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I'm 40 and would love to get a tummy tuck.

wait, sweetisu, the surgery you want, it does exist. they do it a lot in japan. what they do is, they saw your calf bones in half, jerry-rig it and hook you up to a stretching device that will stretch the two halfs apart. or something. i've got the procedure all wrong, but the technology. it does exist.

p.s. omg sign me up for hair removal. so much hair removal.

My boobs would be put back where they started. I would have the sharpe` removed from my gut. My teeth would be white has snow and as straight as pin! I don't have wrinkles yet I'm 25.They will come though. I can feel it!

Tit lift. Definitely. Plus it would be nice if they were a little less lopsided, ya know?

Count me in the "happy the way I am" group. Although, I do love to bitch about certain saggy/hair parts. AND I have not yet been blessed with being pregnant.

Although, to be honest, no matter how much pregnancy messes with my body (please G-d, I should have the chance to find out how much pregnancy will mess with my body), I don't think I'd have anything done. I yam what I yam.

You guys have been focusing on the wrong parts!


(T, seriously, I know how gross you can feel about your physical appearance post-partum, but I can say I feel much better about my physical appearance now--3 yrs later--than I did when M was a baby. I don't know if it is physical or mental healing, but something is different and better now. I think you're wonderful, and beautiful as you are now. Don't mess with that magic formula too much, okay? :) )

Knocking on the door of OMG 40!!! So planning to keep my frosties frozen for a wee while longer (till after my 40th) so I can be in some kind of alcoholic netherland whilst I hurl myself past the post (40th that is) - then some more IVF and then (cos it won't ever work of course) maybe a big boob job (that'll be a big job cos they're big boobs)! Maybe go back to a "D" or "C" but god then I'd have to probably do something about my big fat gut too! - ugggh too much to think about!

But why do you want bigger boobs? I thought I remember you telling someone in the comments section a while ago that you'd had them reduced? Do I remember wrong? Or were you kidding? Or are you kidding now?
Sorry, I have a cold, and my drugs have just kicked in and made me feel funny.


Why would you want to take a risk with having all of that work done to you? God gave you the body you have..You need not to destroy it,but improve it.Im sorry but my mother had a tummy tuck and breast and butt job from hell. It costs so much to destroy so little.
Take your time in making these types of life changing decisions bc you cannot go back to the original slate once you have started painting.

Well, to start off I would definately lipo my chin and neck, breast reduction to a c-cup, lypo my back fat, a total tummy tuck, lypo the hips and thighs, butt tuck and lift. I would have dental implants, and veneers. also a bikini wax, permanent hair removal for problem areas.

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