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Oo, tough situation here, as I don't think I'd want to shag any of them. But Rod Stewart's music post mid-1970s annoys the hell out of me for some reason, so I guess cliff Rod, shag Ozzy and marry Pavarotti.

Oops, forgot to live up to my end of the bargain. Here's the next three: David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry. Apologies in advance for not being more creative!

David Schwimmer = Cliff
Matthew Perry = Shag
Matt LeBlanc = Marry

Next: Jerry Seinfeld, Kelsey Grammer, Ray Romano

oops - guess mine is a lot like becki's (and therefore not terribly original).

I was thinking of hers in terms of "favorite Friend's actor" and mine I started off with stand-up comics worth multi-millions, and wound up back @ tv. Oh well.

Kelsey - cliff
Jerry - shag
Ray- marry

George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
Al Gore

George W. Bush - cliff (no discussion required)
Bill Clinton - shag (gotta be some reason he's had all those women)
Al Gore - marry (for the conversation)

Next (US news reporters/anchors):
Dan Rather
Wolf Blitzer
Walter Cronkite

Cliff Blitzer (for the stupid name alone), shag Rather (he's been funny on Letterman), marry Cronkite (because I got junk mail from him protesting the rising dominance of the religious right in U.S. politics).

Next up: the '80s funk edition! Michael Jackson, Prince, and Rick James.

Julie, I hate every hair on your body.


Let's see... Ok, cliff Michael Jackson bfr he goes neon pink; snog Prince, God help me bcs I'd feel like I'm kissing a not-even-life-sized doll, ichs; shag Rick James under heavy sedation.

(I DO hate you you know. My insomnia will be back and I'll be haunting your blog, leaving pro-Barbie comments.)

Now, Feargal Sharkey,
(http://www.northernshow.biz/feargal_sharkey.htm), Steve Buscemi, Dennis Franz.

Knock yourselves out!

Oh thank God, it was marry, not snog! MARRY Prince or whatever he's called now and enjoy the wild side for a while, and then divorce the poor little thing and w the settlement money go for therapy for having had to shag Rick James, even under heavy sedation.

I love this game, but I've always wondered... does marrying imply shagging, or are are we talking sham marriages here? Do I spend my life with the guy and yet never sleep with him? Do I shag him repeatedly? This could weigh heavily into one's decision-making on these things.

david franz -- cliff
steve buscemi -- shag, after many drinks.
feargal sharkey -- marry, with the shagging and everything. I have a thing for punk rockers.

My trio is... a little dorky:
Han, Luke, Obi-Wan.

(Hahahahahahaha, Steve Buscemi. He belongs in Tertia's Extreme Makeover post, what with those teeth.)

Too Easy.


Russell Crowe
Owen Wilson
Snoop Dog

So easy. Cliff Snoop -- can't take a second of him, shag Owen, could be funny but I couldn't look at him too long. Marry Russell Crowe - he does a lovely wedding. Though I would stick by his side so he wouldn't have to get me on the phone...
he's a baaaaad boy, I like bad boys.

Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Tommy Lee

Cliff Tommy Lee, shag Tom Cruise, marry Tom Hanks. No question.

Alton Brown
Mario Batali
Bobby Flay

Cliff Alton (definitely)
Sooo shag Bobby (repeatedly - I have a thing for redheads)
Marry Mario

Now, for the brat packer edition:

Charlie Sheen
Matt Dillon
Robert Downey Jr.

Simone, why cliff Obi? I guess it matters which Obi we're talking about... Ewan McGregor is one of the hottest men on this planet. Mmmm...

Cliff Charlie Sheen (sorry, Martin, love you but your son's an ass)
Shag Robert Downey Jr (a mess, but I could manage a pity shag)
Marry Matt Dillon (although I wouldn't be giddy about it or anything)

Drily amusing songwriters:

Lyle Lovett
Randy Newman
John Hiatt

Lyle Lovet - marry (he seems like a good person)

Randy Newman - shag (good sense of humor)

John Hiatt - cliff (have no idea who he is - so off the cliff he goes)

Next set:

Lenny Kravitz
Mick Jagger
Paul McCartney

I've got terrible timing. I don't even know what John Hiatt looks like. OK, he looks a little haggard.

I'm gonna have to cliff Randy Newman, because back when I was a short kid, stupid people didn't recognize the parody aspect of "Short People" and mocked me. John Hiatt doesn't appeal to me enough to spend my life with him, so I'd have to shag him. That leaves Lyle Lovett, who doesn't look so shaggable, but if Julia Roberts married him, why couldn't I?

