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Tertia, Hate to tell you, it's the polll that causes the pop ups!

I would get lipo-suction, aged twenty and the cellulite is already scarying me away from the mirror each day :(


I'd start with a tummy tuck and lipo on the hips and thighs. Not sure they could actually suck off all that would be necessary in one visit to the OR though. I'd have my horrid nose fixed next. I've hated my nose since I was 4 years old. Still hate it at almost 30.
I might want my boobs lifted in another 10 years or so, but for now, they don't bother me nearly as much as this saggy flap of skin/fat/tissue compliments of my twin pg.

I'd get a tummy tuck and a boob thing where they haul 'em up and tighten them. Mine are already wayyyy too big (ouch, my back) and I'd just like them to be perky again. I must say though Tertia, I love the G&D thing... I've started saying it to people I know IRL. Do you mind?

I've HAD a boob job!! Reduction though, not lift and separate, or pump-up. Best thing I ever did.

Will get an eyelid lift one day. Sick of people asking me why I'm in such a bad mood and I have to tell them that's just my natural expression - I permanently look like I want to kill someone.

After breastfeeding twins, I would have an operation to stop my pesky tits from swinging around my achy knees!

Melissa, I'm sure seh doesn't mind, the silly cow stole my DAHLING. *coughs up furball*

I would lipo-sculpt my thighs, yes I would. Not suction, sculpt. That way it stays. Loverboy says I have a lekker Brazilian ass but I see a diff btwn my ass and some Brazilian ones. GAH. I'd also revamp my nose a bit, shorten it. Not too much, I'd want to look the same, but my nose tends to enter places a good 5 min bfr me. OH! Teeth-whitening, definitely! Look what they did to that Celine Dion person!

Go for it, I've never understood why some are against one feeling better abt oneself. GOOD FOR YOU, S-hoal.


Get rid of the big honker I've carried for 33 years, and get those thighs down to the size of tree trunks. That would be my pick.

By the way, I haven't seen any pop-ups, but I have a kick-arse firewall / anti-virus / anti-spam setup. The google tool bar works well for a free version if anyone is interested.


Hmm, I'd get lasik done (if it didn't freak me the hell out - despite my brother's having done it & my husband's desire to do it so 4 years ago), but that seems unlikely. I value seeing too much to risk having those damn halos in the dark, etc.

I'd redo my orthodontia (didn't wear my retainer as much as I should have - damn, that was so teenager-ish of me).

And when I have my uterus out fairly soon, I'd like to consider a tummy tuck (I figure after having had 3 c-section incisions with no babies to show for it, I deserve to have the 4th & final surgery do something beneficial for my looks, not just my inner well-being), but I have to know that they surgeon won't be incision happy. That damn "bikini-line" incision is already so long, I don't know what I'd think of the tummy tuck's longer incision. Ack.

Other things? Not as sure of, but commend you for knowing what will leave you feeling the best possible way about your self.

Such a smart one!Q

I'm just grateful that I don't look as old as the state of my ovaries would lead one to believe.

Even so, I don't look good. My eyes are starting to go. My teeth are beige. And there's a definite droop to the areas right and left of my chin (I refuse to write "jowls.") Let's not even talk about the 15 pounds of IVF-induced fat around my waist.

Unfortunately, like so many of us, I won't be able to afford the work I so desperately need. Insurance covered my IVFs (thank God), but now we're adopting from Ethiopia. Not as expensive as some adoptions, but still not cheap.

The little fuckers had better appreciate the sacrifice I'm making for them. I can hear me now: "Look at these jowls! I wouldn't have these jowls if it weren't for you!," I'll shriek, my jowls wobbling uncontrollably.

I'm going to make such a wonderful mother.

once we're finished having kids, i'd consider a tummy tuck and boob lift. not that i'd go through with it. surgery in the abstract is fascinating, just not so much when it's happening to me.

remove some unwanted hair permanently and get rid of the blue shadows under my eyes..! And I might get my boobs a bit smaller after I'm done breastfeeding (and if I can't talk husband in to trying to conceive one final time). I started my journey to parenthood with a (european) size c and am now proud owner of double e cups. Last time it didn't change after stopping feeding.. The last one is the only one i'm a bit serious about. I hate operations..

And you saved my day I started to get severely depressed about turning 30. Yeah laugh but at 29 it is a big thing..But thanks to your complaining I feel young again!

