gorgeous and divine and even an asshole, but (wow!) you are really not too quick - how long did it take you to figure out this fabulous plan?

Ha! Any way, very glad Rose will be able to show off her new figure to her friend firsthand, and that you can rest easy (get it - rest, easy?!) knowing that everyone you care about will be well taken care of after her surgery. Winner all around! Yay Tertia's gray matter!

Well, as long as you don't take away all of Marko's coupons before then....


That sling thing is soooo cool!

Love when you post photos- don't stop!! Seems like there are generally more photos and comment re: Adam. Do you think because he is more demanding character-wise that Kate actually gets shortchanged? I am maybe sensitive to this as my younger sister was a major PITA her entire childhood and used to hate how the household turned around her, even if it was punishments.

I'm so glad that Roses funds are almost what she needs!
You are G&D for doing this for her.

The babes are getting so big!

How about some pics of the process of Rose getting Adam onto her back? I have no idea how she does that.

The babes are getting so big and they are both too cute.

I'm so glad to see that Rose's fund has grown so well. That is just a testament to how G&D you, all of us, and Rose are. I hope she makes it.

Great idea to fly out her friend. That should surely speed up her recovery.

Ooh, I love the fact that Adam is "slinged"! I love my sling and he looks so comfy in it!

You are one hot G&D Mama!

I love the baby-on-the- back pics!! He looks so content! It's neat when they start to interact with others, isn't it!

Wow! I can't believe how Rose's boob fund is growing (no, pun intended).

Yeah for a wonderful FIL! Mine was wonderful, too. He passed away 2 years ago today. I miss him, a lot.

Is Rose carrying an actual sling or is it a towel or something?

I love the pictures! They look adorable! You and Rose are so lucky to have found each other! She seems so loving and kind and you are the best too! Who else would help her get her boob job and be so understanding and generous about the whole thing?

I have got to learn how to do that with my sling!!!

Ditto what Kelly said, post some photos of Rose getting Adam in there if you can! That's just a towel, right? And it looks like it's just tucked into itself in the front to hold it? Amazing!

I don't think those babies have enough TOYS!
And yet...one of them seems to be enjoying playing with a plastic bowl.
I can just see me lying the baby on the bed, then me lying on top of him, on my back, then trying to get the towel round us.

Great pictures of Rose and the babies, Tertia. I always wondered how she handled having two of them during the day. (Good going, Rose!) Also, congrats on the Rose Boob fund. Way to go, Readers!!!

If I remember correctly, SA women just wrap a towel or blanket around the baby and themselves and tie it tight. The babies are always on their back, not the front. It always cracks me up when the hard core AP people claim that they sling their babies "just like those traditional mothers in the third world do" because African mothers would claim they had the sling on backwards. (Maybe people in Asia or Latin America wear their babies on the front and that's where the sling idea came from.) Having the baby of the back leaves you free to do your work and probably prevents back injuries.
Funny story, when I was a baby and living in South Africa, my mother asked our cleaning lady to look after me for a minute or two. Lillian tied me on her back just like Rose did with Adam. She was wearing a dook (sp? Don't know how to spell in Afrikaans) which is a hat lots of black SA women wear, kind of like a large beret. She started cleaning the windows and I grabbed her dook and started cleaning her head with it, imitating the action she was making with her hands. Every time we go back to SA and visit Lillian she reminds me of the time I tried to clean her head!

Oh! And how could I have forgot to mention-- 2 NIGHT'S SLEEP IN A ROW?!?! Wow, Tertia! You must reaaly be looking G&D these days! Congratulatins!

The kids are growing so much! Beautiful, Beautiful...Beautiful... I love that they are obviously so in love with Rose. The laughing video is priceless...hehe...my 18 month old started laughing with it saying "Baby!".
Congrats on the boob fund and the bestfriend plan sounds good!
Take care & always,

Please do tell me how she got that towel so secure! Adam is not a small guy and he looks pretty cozy to me. I wanna do it too!

That laugh is so priceless. And sleep too! Remember when you thought you were consigned to lifetime of all night crying? And then poof! - it's all night sleeping and crazy baby laughter. Congrats and enjoy!

Yes, must learn how to do that! If I have to do both, I put one in the snugli (in front) and carry the other to the side. Very difficult.

Could Adam be any cuter? The girls loved listening to his laugh! They were screaming with delight.

I want to know how she did the sling thing too. Can you post step by step pictures?

The babes are lovely, Rose is awesome and you are divine, as always.

Those are some beautious babes!

Is that a towel? How in the world does she do that? Damn! I wish I could have figured something like that out! Oh well, it's not like I'll ever have one that small again anyway.

Wow, outstanding numbers on Rose's boob fund, she must be so excited! What a great idea to bring in her best friend, you are so sweet! :)

Hey... if her boobs help hold that sling up what's she gonna' do when they're a few sizes smaller?!?!

LOVE the laugh... it made me LOL! :)

They're precious.

I can't believe how big the babes are getting. It's so great to see their individual personalities starting to develop. Love the towel sling idea! :)

holy cow! Are you trying to kill us with how cute these babes are? makes my ovaries hurt. Oh wait.. that's the drugs :D Adam looks so content on Roses back.
Damn, you make twins look easy sometimes :D

I was wondering. Why do you have a nanny? I am not trying to be rude or sarcastic in any way. Are you working? I am just curious.

Hey Lisa why don't you check out the archives and get the story? Tertia's been over the situation pretty extensively.

Those are some beautiful kids! Adam looks like a cheeky monkey, riding around on Rose's back. I don't know how she gets him on so tight with just a towel. That is quite the set-up with the play-yard.

Beautiful babes! Beautiful Rose! Love the play jail too.

You really are a kind person. Not only are you enabling Rose to get new boobies but you are bringing a far away friend in to help her too?? I'm betting Rose is with you for a very, very, very long time.
Too cute all the laughing, and the teeth!

I spent all night on the phone while my baby, Evan, slept in his crib next to me, but, the minute i downloaded Adam laughing he woke up!!! He loved it too!!!
P.S. i'm gonna get me one of them baby jails for Evan and Samantha as soon as i move and have the space (2 months!). By then they will def. be sitting up and won't need to be in their Bumbos in jail.
Q. do they actually play with all those balls in there?
Congratulations on 2 sleepy nights.
I am not jealous b/c i have had 2 MONTHS of sleep! HA!!!!

Even my DH wants to know how Rose straps Adam on her back like that. Is that just a towel, or is there something more to it?

Did you ever in your life think that a good night's sleep could be so wonderful?

That wrap is going to be even easier after she gets that reduction (well after healing).

Those babes are SO big!! And absolutely adorable!

Oh and I'm way jealous, can I get a "jail" like that?

Gretchen - it's easy, you take a towel, blanket, sheet, or wrap and tie it tight enough to hold the baby to your back. I'm not describing it well.

Check out www.mamatoto.org they can show you videos of how it's done. I LOVE my wraps :-)

SO cute! I LOVE the pictures of Rose with Adam on her back and taking care of Kate! Those are some G&D babies! Adam looks so adult already somehow. My son was the same way. He never looked like a baby but like a little miniature toddler. Adam has that same wise look. And Kate is just a doll!

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