Men in the media business who irk me:

Howard Stern
Bill O'Reilly
Rush Limbaugh

(It's gonna be a tough battle to stay off the cliff!)

(Oops, I was too slow.)

Cliff Howard Stern- Can't stand him.
Shag Rush Limbaugh since I couldn't live with him.
Marry Bill O'Reilly and live on the West Coast (he in the East.)

Here are mine-
Roger Moore
Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan

I got the dream dates, babes! Shag em all!

Cliff Pierce
Shag Roger
Marry Sean

Kenny Rogers
Kenny Chesney
Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins dead, oops!

Kenny Rogers
Hank Williams, Jr.
George Jones

Okay, I hope I'm not too slow here.
And, Kenny Loggins is dead?? I don't know...I googled and didn't find anything like that, hmm.

I'll do both though, just to be on the safe side.

Kenny Rogers - Marry
Kenny Chesney - Shag
Kenny Loggins - Cliff

Kenny Rogers - Marry
Hank Williams, Jr. - Shag
George Jones - Cliff

Late nighters:

Conan O'Brian
David Letterman
Jay Leno

Cliff George Jones
Shag Hank Williams Jr (he is too cute!)
Marry Kenny Rogers (Islands in the sun here we come)

gosh coming up with three of a kind is hard...

Homer Simpson
Hank Hill
Family Guy

Guess he's not...maybe just his music!

I'm sorry but I couldn't shag or marry ANY of the above 3 so I guess I'll cliff them all and be lonely. :(

Keifer Sutherland
Dave Matthews
Mark Wahlberg

and yea I'd do all 3 baby!!!

Marry - Keifer (big 24 fan)
Shag - Mark Wahlberg (hot)
Cliff - Dave Matthews (no real reason!)

professional athletes, anyone ?

Tom Brady
Lance Armstrong
Derek Jeter

This is fun!

These are tough choices but......

Cliff: Dave Matthews
Shag:Mark Wahlberg (he's too young to marry)
Marry: Keifer Sutherland


Denzel Washington
Toby Keith
Bon Jovi

Cliff: Toby Keith (I'd like to put a boot up HIS ass)

Shag: Bon Jovi (ahh...80's rocker fantasy)

Marry: Denzel-he's G&D, and a good family man.

Ok here's mine:

Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Liam Gallagher (Oasis)
Robbie Williams

There are currently two selections on the board so do I need to answer both? I will... not like I really want to work today.

Tom Brady -- cliff
Lance Armstrong -- marry (mostly because I am drag ass lazy and i wouldn't have to move)
Derek Jeter -- shag


Denzel Washington -- um, marry
Toby Keith -- can i catapult him over the cliff?
Bon Jovi -- shag

OK... US TV Reality "Stars"

Trista's Ryan (bachelorette)
Constantine (American Idol)
Bo (Survivor 235?)

Y'all totally missed the rockers set Bridget put out!

Next set:

Lenny Kravitz -- SHAAAAAG!!!
Mick Jagger -- cliff (you said to kill you if you were still making music at 40, Mick, remember???)
Paul McCartney -- Marry.

Now for reality stars:
Trista's Ryan (bachelorette)
Constantine (American Idol)
Bo (Survivor 235?)

Constantine is a definite shag. I don't watch reality tv (I know C's cousin), so I don't know who the others are. However, I'm sick enough of the whole Trista & Ryan thing that Ryan gets cliffed. Guess that means I marry Bo?

Next set:
Yakko Warner
Wakko Warner
Dot Warner

dot - cliff...sorry hon
shag - yakko
marry - wakko, i'd never be bored.

ok, my list:

Jeff Gordon
Tony Stewart
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

did i scare you all away?

hmm..maybe i'll answer my own and come up with new:

Cliff - gordon
shag - stewart
marry - Dale

New group:


Gil Grissom
Nick Stokes
Warrick Brown

Cliff - Tony Stewart (just b/c I don't know who he is)
Shag - Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Marry - Jeff Gordon

OK, how about:

Bjorn Borg
John McEnroe
Jimmy Conners

beachgal - I'll totally answer the NASCAR questions, since I don't know CSI so well.