I'd get my lips done. No one ever notices anything if you have huge lips. When is the last time anyone commented on Melanie Griffiths hips?

When this last IVF failed to produce even one decent egg for me, I went and got botox for the creases on my forehead between my eyebrows and for the crows feet wrinkles on the corners of my eyes. Everyone used to tell me to "cheer up" ask why I was frowning. Now they say I "look so relaxed." Best thing I ever did.

Only now I notice that with the "relaxing" of my brow, my eyelids hang a little low. So I'd probably start with a little opening up of they eyes. I'm also considering restalyn for my nasolabial folds (those lines from the nostrils to the corners of your mouth that cause the jowls someone else mentioned). The before/after photos are amazing!

Next, I'm doing one round of donor eggs and if that's not successful, I'll be 43 so FUCK THIS SHIT, no more fertility treatments for me. Instead, I'll spend that money on a tummy tuck, lipo on the hips and thighs and probably upper arms too.

I'll blog it all so you guys can see the progress. Maybe someday I'll be as G&D as Tertia then.

I had my boobs reduced from a J-cup (that's a G-cup for you Eurogals!) to a D-cup four years ago -- in fact, 9/11 was the day I got my drains removed. It was THE best thing I've ever done for myself. Did you know button-up shirts don't HAVE to gap in the front? AMAZING!!

I'd like a tummy tuck to get rid of this c-section pooch. You'd think OBs would do something about that while they're down there, you know, nip a little tuck a little.

I'd get a tummy tuck and the boobs done. To quote Kate Winslet 'they're like the ears off a dog' Sob, sob. I'd get the teeth 'zoomed' as well. Dazzling white teeth and perky boobs - sounds like a great birthday pressie to me.

I'd like to get my nose done as it has a funny bump in the middle. The strange thing is my hubby loves my nose. I hate my chin too - far to pointy.

And my belly, there's fat on there that isn't going to come off any other way... I've tried (a bit).

I also love the G&D thing, have taught my husband to say it on command. :o)

I'd go for the "DO YOU THINK I'M A DAMN MIRACLE WORKER?" package.

We have already decided that when we are for certain finished with children, I am having a tummy tuck. It is still saggy despite the fact that I am at my lowest weight since high school and work out daily. The boobs may have to be fixed too, I am still nursing, so we will have to assess the damage later. I had Botox once, and I am dying to do it again, but it is expensive, and I just turned 30. I have also done microdermabrasion (for acne) and it was fabulous. I will do it again. My insurance covered it. I am currently in orthodontia, and when they are off (dh is a dentist) we are bleaching the crap out of those suckers!

If after hours and hours of personal training didn't do the job (and who has time and $ for that? oh yeah, not me) I would put on my makeover wish-list:
a tummy-tuck, lipo of the outer thighs and tush, boob aug and lift to a full, non-droopy B, teeth whitening, and maybe lasik if I could get over the skeevies about it.

Tummy tuck and lipo for sure. After a 10 pounder and a 9 pounder, my stomach is shot! The boobs held up a lot better than my tummy even after breastfeeding,but as long as we're dreaming, hey, I want the whole shebang!

Where to begin?? Let's start from the top down, shall we?

* Permanently remove unwanted hair from eyebrows (is that possible?)
* Face lift - pull everything back right at cheekbones (makes magnificent difference when I do that in the mirror)
* Tatoo eyes and lips
* Shorten nose just slightly (don't mind *most* of my nose, but have this funny little "bulb" at the tip that has made me self-conscious for as long as I can remember)
* Lipo back of arms (do they do that?)
* Boob job (currently somewhere between 36B and skimpy 38C - would love to be a FULL 38C, or D even)
* Tummy tuck
* Lipo butt and thighs
* Permanently remove unwanted hair on nether-regions (blush) and legs
* Transplant husband's knees/lower legs onto my body (he has the MOST DIVINE leg structure!). Okay... maybe actually create a FEMALE version of DH's legs for me.

Umm... I think that's enough. Shall I send you the bill, T? ;-)

I'd be so into the tummy tuck and breast lift, the doc's head would spin. Can't wait for the baby-producing to be over so I can sign up!

First priority- permanently get rid of hair! No more plucking/shaving. Second- Lasik would be nice, I'm blind as a bat. Third-teeth whitening definately. All these years of cigs and tea are catching up with me.

