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Wow, that sounds totally crazy! We MUST be living in the dark ages in Sydney, I've only ever heard of pre-paid mobile phones.
I don't think I like the idea for me, I'd properly always forget about it and then find myself having cold showers and no coffee in the morning.
Good idea though - especially if you live in a shack. Although I always imagined people that lived in shacks just had candles. I never knew of high-tech shacks! I wonder if there's shacks with high speed internet, jaffle makers, and 64 inch televisions? I don't think I'd like living in a shack at all.

Tertia=G&D nerd.

The pre-paid thing is very interesting. We too have pre-paid cell phones, etc. But haven't heard of pp-electricity in US. The way you tell it, the idea makes sense - giving access to technology & electricity, etc to those who don't have credit available to them.

I wonder if the ecomony here would shut down if it made a shift to buying only what you could afford in the given moment. That hasn't been the American way for some time now - generations in fact.

TERTIA!!! I totally set up my gmail account on my own - took 5 minutes. Therefore am more g&d than you in that regard! Haha - I wiiiieen. I completely HATE pre-paid electricity. Feels like is always a monkey on your shoulder waiting for you to run out. Always felt cursed by it - but hey that's just me. Email me on gmail acc as above

WAIT!! - we also have pre-paid IVF.

Now, what you use for currency is your choice (check, cash, credit), but it MUST be paid for before any expense on the RE's part. You can pre-pay as you go, or pre-pay the entire amount.

Are RE's very fashion forward in this thought?

Pre-paid electricity is pretty common in the UK, too. My first flat had an old coin meter (ate 50p's, pain in the arse), but since then I've had it billed. It's the same - low-income people prepay using a coin meter or top-up swipe card, but I don't think it's as widespread as in SA.

and yay for gmail!

What's A5?

Had prepaid electricity when I lived in the UK (yep, the ol' 50p meter) and I hated it too. Like getting to a fabulous will-they won't-they moment in The X Files and having the TV go off, and having to scritch around in the pitch dark looking for more 50p's. Or no power halfway through the macaroni and cheese in the microwave. Luckily a mate gave us a master key that opened the meter box and when the power went off, we'd just open the box, take out the coins we'd previously deposited and use them again. Of course, we replaced them later when we had change. Yah, right ;)
Couldn't see it taking off here in Australia, but you're right Tertia, good for people who can't get credit. I'd rather have someone text me to tell me the power will be cut off in 24 hours unless I cough up, and then I pay it online ASAP.
We have prepaid mobile phones here but that's about it I think. Maybe we had coin operated meters in the past. Must ask my olds - I'm too young to remember :)

Paying up front would work if I actually could get ahead and pay off some of my bills! However, when I started charging my utility bill to my cc I knew I was in trouble!

I'm gonna have to find SOMETHING that pays pretty soon or we'll be in the dark!

Ok ok I take it back - YOU are the ruler of all you survey. I bow to your superior intellect oh wise one. Now tell me how to hook up Outlook to Gmail dammit. (I can totally hook you up - haha)

I have a prepaid Virgin phone because when I did the cell phone on contract thing it went to waste. I rarely use my cell phone, so it is perfect for me to be able to add $20 to it every other month.

Also, I'm famous for losing cell phones.

I love my prepaid cell phone!!!

Well, we do have prepaid cell service, and prepaid electric sounds like a good idea, as I personally hate getting a bill that's much higher than I'm anticipating. The problem for me, though, would be having to plan ahead so as to have money for electricity! That would be terrible, as I can't manage money for the life of me (shameful, I know...).

On another note - your writing style makes me laugh sometimes! I particularly love the "Am v cool in nerdy-type way." You're too funny (and g&d!!!).

I lived in Germany in the late 90s and we had prepaid cell there too and I LOVED it. So much easier to manage. You talk until you are broke. end of story. We didn't pay for incoming calls on the cell either. When I moved back to the USA I missed it honestly. Now I am back in Germany and loving the prepaid cell.

Prepaid is really a win-win deal.

Another Jen,
I think A5 is a paper size, close to 8 1/2 x 11" like we have in the U.S.

your resident translator strikes again!

Short answer:
A5 is about half the size of 8 1/2 x 11.

Long answer
A (and B) paper sizes are a very clever innovation because everything is proportionate to everything else and you can tell by the number how big or small it is. A4 is almost equivalent to 8 1/2 x 11. If you fold an A4 in half, you get A5. If you put 2 A4s next to each other you get A3 (much like an 11x17). And so on.. 2 A3s make A2, 1/2 an A5 is an A6. You also have B paper sizes, which follow the same principle but the sides are in different proportions to one another.

