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Tertia and Julie,

This looks great!!! I've got a pen and paper beside my computer and I'm writing down the names of all the really useful products that you gals talk about. For a baby nuff-nuff like me, it is probably going to be the only way I get my shower registry any where near what is actually necessary for a baby. (If I had my way, they'd buy me a case of red wine for a shower gift.) That's probably because I could write you and IVF shower registry, but I seem to have forgotten that there was a bit that came after.

If you are ever stuck for post ideas, why not make us do all the work one day and tell us what our favouritest or most unusuallest baby item is. (For the Harry Potter fans, I believe that the Golden Snitch and other quidditch parephanalia is not recommended for babies. Damn!)

I had one too!
I LOVED it until my babe's big legs wouldn't fit through the leg holes at 5 months!
Not for the hefty of babe's though, FYI.
Oh, and GREAT resale value!
I sold mine for $1 LESS than what I paid for it new! :)

I wonder if they have one desk-sized for smallish grownups? It looks mighty comfie.

I'm curious to know what they go for in SA-- in the US they cost about $50, I think that's around 300 rand?

I'm thinking my twins will have to share . . .

I got mine off Ebay for $35.00, it's awesome. Unfortunately, at five months he's just about to outgrow it though, because he's starting to arch his back to where he can get out of it. We only use it for feeding cereal now, when he's to busy to think about getting out.

Even though we only used to for about 2 months I'd say it was worth every penny to be able to set him down and he was happy to watch me do dishes or fold laundry. Since he'd cry every time I tried to lay him down.

HUGE fan of the Bumbo...just got one a few weeks ago although my babes are still a bit slumped over in them :). Must be getting a second one before we have a little baby cat fight on our hands!
The babes are getting more and more beautiful (if that's possible!)

They sell these in the cute baby/child store where I shop. It's such a cool place, I have completely abandoned R'Us's since I found it.
Anyway, a friend of mine bought one for her kid, and brough it over one night. My three year old was fascinated, and kept trying to sit in it. We kept telling her it was for the baby, but she really wanted to try. And guess what? She fit, and really liked it. Yeah, she is not a very big kid. Below 50% for weight. We have friends who have an 18 months old who weighs more than her...

This looks awesome! I may have to get on of these when my little Guatemalan Princess come home!

I don't have any kids of my own, but I would probably prefer the baby boppy since they cant grow out of it and it won't hurt if they smack their head on it. Bumbo's pretty cool tho, It might be cool in the bathtub. Can you use it in there?

The Bumbo (also availabile via amazon.com), the Miracle Blanket and the Maya Wrap are my 3 baby happy things.

We love the bumbo and I plan on giving one as a baby gift when I have the chance.

And, not that it matters, but I found the Bumbo people and the Miracle Blanket people to be exceptionally nice to deal with. That makes a difference to me.

Serial commenter:

The Bumbo is made of squishy rubbery stuff, so it wouldn't hurt to bump a head on it much, I don't think.

Also, my 4 1/2 yr old can climb in it, but she prefers to wear it on her head.

bean loves his Bumbo and it really helped in the precious few weeks when he wasn't ready for the high chair, but needed some independence...

here he is sitting pretty...

they make a pretty distinct point of telling you NOT to use it in the bathtub. honestly, it is pretty soft foam. I have dropped it on my foot and no isses there.

I just went to the site, I am impressed that it is approved by so many kinds of therapists. They still don't give a reason not to use it in the bath. I wonder if it would float because its made out of foam. Just from the picture I thought it was made out of hard plastic.

Bah! My daughter could already sit up when those came on the market ...

My daughter had severe reflux and the Bumbo came in really handy for that "keeping her upright for 30 minutes after eating" business. But, she is VERY skinny (12 months, 17 pounds, 28.5 inches) and has always been able to get out of it. She still loves hers and reads books in it, wears it on her head, uses it as a step stool to reach things forbidden, and piles her toys in it.

I love the Bumbo Baby Sitter! I got one for my son because he still wasn't sitting on his own at around 8 months. Within a week of him using this chair, he was able to sit indepenedently! I was only able to find it online. It is great for babies with special needs too!

I concede the awesomeness, and bought one for a shower gift--but how am I supposed to wrap this thing? It's a hexagon! Yeesh.

Ohmigod!!! Bumbo has saved my life!!! I first saw these at my twins' PT office when they were 4.5 months old and immediately ordered 2.
Within a week they had perfect head and neck control.
They LOVE to sit in them and watch baby videos.
It was the perfect place for me to seat them upright (helps with reflux and avoid flat head) while not having to hold them all the time!!! Yay!!! Yippeee!!!
Bumbo gave me my first taste of freedom in months!!!
Thank you Bumbo!!!
BTW... my son is almost 18 lbs. and almost 6 months now and he is pushing out of it but i stick him and his fat little legs back in! The rubber is flexible and you can squish the bigger kids in.

Emily LOVES hers. I ordered it a couple of days before I saw it mentioned on your site and agree completely about how wonderful it is.

And me, like a long time ago.

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