1st choice would be a boob job on these jugs. Breastfeeding had done its harm and with only once child. I might wait till we are finished having kids though.

2nd. - tummy tuck to get rid of the stretch marks. I have a friend who had one and then became pregnant (not planned) with twins!

3rd choice - dental work. I should have had braces but my parents couldn't afford them. My teeth are fine but sometimes I wish I could straighten a few out.

At first I thought, no WAY would I waste money on anything cosmetic -- and then I re-read your post and saw you mentioned DENTAL WORK. Does that, like, really really count as cosmetic?

I swear, my teeth NEED to be whiter for me to, ah....chew better....right???

Definitely a boob reduction/lift when we're done with the baby-making. Anything else scares me too much!

Mindy, don't do your lips! See the archives of awfulplasticsurgery.com for all the celebs who overdid it with collagen, look awful, and are mocked mercilessly.

I did the Brite Smile 1-hour tooth whitening thing this spring—much improved! I plan to do it again in a year or two since I'm not giving up that Diet Coke habit.

I'd love a breast lift to get those puppies back up where they belong, but the results wouldn't last long with DD boobs. (Which I seriously thought were C-cups until a couple weeks ago.) I can't consider a reduction just yet because (1) the boobs don't give me back trouble or anything, and (2) I need to enjoy being a DD woman (and knowing it) for a little while.

A flat stomach would be nice. My only concern is that the surgeon might reasonably expect me to try diet and exercise first, and I have no discipline.

Oh I would so have a boob job, I started out with barely a B and after nursing 2 babes for a year each they are barely A's. I would get them so big they'd hit me in the chin when I walk. Not really but a girl can dream! I would get them big enough that you'd know I had a boob job!

Then I'd have this turkey neck sucked back and tightened up. And maybe a tummy tuck, I'm not a bikini girl and I really don't mind my tummy cuddling up next to me in bed LOL. Two 10-pounders have done a number on my fresh young bod!!

Great topic, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who can reel off their wish list right quick :)

I would have a tummy tuck and get my boobs done (made smaller and perkier)!!

Definitely a boob job. The boobs of my early twenties have sadly deflated after 3 babies. Also, a little bit of lipo around the lower half (tummy, butt, thighs).
As I have rosacea, I would also have something done about that as the meds I am currently on are barely keeping it in control.

I had thigh liposuction a few years ago, and it didn't work! It left me with a slight crater on one of my inner thighs, which I definitely do not appreciate having there. Quack doctor. Also all the damned fat came right back, so forget that. It does nothing for cellulite, by the way.

But okay, back to what I WOULD do--I would like to have larger lips, and I would like to have the spider veins removed from my legs. That's about it for surgery.

Next, I would like to go to a fat farm/spa type place for say, six months. I would like to have people bring me a varied menu of completely healthy, low carb/low fat delicious food every single meal. I would like to not have to think about a thing, but have my whole day planned out for me--the massages, the endermologie(that's the roller method of getting rid of cellulite and guess what girls, supposedly it works!) and the exercise. Of course, the exercise would be all fun stuff.

Nothing much can be done about my greying hair except topical treatments, but okay.

Yep, I think I could still be a hot babe after all that. :-)

eyelid lift and don't drink so much. it ages the skin. I've already gone blonde. Makes a huge difference.

I would totally get an overhaul. First and foremost, I would get rid of my cankles. I hate them.

Let's see...teeth need to be whiter. Lasik (sp?) on my eyes. Lipo for things and belly.

OK, I probably won't end up doing anything about the things above. But I would REALLY like to do something about my wrinkles. I have a bunch of the on my forehead and I would so love it if they were GONE.

BTW, I haven't been getting any pop-ups.

I'd do a tummy tuck, breast lift and maybe some lipo of a few trouble spots (what's up with the glob of fat next to the arm pit and squeezed by the bra strap?)

Some low tech stuff I plan to do really soon are teeth bleaching, and a good eyebrow wax

Looking at my mom, I know that I'll have bassett hound jowls and voluminous undereye bags someday. I've also inherited from her a lovely array of spider veins all over my legs. It would be nice to stop scaring young children in public with the purple lines on my calves.

Boob job, tummy tuck and lasik. ASAP.

They say nip and tuck before you need it so I think your on the right track!