Cliff - Tony Stewart
Shag - Jeff Gordon
Marry - Little E

OK, here's mine:

Tim McGraw
Tim Allen (from the show Home Improvement)
Tim Burton (directed Edward Scissorhands)

Cliff:Tim Allen
Shag: Tim McGraw
Definitely Marry: Tim Burton.

New Group (if anyone knows...)

Robert Smith (The Cure)
David Gahan (Depeche Mode)
Morrissey (The Smiths or well, just Morrissey)

Two sets are up so here goes:
Bjorn- Shag
John- Cliff
Jimmy- Marry

The Tims
McGraw- Shag
Allen- Marry
Burton- Cliff

Here are mine, Reality TV hosts:
Jeff Probst (Survivor)
Chris (Bachelor/Bachelorette)
Phil Koegan (Amazing Race)

*Pouting* Well, guess I'll just answer my own, since they were skipped!

Chris Martin: marry, I want to be Gwenyth Paltrow!

Liam Gallagher: too high maintenance and fugly, so he's cliffed

Robbie Williams: shagadelic baby!

i don't know the reality hosts...so i'll do the Tims as well:

McGraw- definately cliff- YUCK!
Burton- Shag- visionary artists are super sexy!
Allen- Marry- probably rolling in it and easy to boss around!

Here's Mine:

Dick Cheney
Dan Quayle
John Edwards

Don't know much about Pavarotti, so he goes off the cliff. Shag Ozzy, marry Rod with the understanding that he bathe and groom himself regularly.

OK, lemmie think here.

Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, George W. Bush

Cliff: DUBYA. No question.
Shag: Blair (and then I'd throw him off the cliff immediately after. Doesn't say I can't do that)
Marry: Dick Cheney. He'll be dead soon and he has money.

I'll do the US pols and the missed Reality hosts -

Dick Cheney - Snag (but under *much* duress)
Dan Quayle - Cliff (I'm from IN, and I've had enough)
John Edwards - Marry (he's wealthy and a dem, could be worse.)

Jeff Probst (Survivor) - shag, saw him on a celeb blackjack thing, he's actually quite smart
Chris (Bachelor/Bachelorette) - Cliff, not a fan of the show, so..
Phil Koegan (Amazing Race) -marry, cause, damn...

OKay - ER actors

Anthony Edwards
Noah Wiley
George Clooney

I'll probably be one of 20 answering this but:

Shag - Clooney (he doesn't do marriage)
Marry - Anthony Hopkins ( tons o' moola)
Cliff - Noah Wiley - has been

Now the woulda coulda shoulda group:

Jim Morrison
Curt Cobain
Michael Hutchence

Oh my, what choices! I had to de-lurk for this game.

Cliff- Michael Hutchence
Shag- Jim Morrison
Marry- Curt Cobain

That was a tough one.

Next up:
Michael Jackson
Boy George
George Michael

LOL..Kirsten- non of the above are even straight! But I'll try..
Cliff- Michael Jackson
Shag- George Michael
Marry- Boy George
ER actors, cause I love them:

Cliff- damn this is hard. Sorry Anthony, but you're the least cute.
Shag- Clooney, definately Clooney
Marry- Noah Wylie, totally!

And in the international politics division..
Jacques Chirac
Robert Mugabe (yeah, okay, so I had to go to CNN to find someone)
John Howard

Okay, I'm going to do the skipped CSIs:

Cliff - Gil Grissom (shut up bug man!)
Shag - Nick Stokes
Marry - Warrick Brown (have you *seen* those eyes??)

and now- Kirsten, you are *evil*, so I have to go with cliffing Boy George and Michael Jackson, and I'll marry george Michael to my gay best friend.

whoops, forgot to add my three- the Dawson's Creek boys...

Dawson Leery
Pacey Witter
Jack McPhee

KC, woman, are you mad?? Someone must sacrifice themselves, I WILL shag Warrick Brown. Repeatedly. Good God, yes, REPEATEDLY.

Needed to be said.

I have to go back:

Luke: Cliff
Han : Shag
Obi-Wan: Marry so I can shag repeatedly.

Ok, here's a spin:

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Oh, don't want to leave out the Dawson's boys

Dawson: Cliff
Jack: Shag
Pacey: Marry, again for the repeated shag action.

I have never watched Dawson's Creek. Sorry!

Here's my three:

Mr. Rogers
Steve from Blue's Clues
Barney the Dinosaur


Okay, well, that's easier than the guys I think, because they're all obnoxious.

