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Purpose darling. Very full of purpose.

There are ways around that though & you friends will help you out. My thought?

Maybe acting like you don't notice & then handing him said child & ask him to watch over while you do something equally (to him) disdainful. He may offer to do other task, and HEY!, you were already going to be the one in charge of the smelly task, so at least you achieved getting something else taken care of without your doing it. Or if you stay away long enough to the alternative task you could add on a few others until he is really stuck with the goods & will realize he's being assholish if he doesn't rise to the ocassion.

*feeling very clever for my friend T*

Thank you, I'll be here all week....

Hmm, In my case my Darling Husband could not smell a pooey nappy if I rubbed it in his face, my beutiful father however can not only smell one at 10 metres but will actually change it (has taken 60 years of training to achieve this level of perfection!)

definately, without doubt, on purpose.

Totally deaf during the night, some are.

TOTALLY on purpose.

Oh it's on purpose alright. They know we'll change it if they let it go long enough.

Bastages. Good thing we love em.

Absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt on purpose.

Absolutely on purpose. I would swear my husband could not smell a thing.

Boulder's idea does work. The other task does not have be something distasteful either.

Go for it.

They claim their shit don't stink so maybe it is possible... ;)

Seriously though... I think it's definitely on purpose.

It's called selective smelling, just like we have selective hearing, we can tune things out, they can tune out smells. Same thing seems to happen when the cat coughs up a hairball, everyone ignores it, figuring Mum will do it.

Use the old, "It's your turn" approach.

Definitely on purpose. It's just like them saying they didn't hear the baby at 3:00am. Yeah, right - the screaming and yelling ten feet from your ears you can't hear, but you can tell what kind of car someone is driving by the sound of the engine from 5 miles away? Please. Okay, maybe that's just my husband.

That, my dear, is SO on purpose. I like Boulder's idea ;-)

So far I am the only one to comment who seems to have a husband who actually does change the diapers. Why do I feel slightly guilty? He also gets up in the night for all of the "PA's" (pacifier alerts). Thankfully there aren't many of those, but he is the "night attendant" basically as well. He is the SAHD, and I usually take my shift the minute I get in from work, but honestly, I feel really blessed.

Besides, with the diapers my little darling deals out, NO ONE is in any doubt that it is stinky. *lol*

It's all on purpose...all on purpose

My husband is also a diaper-changer AND he takes care of the babies at night.
When they both had colic, he always took the most unhappy baby even though he was going to work the next day.
He is a good man.
I guess I should keep him!

TOTALLLY and Completely on purpose no matter what they say to the contrary.

My husband is pretty good at changing the diapers, but he can sleep through the loudest night time wailing.

I agree with Heather. Men seem to have the unique "ability" to turn various senses on and off at will. Didn't smell the diaper, didn't hear the baby, didn't see the empty toilet paper roll, didn't feel the dog pawing the bed at 5:00 am and did taste the sour milk but still put it back in the refrigerator.

We both pull diaper duty very willingly, but when it comes to the stink bombs, we both tend to ignore until the other one can't stand it any longer (or Tyler screams about sitting in poop!). It is a silent battle, sometimes I win, sometimes I gag and quickly lose!

I don't know, in our house not smelling it doesn't get you out of doing it. Often Andy will wind up being the one to change the diaper, but will hold Charlie's butt up for me to sniff. I can tell with certainty whether he has gass or an icky diaper, I report, and Andy does the changing.

He also does nighttime wakings, but we do have to put the monitor next to his head, otherwise he sleeps through it. But he sleeps through anything, including thunderstorms and, you know, granades and stuff.

Everyone does their share of baby wrangling at our house.

Same reason they can't see dirty dishes or understand that the laundry needs to be folded.

I'm feeling a little guilty too. When the babies were little and still nursing I got up every night. I heard them as soon as they moved and got up to them. Since they both now sleep through the night for the most part, I somehow manage to sleep right through the crying if one of them wakes up for some reason. I have no idea why or how this happens but I honestly don't hear anything. Brian will tell me in the morning that one or other of them was up and I'm sure he is skeptical him when I say I didn't hear anything!!

On the diapers we tend to take turns!! I know, I'm lucky! I think it has something to do with the fact that he is one of 7 children, there are drawbacks though, imagine all those in-laws!!