I would go for a tummy tuck (always had a little pouch even at my slimmest) and a boob lift.

I think it's very important for women to feel good about themselves...and this would definately do it for me!

Ahhhh....I am definitely getting my "girls" reduced and lifted by 40, kids or no kids. I'm waiting that long in the hopes that I actually will give birth and I want to try and BF.

I would also (after I finally get off my ass and lose weight) like a tummy tuck, b/c I'm afraid I'll have too much loose skin left over and that is *not* attractive.

I would also have some cosmetic dentistry. My teeth are *awful*. They need whitening, straightening, and some need fillings.

This is an easy one for me. I was a 36FF before I even got pregnant. I will, at some point or another, be getting a breast reduction. Carrying these things around borders on debilitating at the best of times. Don't even get me started on unsightly.

If I wasn't scared to go under, I'd get a tummy tuck and maybe a boob lift.

I'd be super extreme makeover like no one's ever seen before.

But even so, I'd like to have movie star teeth. I have no personal attachment to my actual teeth, other than the roots, so I'd be happy to have them whittled away to nubs and replaced with perfect Julia Roberts specimens.

If I were within reach of my ideal weight, I'd like to have my chin sucked. I always viewed myself as fat as a teenager, and looking back at my 13-14 year old pictures I'm really stunned at what a nice bod I had. However, my face was very chubby and I had a double chin even from my young years. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the fat face and chin and ended up with a negative self-image. When I stopped swimming I just packed on the pounds until I was an ungodly size 12 at age 18. (Oh to be an ungodly fat size 12 again.) I was the fat girl in high school. I'm the fat girl now. Way fatter. I'm the person you're relieved that's at the pool so there's someone fatter than you crammed into a bathing suit. I'm the person who you can't believe has a handsome husband- (Whisper, "He is with HER?")

Okay, this didn't start out to be a self-loathing diatribe, and I guess I don't really feel that way. I'd like to be thinner for my health, but I don't go around loathing myself.

I had breast reduction surgery when I was 21- great big giant titties that started when I was about 13 and led me to believe I was fatter than I was, so I let the rest of me catch up.

I have no compunctions about plastic surgery, cosmetic or restorative. When the time comes for me to have a little tightening, I'll do it.

If I lose the weight I need to, I'll for sure need some reconstructive surgery on my belly.

Best of luck to you...

I'd give my breasts a small increase in size, just a bit! I'd get all extraneous body hair removed by laser. Oh, and I'd get some of the more visible veins around my knees zapped too.

Well, it just so happens that I am getting my "bits" fixed next week. Of course, my bit is my stomach. I am having a tummy tuck (never did recover from that 65 pound gain in my first pregnancy)a week today!! I am really excited, as this is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Can't "exactly" afford it, but hey, I would rather spend my retirement fund now instead of later.

Lynn, mum to Jeremy (4) and Eden (2.5)

I wouldn't do much...lipo the last round of baby fat from the tummy and restore my now *perfect* sized boobs to their pre-baby positioning. Otherwise, I'm completely at peace.

ok, now that I think about it, I'd whiten my teeth, too. The coffee takes it's toll.

ummm teeth (they're not too bad but I'm English ;) ), tummy tuck, boob lift, botox, and maybe even a brow lift. I come to SA to have it done too.

couple of problems though - no way we could afford it (ever) and my husband thinks it is a terrible idea ('over my dead body').

oh and pcos hair removed (that's a necessity imo).

My boobs, just to perk them up, I do like their size. Oh and if you can just hook up that hose to the top of my head and suck up all the fat that´ll be great, thanks.

BTW I´m not getting ANY pop-ups! I guess you guy need to upgrade your pop-up blocker, mine is Yahoo´s

First priority: take care of my upper lip which exhibits some alarming effects of the smoking I did in high school and college.

Second priority: tummy tuck. That one's second priority because nobody really NEEDS to see my stomach. But my upper lip is not viewing optional. Unless I grow a full, luxurious mustache as I age.

I had a breast reduction! YAY! Actually, I used the payments from one of my egg donations to pay for it. :) I have been reduced from an overflowing 34 DDD (probably bigger than that, but I was never brave enough to buy something that fit) to, as my plastic surgeon says "a nice perky B cup".

It is SO the best $6,000 I've ever spent (okok, $4,800 - the insurance sent a magical check for the hospital fees when it was over).

