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Whatever, whenever, however - I am still very impressed.

My life is not terribly complicated (though some might disagree what with the FIL from hell & all) and I have a hell of a time finishing posts that are "mostly" complete. *note to self - FINISH posts!*

Why is that? I think I'm missing the wine part. Sillly me. And my husband pointed the finger at me tonight on the way home & said "You are so addicted to the internet." I said, "No I'm not." And he said, "Ok, then, don't read it when we get home...."

Yeah, like that would work.

As long as I have one addiction going, I guess I might as well add the wine to it - make the one addiction more robust & warm & fuzzy. Right?


Wow. You're so organized about blogging. Thanks-- because I really do tune in each day!


I too am a daily reader, so thank you for taking the time to keep us entertained! :)

You must speed-read. Don't know how you can do it all over lunch. (Ah, the secrets of the Divine).

I'd love to see the collected polls. As for this one, I have a write-in response. "Past, what past? Mine was so long ago I can barely remember it, let alone tell my partner about it!"


I think you should be shopping a book deal. I don't know anything about how books work, and I know you already have a job, and thus aren't one of the bloggers who use blogs as a way of advertising their writing skills. So, maybe my assvice is just crazy. But, I really want to see your story in a book. All of it, Adam & Kate & Luke, but also your Mom & Dad, South Africa, Marco, your siblings [even that brother who seems to think that _he's_ gorgeous and divine.], the wild and crazy past you hint at, your relationship with Rose.

But, I'm dying to see that book. After all, since you blog daily for us, you should be willing to write a book for us, right? Your description of how you write proves that you have a writing work ethic.

And, it has so much going for it -- like, for example, you're not from the United States or the UK.


The thing about polls... they bug me because there is no real way to comment so that it's cohesive with the poll. And very often the answers aren't as simple as the choices you give. Take today's for example, does your spouse know about your sordid past? Well, my answer is: I've told him, but he chooses to have selective amnesia. Where is that choice? Whenever it comes up he always looks shocked, like he's never heard I did anything that might be construed as naughty. I swear I could tell the same story every week and he would continued to be surprised.

I would be interested in being able to look back at each poll's results though! There have been some good ones!

Hey, that's the way I cook! If I don't throw together 2 or 3 meals over the weekend we don't get to eat during the week, - because I'm also paying somebody else to raise my kids so I can drive a sports car..... no, wait, the kids didn't fit in it, had to give it up, damn kids! Now why did I spend all that time and energy, not to mention anguish, trying to have them?? Will we ever learn?

I look forward to spending my lunch hour reading your blog so I am delighted you post every day! I feel a little better knowing that you stock up over the weekend. I was feeling a little pathetic not having time to dry my hair in the morning while you have time to write a blog!

Tertia - I work a lot like you - I write up posts late, late at night when my brain won't shut down, then I save them as drafts until I am in need of a post! Too funny! Great minds think alike!

I was wondering about your time management... !! I, like you, have all sorts of connections to people on chat boards online, blogs, emails, etc. and have written books in my head night after night that need to be expressed in cyberspace daily.
I know EXACTLY how hard it is for you to find the time for this blog and the "pressure" to post as well as the addiciton to it.
Kudos to you, my friend, for managing so nicely.
And a great big hug of thanks for being so interesting and having attracted such an interesting group of posters.
I am immensely happy to be here... and, even though it is just one more thing taking me away from my babies (!) it is necessary to this mommy's sanity to be a part of your forum.
BTW... What exactly is "G & D"???

Hi Tertia- I am a long-time lurker and am now feeling rather guilty about all of the joy and satisfaction you have provided me over the years....and I have never posted a comment back. I am a bad blog reader (slap on the wrist).

I promise to do better in the future- as I thoroughly enjoy readig your blog every day! And I must add that my dh loves your voice and accent.

T-shaped Girl (who is adopting from China)

Well, whatever you're doing, it's working wonderfully! I love knowing that there's very likely going to be interesting stuff to read here on a daily basis. (Not that I'd leave if you skipped a day or something.)

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