Cliff-Jennifer Love Hewitt, one too many stupid movies

Marry-Jennifer Garner

Shag-Jennifer Aniston, just because she's been with Brad Pitt!

Next Three:

Jeff Corwin
Steve Irwin
Ruud Kleinpaste

All from Animal Planet shows.

Cliff: BARNEY (Is there ANY QUESTION??)
Shag: Steve (although the minivan is a strike against him)
Marry: Mr. Rogers. It would definitely be a sham marriage since I'm a lesbian! :)

So, my three are (although Meg beat me to it):

Rosie O'Donnell
Ellen Degeneres
Jodie Foster

OOOH!! I know I already played, but...but... Can I marry Jeff Corwin? I love him!

Hmmm, not sure I understand how this works but I'll give it a shot.

Pavarotti - cliff
Rod Stewart - shag, I suppose
Ozzy - Marry! Of course, look how much he loves his wife! He's the marrying kind!

The late great Mr. Rogers - Far too noble to do anything but love unconditionally like a grandfather.

Steve - Isn't he gay? Okay, shag.

Barney - Marry. Seriously, isn't he gay too? I think I could swing an anullment on that one.

Here are mine...

Russell Crowe - Cliff, sorry but he seems like an asshole. I don't mean that in the good way either!
Clooney - Shag baby! Oh, yes! Repeatedly!
Johnny Depp - Marry, in a heartbeat! Shag daily for the rest of my life.

This was fun, T! Thanks!

Rosie O'Donnell = cliff. mostly for her hideous haircut
Ellen Degeneres = marry. she is hilarious and fun.
Jodie Foster = shag.

My Three:

Lindsey Lohan
Britney Spears
Mary Kate Olsen

Lindsey - Cliff (hate her)
Britney - Shag (I bet she's always horny)
Mary Kate - Marry (duh, the money!)

My Three are:

50 Cent?
Snoop Dog

I'm sorry, but Lindsey, Britney AND Mary Kate would all be off the cliff like lemmings. Boot!

Ok, here are 2 sets of three, to appeal to a wider audience (and cause I couldn't decide which gender to do, no pun intended...)

Dark haired actresses:
Angelina Jolie
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Lucy Lawless

Characters Johnny Depp has played:
Capt Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean
Roux - Chocolat
Sam - Benny & Joon

Delurking to play.
Cliff Lindsey
shag Britney(she says the sex is good!)
marry Mary Kate Olsen

My Three:
Tom Cruise
Nick Lachey(sp)
Brad Pitt

Oh yeah....
Cliff: Tom Cruise - just a little too wierd for me (although my teenage soul is screaming in protest)
Shag: Nich Lachey - jessica seems like an idiot and why would I want to marry a man who married an idiot.
Marry: Brad Pitt - ok, so his track record isn't great, but oh to look at him everyday. oh my oh my.

My choices:
Matt Lauer (NBC)
Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)
Tom Brokaw


Playing again...

Cliff = Brokaw. Too boring.

Shag = Lauer. Only because I want to marry Jon Stewart

Marry = Jon Stewart :) he is hilarious and smart.

Next three:
Barbara Bush (the old one)
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Condoleeza Rice

Ok, coming back for a second turn. I don't think that anyone picked this one up, but I am a big fan of this list. As is presents unique challenges...

Robert Smith (The Cure)-- cliff, but only after a good shagging.
David Gahan (Depeche Mode)-- shag... Morrissey (The Smiths or well, just Morrissey) -- marriage, even though a good shagging is not very likely.

God, I am a sucker for an 80's alt hero.

Hey, you can't do that! I'm not getting stuck with the women. Besides, there aren't any Jews in that group, and I have to marry a Jew. Put some men up there, and I'll play.

Shit forget another round... ummmm.



I played and there weren't any women. Have a little fun... :)

T'pon, you didn't leave 3 men for me!

Geez, what does a girl have to do to get some choices around here?

Oh, okay:

Cliff: Hemingway (too damned depressing)

Shag: Faulkner (he's so cool, he's gotta be a good lover)

Marry: Kipling (loved Rikki Tikki Tavi and am convinced he'd be a stupendous father.

Okay, your challenge:

Benjamin Netanyahu
Tony Blair
Jaque Chiraque

Little House:

Mr. Olsen

Cliff: Blair
Shag: netanyahu
Marry: Chiraque

Then see, Little House above

um, I meant Chirac

Cliff: Manley
Shag: Pa
Marry: Mr. Olsen (show me the money!)