For those of you considering a reduction, you may want to visit the blog I made that documented the process as it happened. I cover each step from pre-surgery through 6 months of recovery. It's at http://breastreduction.blogspot.com/
Be careful though - this is not a view-at-work blog. My breasts will greet you right away.

Not too much else to fix since I'm only 28 and I run a lot. But my opinion of plastic surgery has really changed since I had this done. I'm a big fan.

I'm in the process of working this one out.

Me, who always thought this stuff was for vain, self centered folk.

I'm losing weight, am down 33 pounds, have another 55 to go.

After that, I'll keep exercising. If things don't look better then in 2007, I'm getting a tummy tuck and a boob job. Boobs are a given though.

After all these babies, boob feeding, the suckers are nasty. A lift, a fill, a fluff if you will.

The summer before Marrissa died, she came home form the mall laughing and smiling. This is the conversation we had:

Her: I saw the perfect thing for you to wear this summer to show off your cleavage mom!

Me: Really? What was it?

Her: The cutest pair of open toe sandal's I've ever seen!

Me: ARGHHHHHHHH! Then commenced to chasing her round the house so I could smack her one!

But she was right. They were droopy then and now after twins, omg... You just don't want to know.

Roll em like gym socks and stuff them in a bra.

Scary bastards they are!

Go for it!

I just went back to read the comments. I didn't even consider LASIK as part of this category of things, but I can see how it fits. I've had that, too. Another $1K well spent. I had it 3 years ago and literally not a day goes by where I'm not grateful for having it done. I don't have any halos or problems. It's quick, painless, and amazing. My whole family has had it done with no problems. I say, go for it! Make sure you find a reputable place (I went to LasikPlus - http://www.lasikplus.com) and you won't regret it.

If you had asked this a couple of years ago, I would have slunk away with a saucer-eyed stare whispering, "Why would all of these women go the extreme of SURGERY to CHANGE THEMSELVES??"

But now, a year after a pregnancy that "dis-figured" me, I would be all over the tummy tuck thing. I'm going to give pilates and some other types of low-tech approaches another year to work, and then perhaps go ahead and pay someone to harvest the skin from around my navel. But then again, maybe not. I mean, I might need that skin someday, for a graft or something. It would be quite ironic if I paid to have that gold mine of human tissue put in the dumper, wouldn't it?

I'm trying not to be vain, and let my general pragmatism take over. Not easy sometimes. Especially after a sulky night when I was pinching the extra six inches of flab off my waist and my husband said, "Well, you could eat less chocolate." AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I'm another for relocating the boobs back to their rightful position on my upper chest. Right now they are blooming with preggo hormones, but they are low. They need some hoisting.

I will zap all the spider veins in my legs and some little strawberry spots on my face (from those wine cooler experiences in the late 80's! such a bad drinker--not tolerance for the flush).

The BOC is offended that there is not an option for her on the poll...as in BTDT, didn't work, husband left, now I'm a barren old crone. I mean, all you had to put is "BOC"...surely I'm not the ONLY one...am I? WEll, even if I am, I want a spot on the poll dammit!

OK, now. I'm 46y11m and inherited good skin, but I'm getting to the point where I would consider having my eyes done and maybe my mouth (frowny corners). But if I had the $$ I'd IMMEDIATELY have a boob reduction...they used to be SO perty and perky; I would have them restored to their former glorious splendor...

That's all for now...except to say I am just filled with delight with each new photo you post of the babes. They are truly G & D, and I can tell you are going to be having SO much fun with the little munchkins...I can see the sense of humor in their eyes already :-)


I have pop up blocker, no problem at all.

What would I have done? Breasts lifted, not enlarged. A bit of lipo around the tummy area since that is the one spot I just cannot seem to tone and smooth out the wrinkles a bit on my face since I am only 30 and am looking at the exact same wrinkles as my 60 year old mother. LAUGH LINES OF COURSE. This proves I have a v happy life. I should wear them as a badge of honor. Yeah, right.

I had lasik last October. It's amazing, and the best possible use for several grand I can think of at the moment.

I'd love to have a breast reduction, but need to wait until we've reached a verdict on kids, since I don't want the breastfeeding question to be answered for me because my boobs don't work. Would be wonderful to not have to think twice about buying any fitted button down shirt, and not look like I've bee whipped about the shoulders when i take off my bra. Someday...

