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Ha! See that's why I always specify what the pass is for - that way you can say only ONE is for shag, etc.....Rookie!!! :o)

Ha! You're so great Tertia. =)

Marko got some Tertia...

heh heh.

ROTFL. My husband is currently running away from me. We(I) took a trigger shot yesterday so I've been regularly taking advantage of him. :)

Gosh, is a shag with Marko really all that bad?

pervy grin....
heh heh.
K has a pervy grin for, like ten hours a day -- now I know what it's called.

HA! My husband doesn't even bother with the free tix, he just climbs right in the shower with me wearing a (as you put it) pervy grin!
I have to admit I'm kind of a fan of shower sex. Afterall, you can just clean everything up afterwards ;-)


are you complaining about sex with a man who looks like that?

Bwahahaha! Sounds precisely like something my horndog husband would do, only he'd do it if I were late to work or a night out with the girls.

Sounds like the perfect gift for the hard to buy for husband ;)

Free passes? You sucker. What were you thinking?

(But hooray for new-mom sex with pervy hottie! Freshly washed bits a plus.)

woohhooo, sex. ;)

I would use a free pass for two hours completely alone (plus drive time to whereever it was I wanted to be) with no baby (or other) responsibilities and NO ONE TOUCHING me. Although a night out with the girls sounds fun and a day at the spa sounds relaxing.

LMAO- go Marko!


Could I fill in for you? Marko is hot. I can take over for a coupon or two. xoxo

I bet next time you print passes you will print only a couple instead of SIX!! and he's pretty damn cute so I'm sure you'll pull through. :o)

Where were the kids?

heh heh sounds like a couple of coupons he could give you include: a month blow job free, guilt free starting whenever you decide or a month shag free, guilt free!!


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