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I downloaded it a few days ago, it IS fabulous! I've located my kibbutz (more or less) but can't find my house in Lisbon. Which might be a good thing.

Make sure to change the "tilt," You can actually look at the front of the buildings with it and travel in horizontal space.

I am actually a bit aopprehensive abt this. It IS rather cool but hell, anyone who knows my address can even see my front door? Feels a bit too much like "Public Enemy". Was it PE? W Will Smith and Gene Hackman? Scary.

It is cool but also, I have to agree, a little scary as well

well, I tried it, it's not too scary since it missed my house by about 4 houses, so you can spy on my neighbors instead

you sound just like my dr. - and she's awesome!
ta ta

oops - commented to wrong post.
you get the idea, though.

Very cool and scary but not so much for big brother reasons: it actually makes me dizzy every time it swoops in and out...need air sickness pills or something!

Off to try it now. NEAT O!!!!

Mine is too blurry to see, what am I doing wrong?

They've had a North American version of this called Google Maps for a while. Most excellent! Check out this awesome site called "Google Sightseeing":

Lioness - It was "Enemy of the State".

Nothing else to say but that and cool pics. I will download the soundbyte when I get home (not on work computer!).

This is going to be an incredibly helpful tool for me at work... I'm constantly paying $000's for aerial photos!!

Funny, my husband was just showing that to me last night. Very cool.

You sound just like I thought you'd sound. Great accent, I could listen to you for hours.

Nifty pic of your house.

That is too cool!

What I like about this is that you live in a mansion, but your house looks really small, wheras I live here in tiny luxury, and my house is about a hundred times bigger than yours...
Also, I know your accent: like Charlize, but without hollywood.

I love stuff like this! Always have. Not sure why... I loved hearing your voice, by the way. Last time I heard a South African accent was in highschool and it was a boy named Dan Belcher who wasn't nearly as charming-sounding as you.

This Google program is so much fun. I downloaded it a few days ago and it's consumed my life--I spend most of the afternoon (when daughter is napping) looking at all sorts of random shit.

Yep, we have it here, too and find it very entertaining.

I was able to get right up to the front of my house, except there is a giant tree that isn't really there, so I assume the pictures are several years old. I went outside, and damned if there isn't a round, discolored patch of grass exactly where that tree was in the picture. Almost felt like a history of my house lesson. :)

Very nice! You're out in the middle of nowhere it looks like. No wonder you have all those exotic animals in your backyard. ;-) How far does it take to get to work / shops?

Try this one (and zoom in as far as you can... [rofl]):

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