My list is small - lasik so I can ditch the contacts and dental work (extensive) because I have neglected my mouth for so long. Ideally, I'd like a breast reduction...the girls are outgrowing their home, as far as I'm concerned.

Oh when we are finally done (when I say we are done:)) having kids then defintley a boob reduction/lift and tummy tuck and laser therapy to remove my stretch marks. I figure I'll hold out for the most part for the tummy tuck until this damn endo eats me alive so bad I have to get rid of my ute, makes sense doesn't it, just take everything at once LOL! You are G&D dahling already so I can't wait to see the "new" you!

lipo, perky tits, tummy tuck?

I dunno. I'm recovering from a non-cosmetic surgery right now and it sucks so much ass, I don't think I could bear to do it again, even for a flat tummy.

Movie star teeth. Gleaming white, perfectly straight movie star teeth.

I have no idea if they could even do this - but I want ankles. I'm barely 5 feet tall and my calf muscles end right at my heels and look ridiculous no matter how much I weigh. Also, my boobs need to be put back up where they belong. After breastfeeding three kids they look like partially emptied water balloons tacked on just above my belly button! Eventually someday, if I could not get rid of it on my own, I'd like some of this extra tummy skin gone too, after carrying babies over 9 pounds (almost 10 pounds for my second) that skin has been stretched far more than it should have been able to handle. Thanks for being so funny and honest - it makes my days as a mom soooooo much brighter!

I was going to say just one thing but i read the comments first and keep thinking: Oh! I want that too, and that and THAT!, so here it is:
1. Upper arms
2. Hair removal
3. Lasik although I did not about the halo thing. Anyone cares to elaborate on that?
4. Spider veins when they appear.
5. I'm trying to lose weight now so if I make it and something goes too out of place: fix it.
Nothing on the face though, that really scares me.

Oooh let's see: 1 tummy tuck, boob reduction and lift, fat going from chin to neck sucked out, brow lift, under eye skin removed overall skin microdermabrasion ttpe thing, teeth (gap closed and whitened) and a partridge in a pear treeeee.

For started a lipo on my tummy, then a boob job. I probably will never do it for real for all the pain I will have afterwards.

Also straighten my lower teeth. They are not pretty.

i would have to say a tummy tuck because my c-section has left my belly in a state of disarray!! i wanted to say a breast lift (still breastfeeding and a 40DD, so no padding is necessary. just a hoist!) but i am getting up there in years and thus dont need to be wearing all that skimpy stuff that requires no bra. truthfully though, even if i had the money, i am afraid of surgery so would never go through with it. (its nice to dream of a flat stomach, though.) so i guess those folks that made me this way (read: husband and daughter) will have to deal with my bulge. they are the only ones seeing me naked these days anyway!! haha!!

Boob lift and tummy tuck after we're done having kiddos. And lipo if exercising and diet didn't take care of the extra weight. Seriously, in regards to the boob lift, I know it's perfectly normal for them to sag, but I just don't see the need to leave them hanging if I don't need to! It feels very unbecoming, to say the least.

I'd get the following: boob lift and enhancement, fix the varicose veins behind my right knee, maybe a brow lift as the eyelids are starting to droop, and since they are in that area I've thought about getting a prettier nose, also would bleach the teeth at the dentists office.

Being barely 5'2" TALL, if they do height additions, I'd TOTALLY go for it. But alas, there is no such technology around.

However, I've always wanted to make my eyes appear bigger. And *maybe* a boob job but I think I'll just stuff it with a nice sexy thing from Victoria's.

you forgot "am pg" on the poll. If I wasn't terrified of dying under general anesthesia, I would buy a nice pair of DD's. Eyebrow lift. A little lipo on the lower abdomen. Chemical peel on face (they have ones they do that make it so you can never get another zit, ever.) Electrolosis of all unwanted body hair. Perhaps a very minor nose job.

I really would not want anything done. I am very happy with this body; pimples, dimples, and all!

I've thought about it, but then I think "do I want my kids to do this?" and the answer is no. If I want to provide a healthy role model for them, to show them what growing old gracefully looks like, to walk the talk of what is inside is far more important that what is outside, then I can't have plastic surgery to "fix" my normally aging body.

