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Your babes ARE freaking adorable. There I said if for you.

I completely and honestly think your kids will be WAY ahead in life with regards to self esteem and making their way through life because you are a realist. Nothing worse that over-inflating a kid's ego, and then having them realize that they are prefectly fine, but not Einstein, or Mozart, or Super Model, you know? What's wrong with being average? We all have things that we are better at and worse at, but rich lives come from balance and honesty.

And that selective hearing thing? I've got one just like it & it drives me NUTS!

Oh, and YOU are the most G & D asshole I know.


Hate to break it to you, but Kate's totally Gerber-cute.

Adam's got a less traditional look about him, that's quite unique and character-full.

But then, for all I know you're photoshopping the babes. Because what you show the world are two absolutely gorgeous little baby critters.

It's funny, that even when we're being "realistic" we're still looking through some kind of filters. I only say that because I have always thought that your babies were exceptionally cute. And I'm not saying that to be a suckup or anything, but just to point out that even "realistic" differs from person to person. I think I'm evaluating the babies in quite a realistic way, and they're really handsome and pretty, as far as little babies go. :)

Oh, and BTW [off topic} - those Bumbo seats... are they a hard plastic or a squishy silicone type material? Just curious!

If my parents are to be believed, Gromit is the cleverest, most gorgeous, most polite 14 month old there ever has been. It drives me up the wall.

Sure, I think he is the best ever, but I know that I am hardwired to think this. Besides, if my parents think he's so wonderful, what was I??Chopped liver???? (the day he was born, my mum told me it was the happiest day of her life. Uh, mum, aren't you forgetting something?)

Sure, there are some funny looking kids out there...but Kate and Adam are not among them. They are as G&D as their mum!

i think your babies are really beautiful! and i am admittedly one of those people who thinks their kid is the most gorgeous, most cutest, most lovable, most likeable, most intelligent kid on the planet... i think that's to make up for the little "hiccups" he and i experience! LOL!

Well, if being realistic means that you won't turn into Competitive!Momzilla, then more power to you and the babes.

I wonder how many parents are objective about the traits they don't value particularly but are sure their kids have the traits they most? I don't care much about looks or athletic ability, but I do value kindness. So guess who's got the sweetest kid ever? G'wan, guess!


Now you are the type of realistic mother that I want to be. Sometimes I think that if there were a few more parental realists in the world, there would be far fewer mummy and daddy drive-bys. (And maybe a few less juvenile delinquents?)

Having said all that, you do know that your kids have two of the most photogenic faces around? They are so scrumdiddlyumptious that I end up blowing raspeberries all over the computer.

BTW, your Marko sounds like he is hitting his developmental milestones as a Dad??!! (Toungue planted firmly in cheek).

My friend likes to tell this story about her mother. Her mother was at her house one day and she said, "You know some people always say their babies are the cutest. I was never crazy like that. But the thing is, my babies really were very beatiful. I mean, people stopped me on the street to tell me so." My friend cracked up laughing. :)

Tertia, I really admire your honesty and realism.

Having said that, I must say that Adam is full of charm: he had been coming to be "prettier and prettier" day by day, and this, adding to his appealing look and full of personality face (and "mannerism"), made him truly handsome....I fell in love with him....

BTW, the picture of Adam playing with Marko, with his hands...looking inside Marko's mouth, is something special.

Re: the footnote, it's happening in California too! http://lilysworld.blogspot.com/2005/07/resentment.html

Well, my husband is the exact same way, so I can't say it's just Marko. He cannot hear me if I'm screaming into his hear, but all of a sudden, if I leave the room to talk on the phone, he knows the whole conversation!! Damn boys!!

I agree that Adam doesn't have a traditional baby face, but he IS a SERIOUS cutie. His expressions make me crack up. And Kate is a total gerber baby, her little round face is adorable.

I think I'll be more of a realist too, because I definitely do not think that every baby is adorable. They are all sweet and I want to kiss them, but not all beautiful. We'll see though, maybe I'll be psycho and think they are the most brilliant, most advanced, most beautiful babies ever made.

My son is one damn fine-looking kid...now. When he was a baby? Not so fine-looking. We have plenty of pictures to prove it. He grew into his good-natured handsomeness at around age 3.

I don't have any objective data on this, but I'm pretty sure he's brilliant as well. He came out of my body, didn't he? Then he must be a fricking genius. I just hope he pays attention in school so his teachers will realize how smart he is.

Yeah, I'm totally biased towards my kiddos - the curly blonde hair (well, Tyler's is STARTING to curl a little), the crystal blue eyes, the round faces, straight teeth...all Daddy (after all, I married him, right???).

