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Don't know what to do with yourself? SLEEP woman, SLEEP. Of course, a quick shag would also be perfectly acceptable - what with all the SLEEPING happening in that house of yours!

The teeth thing? I covet your choice. I had perfectly beautiful straight teeth (thanks to parents' putting me in braces), but for some insane reason which made perfect sense at the time, I didn't wear my bottom retainer long enough, and now they aren't as straight as I'd love for them to be. So now you have more for me to be green with envy over - sleep, babies, perky tits, and now the teeth.

I may have to break up with you.


I just LOVE your posts my friend - I open them up EVERY morning to read more and more amazing things about you! Your teeth story - how funny! How can you possibly BE more G&D than you are now?! Lovely story about receptionist reading your article... you are a mini-celeb :) x

Ah, sleep... GLORIOUS sleep! Makes the world a different place, doesn't it? I'm thrilled to hear that you AND the babes are getting more quality zzzzzzz's.

About that net issue - I thought you were getting direct connect? Surely THOSE Ibex work harder than those other lazy "dial-up" Ibex?

Glad Rose is at peace about her surgery, and that at least SOME of her friends understand and are supportive. You and Rose are a perfect match (NOT talking about boobs!) - glad you both appreciate each other.

Speaking of Rose and being perfectly matched... isn't this the end of Beauty's employ? I had in my mind that you said until the end of August. Or did I miss her send-off earlier?

Congrats on the teeth issue! My sister (whom I consider to be quite pretty - though she would disagree, I'm sure) has the same issue with her lower teeth. Very small jawbone or something. Dentist (or oral surgeon, whatever) said that nothing could be done for her, since she has "very long" roots on those teeth, and at least one pair would need to be pulled in order to give room for them to all be straight. Poor dear. :-(

How about an update on the Boob Fund? Are we THERE YET?


See, you are a SUPAH-STAH!!!! YOU rock!

Way to get some sleep - you have inspired me to finally do something about my horrible-sleeper/6 year old, and he's been leaving us alone at 2 and 3 a.m. for about 5 days now! YAY!


Yea!!! More sleep at Tertia's house! I'm so happy for you, because as you know-- the whole sleep issue can last for years on end. As for Rose-- you ARE very lucky. As I said before-- I can't believe how she handles two babies all day. I also think her figure is quite fine. But we all need to be happy with ourselves regardless of what others think-- so I'm glad you've given your audience such a simple way to help make one of her dreams come true.

Yay - for sleeping through! We are just now achieving it - at 14+ months. And I just have the one baby! Now if I can get my 3 year old to join up.

Also, a note on the braces. I am nearing the end of my second year. Part of my makeover plan as well. It hasn't been that bad. Not entirely pleasant, but not so bad. It is entertaining to be 20 years older than all the other patients. Once they gave me a sticker for a reward. Hysterical!

My mother is in her 50s, and just got braces. She is one of several in her group of friends to do so, some a decode or more older than she. It seems to be a trend!

"I hardly know what to do with myself, I am so excited."

A shagathon comes to mind.

My mom got braces for her 60th birthday (the "Invisiline" ones, you really can't see them.) She's so much happier with her teeth now. She's got another year to go with the braces.

I love that you were able to connect with the receptionist like that. That is so cool. And I love the article.

And SLEEP!! YAY!!!

Shag-a-thon with ME.

I did braces again 4ish years ago after having them as a kid. Yes, you must wear your retainers all your life! I threw mine out in college, which resulted in massive movement in the next ten years. I now wear my retainers every night and will all my life. It's worth it though. I smile so much more now.

I just went and re-read your article and get teary eyed each read. I'm so proud of what you have done to help others. A true G&D woman. Thanks.

Tertia - Have you told us how you found Rose? I would like to hear the story sometime. Maybe a Nanny-finding Tips post.

Love ya, Jill

There's your 15 minutes of fame dahling!

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