Nothing. I'm aging normally, somethins are heading south. But I don't think a post-pregnancy body is disfigured or disgusting. In fact, I think I look sexier every pass year and so does Mr. Kathleen. Bodies age and that is beautiful.

tummy tuck, boob lift, and an eye lift.

The tummy tuck will definitely happen, no matter what, after I have a kid. So, you know, probably never.

Deep tissues massages twice weekly although they're not cosmetic and something for my too-early crows-feet, wrinkles fast approaching eyes...OH! and a chin-tuck. (Is that right?) I have a small second chin appearing despite being thin and it makes me cringe.

Fortunately, I am the guy they call in to the plastic surgery school, to show them perfection.
Yup, Peeeeerfection!
(At least we all survived puberty)

All the money in the world?? No pain?
Big ol tummy tuck - dental work - boobs lifted - laser the bikini area hair - can they do something for stretch marks?

tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction on hips and thigh, oh and an upper arm tuck.

Sigh...it's nice to dream.

Oh and so not nice about the support hose thing...I'm only 27 and I have a set...granted made for me when I was pregnant since I was SO swollen the doctors' thought I would pop.

Hooray Blair and Kathleen!

Have made it this far with bumpy nose, even duping dh into admiring it. Will need serious yoga to recover from bedrest & 2nd pg, but can't wait to deepen facial laugh lines when I'm fit for playground again. Role model is my grandmother, still elegant at 93 and untouched by surgeon's knife. As long as everything works, I'll keep it as is.

And I can tell how G&D everyone out there is, too! Don't let anyone convince you to emulate 15 year old (hungry) beauty queens. Just believe grandma and mind your posture.

Oh, thank god there are at least a couple out there who say it's OK not to be perfect. Judging from how many people say they need a tummy tuck, sounds like a bit of a droopy tummy is just a part of being human. True beauty is being confident in ourselves, cellulite, droopy tummies and all.

liposuck my thigh away, please!

Post baby #2 and thinking I'm going to need a lot done. I am going to start with some botox and braces (bite needs to be fixed), then move on to the great laser hair removal. Eventually, I'd like to get my breasts perked up and tummy done, and maybe my nose. Once I start I may never finish.

I could say that I'm happy the way that I am, and I am on the inside, but the outside needs just a little refurbishing.

Have a very happy birthday. Sing, dance, and kiss some babies.

Ab implants. And I'd like to be taller if that were somewhat possible.

Happy 40!

My list by 40-41 includes:

1. Braces (check)

2. Teeth whitening and maybe veneers (we'll see what they look like when the braces come off)

3. Nose job

4. Fatty lower eyelids done

5. Chin lipo

6. "And while you're in there, go ahead and lipo the thighs a little. Oh, you can do the belly, too? OK!"

7. Does Rogaine for Women work for women with thin hair or just balding?

8. Laser hair removal (different area...)

9. Spider veins stripped

I guess that's it for the 40's. Check back with me when 50 is approaching. (39 in Sept) Funny how laparoscopies and IVF make you less afraid to go under the knife.

I'm past that big four-oh myself, and have already had a tiny bit of work done.

I'd definitely recommend laser treatment for hair removal. Nothing like never ever ever getting another bikini wax, or having to wonder if you are beach-ready or not!

Also had a fruit acid facial peel. Left me a bit raw for 7-10 days, but then skin was beauty-full!

Use $7/box Crest teeth whiteners, and get lots of compliments, so that is likely a cheaper way to go, and save $$ for something else.

Tan-in-a-can does a good job of camoflaguing cellulite.

Would consider a boob job, but DH likes the little ones.

I guess that leaves a necklift? That would be helpful.

Can't I just have it ALL done?! ;) Mom of 3 here (twins in the mix too) and just hit 39. Tummy Tuck OF COURSE, boobs raised and poofed. Botox for life, and maybe a reduction of the dreaded double chin.. oh, and a personal trainer and chef like Oprah has please..

Here's my non-angry response to the love-your-body-as-it-is comments. I had my breast reduction because I was in *physical pain*. I woke up each morning with really serious pain all throughout my breats. My back hurt. My shoulders hurt. My neck hurt. The weight caused headaches. I would get DEEP gouges in my shoulders from my bra (and trust me -wearing a bra was not an option). When I would exercise, the jolt of having them "bounce" was so severe that it regulated how frequently I breathed because it literally pushed the air out of me.