Form Lost:

Fine, Jen. Let it not be said that I don't know how to have fun.

Cliff: Hilary Clinton (if Bill wouldn't even do her, she must be bad)

Shag: Barbara Bush (it's just once, right?)

Marry: Condaleeza Rice (we'd make a nice inter-racial minority couple)

cliff: Charlie
shag: Sawyer

More authors:

Tom Clancy
Stephen King
John Grisham

Well, I haven't watched Lost. (A newborn and a toddle will do that to you!)

So I'll go back a bit.

Brokaw = cliff
Lauer = shag
Stewart = marry

BUT (and I can't belive no one has posted these three yet) here are mine.

Marko (Tertia's)
Paul (Julie's)
Steve (Julia's)


Aw, geez. Hate to do this to anyone's partnr, but:

Cliff - Paul, becuase he's just too damn nice;
Shag - Marko, since it would be nice to be told I was G&D;
Steve - marry, becuase everyone should do it once.

Some extreme geekiness here - Star Trek captains


Oh I am soooo glad I got the star trek captains.

Shag all of them. but if I must....

cliff Sisko
shag kirk (he's gotta be great with all that practice he's had)
marry Picard

and my three...

80's sitcom heartthrobs
Kirk Cameron
Michael J Fox
Malcom Jamal Warner

Sorry, there was a good one way back that I really want to do ;)
Characters Johnny Depp has played:
Capt Jack Sparrow - cliff 'im
Roux - shag, shag, shag, shag, shag
Sam - Marry. He's a little unstable, but he cleans house!

Now back to our regularly scheduled game:
Picard - cliff. Too predictable, too married to his career. After all, he and Dr. Crusher worked side-by-side for how many years and he never acted on their feelings?
Kirk - Oh, definitely shag. He must be good - he even shagged a green bitch.
Sisko - Marry. He's thoughtful, affectionate, extremely intelligent, based at a space station, and really, really busy so he wouldn't be around enough to get on my nerves!

My list (just for you, Wessel ;) ):
King David

Okay, then I'll do Erin's list:

Cliff - Malcolm (sorry, I'm sure he's nice)
Shag - Michael J Fox
Marry - Yummy Kirk Cameron

My list (the Coreys):
Corey Hart
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim

I'll play the 80's guys:
Malcom: cliff -- he was always a big whiner on the Cosby show
Shag: Kirk, cause I'd rather marry MJF
Marry: Michael J Fox, a hottie and a nice guy.

Here are my 3:

Ok, I'm going back to do the Corey's first.

Corey Hart - Cliff
Corey Feldman - Marry
Corey Haim - Shag

Skipper - Cliff
Gilligan - Shag
Professor - Marry

My 3 are:

Arnie Schwarzenegger
Sly Stallone
Jean-Claude Van Damme

cliff: Professor
shag: skipper
marry: gilligan

Ok - Days of our live stars

Peter Reckell (Bo)
Drake Hogestyn (John)
John Aniston (Victor)

I know those are hard! LOL

Oh God, I am so old. You are reminding me that I was hot for Rod in junior high/high school. And now he is marrying someone (else) younger than me! Oh well, I'd shag him for old times sake.

oooh oooh ooh!!! I will do the DOOL group! I'm such a sucker for that soap, even as corny as it has become!!!

CLIFF: John Aniston - I just don't like his smile, and I like the other two better
SHAG: Drake Hogestyn - good looking and athletic (whee!) - I'd marry him it weren't for
MARRY:Peter Reckell - because I have pined for this man since EVER. No kidding. I grew up on DOOL and can remember most of the original cast...Bo has always made me a little tingly!

If anyone out there is still wanting to play, here are my three:

Santa Claus
Easter Bunny
Tooth Fairy

I'll play again Judy.
Cliff- Tooth fairy
Shag-Easter Bunny
Marry-Santa Claus
Now...classic cartoon characters for anyone else...

Buggs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Mickey Mouse

Daffy Duck - Cliff because the speech impediment would drive me nuts.
Bugs - Shag because he is so darn cute and eats healthy.
Mickey - Marry because he must have big bucks with all the merchandising.