Now the terrific personalities and MENSA smarts? That's me. I just know it. It has to be. I think. Maybe.

I love your babies, Tertia...totally G&D!

You are so cool.

I'm the same way about my kids. In fact, when Natalie was born I teased how ugly she was knowing full well that all newborns, um, leave much to be desired in the looks department. I have one friend whose daughter was GORGEOUS upon birth, all of the others I've seen are "sweet" in a newborn way but not what I'd call pretty. How can they be, all swollen and smooshed up after being so tightly confined? Anyway, my Mom was SO mad at me that I said that. I would never say it about someone else's kid but I reserve the right to say it about my own. LOL

And YES. My husband is actually deaf in one ear and I'm amazed at what he hears when it's convenient for him and what he doesn't when it's not. Very selective, that "bad" ear of his. Enraging at best.

You're right, most parents are so completely blind to what their children are really like. I am so lucky, because Polly is, which objectively and scientifically the most gorgeous, intelligent and sweetest baby ever. So there. But I'm just lucky.

And discerning.
And clear-headed.

Hey Tertia, I totally agree with you. I mean, I love my kids and would cut off both arms for them in a second, but I'm under no illusion that they are the most beautiful, smartest or most talented kids out there. And I get just the tiniest bit annoyed when my mother-in-law insists that it is just GENIUS that my 2.5 year old knows his letters. Or when she acts like I am being a horrible wench if I don't go around telling everyone that my 1 year old is the prettiest girl in the world. Or if I say things like--"oh,she may be cute but she's really got to work on her talking skills".
But then again, I dont get the whole HP thing either, so maybe you've got something there.

I think your children are absolutley gorgous!!! And I am under NO illusion with my daughter, she is pretty in my eyes, but I know she can be a handful!!

And yes, my husband who has very very selective hearing, who will look at me a foot away and go WHAT? will hear what I say on the phone in the bedroom with the door closed while I am basically under the bed talking to my friend!!

Haha! LOVED this post. Lucy has a big forehead, and you should have seen her nose when she was born! :) You are refreshing!

child #1 is intelligent, if slow to talk. it took him two seconds to figure out how our anti-baby doorknob things work, even though he can't use them because he doesn't have the manual dexterity to push the little rubber dealies. but he did figure out that opening the door requires using the little rubber dealies.

child #2 is independent. she's intelligent if reserved. she doesn't want to be held or carried around. get me out of bed and PUT ME DOWN. don't love on me. don't snuggle me. PUT ME DOWN.

child #3 is a motherfucking terror. he hasn't yet learned that babies can't fly, but he has learned that he can pull himself out of his crib (face first, by the look of the bruises). a terror who throws poo and cries and screams. he's not my fav child.

My husband does the same thing. DRIVES me BATTY!!

First of all, Marko is adorable! Almost as cute as those babies! Plus he's right you know, you have to adjust their age by a month so they are probably better then average.

They are definitely cute and I'm not just saying that. Trust me on this. I get in trouble for my honesty. People always want to show me pictures of these tiny babies and then they say isn't he/she cute? Because they totally expect me to lie and agree with them when it's perfectly obvious that the child looks like Winston Churchill, who, imho, was decidedly uncute.

I'm not sure why some mothers are like that but I suspect it has something to do with the competetive nature of our society and that mothers have traditionally been conditioned to see their children as a direct reflection on them. Thus if the child is perfect, I must, by association, be perfect also.

So I guess I don't think it's so much an ability to look at things realistically. I mean, yeah, I love HP, but I balance the checkbook and pay the bills too, so I have a fairly firm grip on reality.

The difference I think, is how we feed our egos. So my hypothesis is that the most competitive mothers are those who are the most insecure. The most likely to live vicariously through their children rather then through their own personal interests. The least comfortable or satisfied with their own accomplishments.

Re: the footnote, you know, I think we may have an epidemic on our hands!

I am exactly like you when it comes to my babies and their "C.Q." (cuteness quotient)!
They are adorable to me b/c i am in love with them and know their personalities, but, also def not Gerber material.(Drat! Was hoping to cash in and put these parasites to work early!)
I think Kate is cute like my Samantha. My Evan has more classic Gerber Baby looks, though, and, Adam immediately struck me as looking like a fully formed adult already!!!! More like a handsome man/child than an adorable baby.
It's all good.....

As a mom of twin boys I can't agree more that the Bumbo Seat is a life saver! I only wished they made them for bigger kids (hmmm or the parents)!

If you have multiples and you don't know what a Bumbo Seat is then you need to check it out... here's where we bought ours because they offered us free shipping:


Great blog - love to read about other parents with multiples!

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