Yes, I think I look better post-surgery, and I'm happy about it. But I didn't get the surgery to look better - I got it to stop the pain and discomfort that I suffered because of the size. That's not a self confidence issue or a body loving issue - it's smart.

As far as I know a tummy tuck leaves you unable to pick up and carry heavy options for about 6 weeks - not a good option for the mother of baby twins. Get your face sanded and your teeth whitened and buy some weights and a work out book. I have no opinion about boob jobs although I just wouldn't do it because it involves knives and putting a foreign object in my body - ick.

Here is what you do to flatten your stomach - it's the best thing my mother ever taught me (really!). You bend over and exhale all your air. While you are bent over, suck your stomach in as far and hard as you can. Stand up and inhale ever so gently so as not to mess up your sucked in stomach. Hold that position, breathing only lightly, until it really hurts. Suck in a little harder and count to 10. Then let your stomach out and breath normally. Do this 3 or 4 times a day and you will soon have abs of steel. v. cheap thereby leaving room in the budget for a new wardrobe.

Egg Donor, Breast Reduction is not cosmetic surgery. It's a medical procedure to reduce pain.

It's true that both reductions and implants change the shape of ones breasts. But that's the only thing they have in common.

I've had cosmetic surgery (on my neck, which used to be sort of jowlly and shapeless, and now looks normal). I was about 33 at the time, I think. I am very pleased with the results. I definitely have a much nicer chin-line now. There was no pain and it wasn't very expensive and I didn't even have any negative reaction to the anaesthesia.

Now as I face 40 I think I will have a tummy tuck done. It's much more major surgery, and more painful, more expensive, more risks . . . but my friend the doctor says all her patients who've done it are pleased with the results.

Oh, and of course, I've already HAD Botox (4x), microdermabrasion (8x), teeth bleaching (1x by a professional) . . . but that stuff doesn't "count" because it's all so cheap & noninvasive. I think of it as like buying makeup -- not even worth mentioning.

I think I'll also get my lips done, maybe when I go in for my next Botox.

Did you read Julia's entry about how she gets her toes painted in "Love That Patriarchy Pink"? Yeah, that's me. I know better than to cooperate with a culture that objectifies women & sees us as valuable only for our appearances, yet I don't want to look any worse than I absolutely have to any sooner than absolutely necessary.

Oh and yes, I've had laser hair removal. And no, it doesn't work, save your cash, girls.

Ah if I had the money, nice new teeth, breast reduction/lift, lypo on the belly, probably a tummy tuck, seems that pregnancy caused a bit of skin(that and being fat i'm sure) oh and some lypo on the fat thighs as well. But, even with the money, I don't think I could do it, I saw that stuff on tv, no clue why anyone would volunteer themselves for such torture. All in the name of beauty I suppose.

I would so be signing my ass up for some new TATA's. My boobs disgust me.

For sure I'd have a bit of lipo done on my butt and thighs. If they could successfully take the fat from there and put it into my breasts and make them nice and perky and a bit bigger (I'd prefer a C cup rather than an A cup)that would be divine. I'd also try to get permanent hair removal on my bikini area, underarms, legs, and eyebrows if it was possible. And I would do anything to get rid of this psoriasis.

For sure I'd have a bit of lipo done on my butt and thighs. If they could successfully take the fat from there and put it into my breasts and make them nice and perky and a bit bigger (I'd prefer a C cup rather than an A cup)that would be divine. I'd also try to get permanent hair removal on my bikini area, underarms, legs, and eyebrows if it was possible. And I would do anything to get rid of this psoriasis.

sorry for the double post, don't know what happened.

I'd get my boobs lifted - am currently nursing baby #2 (which came 18 months after baby #1, after 3 years of IF) and am 40 and I know once I stop nursing they will be closer to my knees than ever!

Lisa O

Let's see...we'd take away some boob, take away some tummy fat...and I think that's it! I'm very happy with my face, thanks to my skin care regimen. The rest of the body is pretty good, too.

Maybe you should set a fund, like a PayPal fund. I'm sure that would bring in tone of $$ and help you to get the G&D procedures you desire!


I don't think I'd get anything done, given the option. Granted, I am 20, and haven't had a chance to experience what age/childbirth can do to one's body. Even so, I don't think I'd go for the surgery unless I had a disfiguring accident. I'd be worried that a surgeon would mess my body up rather than make it look better.

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