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I know nobody's playing anymore, but no one answered on the Fab Five guys!

Cliff Kyan, because who needs a guy who pays more attention to grooming than you do?
Shag Carson, because he's good for a lot of laughs and no woman is having sex with him, really; we'd go shopping for clothes and call it sex.
Marry Thom, because he's easy on the eyes and great at decorating. My house would be beautiful.

For those CSI guys, I'd have to be an adulterous bigamist and marry/shag both Warrick and Nick. I'll have lunch with Gil in lieu of cliffing him, though his cliffed corpse would make for an excellent CSI case!

Game over.

Nuh-uh... game not over yet!

Some missed ones:
Arnie Schwarzenegger: CLIFF the Governator... with extreme predjudice
Sly Stallone: Marry. He seems to have some brains in there.
Jean-Claude Van Damme: Shag until he can't walk!

Carson: Cliff. TOO annoying to cope with.
Kyan: Shag Oh, yeah, baby! I'd do him!
Thom: Marry He seems like he'd be wonderful to settle down with.

And the precancerous triplets:
Paris Hilton: CLIFF!!!
George Hamilton: Marry - he's got money, baby!
Ricardo Montalban: Shag - sexy as hell but not good in relationships

And I think this is the last list that got missed:

Superman: Cliff. Boring
Spiderman: Shag! Could be fun ;-)
Mr. Incredible: Marry. We know he's a great family man... and hot when he's in shape!

Wessel, if you're still checking:

Cliff Rav Akiva for thinking Bar Kochba was Moshiach.
Marry Rambam. After all, he's a doctor.
I guess that leaves shagging Rashi, although the thought of shagging any of these seems so... wrong. ;) Besides, with all that Talmud study, who had time to shag? heheh

You are quite the unruly bunch on this thread!

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