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Sexy in a fetishist kind of way?

I'm going to be laughing for days.

Thanks for sharing!


This is hysterical, HYSTERICAL! "Wiff"! "Ffing"! I actually know SAs who speak like that! I TOLD you they were all freaks on the kibbutz.

That was *rich* T! Thanks for sharing!

Bwahahahahahaha!!! Memories of home for a South African living in England.

Oh, man, tears are rolling down my cheeks! Whew, nice start to my Happy Friday, thank you so much!

I love it! I'm learning soooo much!

OMG, this is precisely how some of my friends speak!!!!!!!! :))) thanx soo much :)

I just moved to Pretoria. I'm from the UK. I laughed so hard I cried! (I actually heard someone - at a minor road accident on my way home from work yesterday - threaten to punch the other guy "among the eyes". I thought that was a myth!).

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