It's on purpose. I've had DH's friends tell me so! =P

Mine doesn't pull the "can't smell it" card, he just tells manchild to go tell Mommy that there is a poop in the diaper. Nice.

For sure on purpose!!! LOL

Selective Olfactory Dysfunction

Completely on purpose, and very annoying.

My husband can smell perfume from a mile away, but a dirty diaper? Nope.

Of course, a certain young lady will attempt to chnage her own diaper now, and that tends to get him running to help (the mess she makes is definitely the worser evil.)

I'm going to be the voice of dissent here and say that I honestly don't think they can smell it. Here's why: I don't have kids yet and I can't smell it either. I think it's one of those things many people have to acquire when they have kids, like mommy ears and mommy sixth sense and mommy eyes in the back of your head and mommy ability to see potentially dangerous situations well before anyone else does. I have years of experience babysitting infants and toddlers, but I simply cannot ever tell via smelling when the diaper needs changing. Ever. It is not out of laziness, as I have no problems with diapers. I just don't smell it. I swear! Just thought I'd put my two cents in on their behalf....

Still better than a husband who tells you "Our(!) daughter's got a poopy diaper" - and then simply drops into bed next to you...

I could have tarred and feathered him!

Not that I'm defending the man-species, but considering they can't tell when THEY smell bad, when they've stunk up the bathroom, when the dog's farted, etc., etc., ad naseum, can we honestly expect them to be able to smell poopy diapers?

I worry for my someday, hopefully, please G-d I'll have one, future child - if I'm not home, I fear the poor kid will wallow in his/her own muck all day. Hmmm... maybe we can train the dog to notify the dad?

On purpose of course.

Then again, right now Emily is quite *LOUD* when pooping so he can't deny it is happening. If he's the one holding her it is all his, baby, and he knows it.

Neither of us is scared off by a crap.

Geo is fabulous about changing poopy diapers. He gives me the full report later, and it always goes something like this: "It was HUGE. Biggest one she's ever had. Took ten wipes." I think this is so I will appreciate his effort.

I inherited from my father a very weak sense of smell. Comes in very handy. Only the most acrid get through to me. I usually have to peek into a leg hole to see what's really going on.

Really, though, all I have to say is, "I think she needs a diapey change," and Geo is ON IT. He's really quite a guy.

Totally on purpose.

On purpose.

As for the night, I think he really can sleep through the crying going on right next to him (his snoring stops for no one).

I think it's because men are made out of snails and puppy dog tails...so naturally they just don't smell it since it's what they are made out of!

I believe the proper term for this is selective smelling and it’s very similar to another condition known as selective hearing. Luckily (at least for the time being) selective hearing is mostly commonly found in teenagers.

Actually my husband changes all kinds of diapers, wet and poopy. I trained him pretty well. When he comes home after work, if I smell a poopy diaper, I will say, can you check her diaper? I need to make dinner/go to bathroom/get a glass of water, or whatever excuse I can come up with. HAH :)

It took my husband quite some time to adjust to the smells of our dog's canned food without gagging. I have a feeling that when diaper duty comes to our home, I'll be stuck with it most of the time. But Greg is likely to get up in the middle of the night whn I need him to. I'm much better at pretending to be asleep than he is.

Amen to that! I think they just want the woman to do it.


I'm lucky enough to have a husband that changes diapers, gets up at night and takes the baby on errands when I need a break. Although, a lot of time we share the task- one holds lifts the butt and the other wipes. However my BIL is not like that. He doesn't even pretend it doesn't smell, he TELLS her that the baby needs to be changed!

We have the rule that whoever finds it, cleans it. I've had to practically not breathe in until I could hand the kid over to my husband and say "do you smell something?"

Men seem to have selective hearing and sense of smell. Maddening and NOT to be encouraged!

BTW, met a friends friend for lunch today and she brought along her 6 week old baby. MELLLLLLLT, I think I actually drooled a bit. Babies are so precious and beautiful, enjoy yours a bit for me today will you? No more babies for me, (but damn if I will be the most adoring Gramma someday!)

It's on purpose.... My hubby does it ALL THE TIME!!!!

*That* is the age-old question!


Yes, that's my husband's arm in that picture.

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