My selection is three of the Fab Five Queer Eye guys:


Mickey Mouse: cliff
Daffy Duck: shag
Bugs Bunny: marry

Out of three San Antonio Spurs:

Manu Ginobili
Tim Duncan
Tony Parker

If you're not familiar with any of those, then pick from the following Desperate Housewives's husbands:

Bree's husband, Rex
Gabrielle's husband, Carlos
Lynette's husband, Tom

Cliff Ginobili
Shag Parker
Marry Duncan

Mine are three of the Ocean's 11/12 boys:
Danny (George Clooney)
Rusty (Brad Pitt)
Linus (Matt Damon)

Oh! Thank you, projgen! Okay, here goes:

Cliff: Moses (poor anger control--shouldn't have broken those tabs or struck that rock, and anyway, I wouldn't have wanted to go into Israel without my husband)

Shag: King David (he's a ladies' man, after all)

Marry: Abraham (because he listens to his wife)

PROJGEN, here are some just for you:

Rav Akiva

Shag Danny (who wouldnt)
Cliff Linus (out of the three, hes the least hot)
Marry Rusty... come on, you know you would too!

My choices are:


This is a good game T, I like this, I'll do Moniques men'(I'll do 'em all if she wants!) I think they were passed over

Cliff - Carlos (he's a bit of a hottie but not to be relied upon financially!)
Shag - Rex (he's gotta fun streak)
Marry - Tom (he could be good with kids, but it's not an issue here)!

Cliff - Pavarotti (he'd probably be a demanding prima donna)
Shag - Rod Stewart (it's only once, right?)
Marry - Ozzy (mostly he wouldn't know who/or where you were and what you were doing with his money...heee heee heee)

Mine are :-

Your RE
Your Anaesthetist
Your IVF nurse!

Sorry, I have to do these:

Shag: Mr. Rogers (then cliff)
Marry: Steve from Blue's Clues (he's CUTE! In that clidlike stupid way...)
Cliff: Barney the Dinosaur (SO easy, DIE DIE DIE!!!)

Can I shag ALL of them? I can't cliff any, but marry is a hard one split btwn Warrick and Nick. Gil is too married to his job, and besides he needs to either get Sara or Lady Heather - yum lady heather!)
Gil Grissom
Nick Stokes
Warrick Brown

Marry: Alton Brown I love this man, I think he's nuts, but damn that would make life fun.
Shag: Mario Batali he's cute!
Cliff: Bobby Flay SO easy, I HATE HATE HATE him.

Well, since I'm not involved with these people yet...I can't really say, but in general:

Cliff: Your RE - I hate doctors, always poking and prodding in the bad way.
Marry: Your Anaesthetist - these people cost as much as the doctor, I MIGHT get a discount if I marry one
Shag: Your IVF nurse - as the only thing left, might as well, but I reserve the right to cliff them right afterwards.

My addition:

Julie (alittlepregnant) linked above
Grrl (chezmiscarriage) linked above
Cecily (wastedbirthcontrol) www.zia.blogs.com/wastedbirthcontrol/

I thought about throwing tertia in there for fun, but... ;-)

I love ya all!

Cliff Julie because, apparently, she's an asshole.
Shag Cecily because we all know she does the oral.
Marry Grrl because she makes those apple pancake thingies. And would keep me in dark humor for years.

My 3 and identify their commonality:

Paris Hilton
George Hamilton
Ricardo Maltiban (sp?)

I have no idea who the last 2 are therefore I can't come up with the commonality so I'm going with:

Marry Paris for the money.
And are the other two dead? So I would throw them both over the cliff & not shag anyone!!!

I have no idea who the last 2 are therefore I can't come up with the commonality so I'm going with:

Marry Paris for the money.
And are the other two dead? So I would throw them both over the cliff & not shag anyone!!!

My three are: (based on TV show Gilmore Girls)

Oh, I shall play again!

I haven't watched Gilmore Girls recently so not sure who Logan is so:

Cliff Logan, Marry Luke, Shag Jess

No idea the commonality between Hilton, Montalban and Hamilton (perhaps the tan?)

New trio:

Mickey Mouse
Mighty Mouse
Speedy Gonzales (yep, another rodent)

Cliff all the hairy rodents! I don't do mice :)

My three, (actors who have at one point or another starred or had nookie with Gwyneth.)

Ethan Hawke

Brad Pitt

Ben Affleck (yeah, I know, his reputation with women sucks but I would do him.)

Cliff Ben, Shag Ethan, Marry Brad (Yummy)

How about some superhero action:

Mr. Incredible

Peter Reckell...Shag

Drake Hogestyn...marry

John Aniston...Cliff

Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr.

I did not read all the comments sorry if it is a repeat!!!

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