The proportions of A paper are not quite the same as 8 1/2 x 11, i forget the exact lengths of the sides. Perhaps (don't quote me) B paper sizes are the same as 8 1/2 x 11...


Can you talk Rose into putting 5 or 10% of her weekly earnings into savings? Whether that be your personal safe/bank et?

I am Rose but in the US and I care for their Dog not a set of twins. My friend offered to set up a savings account for me but I am too daft at the moment just wanting to spend my newly small amount of money I get on me. But in theory the idea is Divine.

What is gmail?

I always had a prepaid mobile at home - loved it because I knew exactly how much I was using.

(can't do it in America - crap and pricey SMS service, and phones hardwired to companies)

I'd like to have the warning partway through the month that I was churning through the power. Except that our phone is cordless, and runs on power, so I could never get more...


I have been reading your blog for a few months and was immediately hooked. You sound like a very interesting, nice, and witty person. You sound like an excellent, loving mother. I like the different questions you ask.

I am not one to ever ask for trouble. I don't like it when people are outright mean to others, or are judgmental, and are just out hurt other people's feelings. So, with that said, I have a question for you. I am feeling embarassed about it, because of that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" stuff. Also, I know that I have a choice whether or not to read your blog.

However, lately you seem to (God, this sounds silly to write) just go on and on about how gorgeous and fabulous you are. I know that is your thing, that you are gorgeous and divine. From the picture that you had up (before the naked babies) I would say that you are very pretty. I don't know if you are just joking, but it is hard for me to sort of relate to you because I feel like maybe you think you are better than everyone else. Am I wrong? Am I missing that maybe you are just being funny and I am foolish enough not to get it?

Stephu - thanks for the translation!!

Now I'll return the favor:

Annie, gmail is an online e-mail service sponsored by Google. It lets you store a TON of e-mail and has some other unique features but the storage is the only thing that really matters to me.

this prepaid electricity thing is about to come to Canada (well, I think it already is in some parts) but where I live it is suppose to be installed in the next couple of years. The only thing that is a bugger about it is the cost of them installing the meter. That is going to make our rates jump by quite a bit. Does sound pretty easy though!

I'm surprised that no one in the US has heard of prepaid electricity. I live in Arizona and when I got my first apartment a few years ago it was offered to me as an option, but I chose the end-of-the-month bills instead. Is AZ the only state that offers that? I don't think it's very popular, but we definitely have it. Strange...

And I just have to add, to Jessica, I personally take Tertia's comments about being gorgeous, divine, etc, as a part of her humor. Rather than making me think that she's full of herself or conceited or whatever else, it gives me the impression that she doesn't take herself too seriously, because it's done jokingly. I seem to remember it being brought up in the past as a sort of empowerment phrase for her and her friends to say to themselves in humor. Like instead of getting down on yourself, you tell yourself you are gorgeous and divine. That's just how I remember it though, so maybe Tertia can fill us in on how she sees it.

The instructions for reading and saving gmail messages using an e-mail clients (like Outlook or Eudora or Thunderbird or whatever) are available from gmail. Just log in, go to Settings, then click on Forwarding and POP, then choose to enable the feature etcetc, then there's configuration instructions for a lot of e-mail clients. A lot of the instructions include little auto-configuration tools, but it's just as easy to do manually, and in general, manual is what I'd recommend:)

I personally use yahoo more cos it's got 1gb of storage (same as gmail? or is gmail more now?) and I'm probably never going to hit that:p and yahoo has my! yahoo and messenger and all sorts of other stuff that I use a lot. But no POP access, so if you want to do the offline replication stuff then gmail's still the way to go.

Also, I hate when people say things like, "I don't intend for this to be rude/hurt your feelings/mean/obnoxious/whatever BUT..." and then lots of exactly that! I mean, how else could you possibly mean it?!
Tertia (besides being g&d) is funny! It's tongue-in cheek! Seriously, I don't mean to be grumpy, but you are a rudesby, to go on her comments and imply that she's conceited, then claim that you don't mean to be mean! (I echoed the sentence structure on purpose by the way.)

Please re-read!

"Sometimes I amaze myself with my extraordinary intelligence. (Not to mention my good looks, wit and charm)

Ok, I can’t lie to you, it wasn’t me who set it up. It was one of the techie dudes at work. But it took great intelligence to delegate said task." (from Tertia's post)

It's witty & funny (henceforth w&f:p)

Tertia, you are hilarious. I never comment (well, except for on the survey post, but you said we HAD TO) but man, I think I might love you. The G&D thing cracks me up daily.

Also, in reference to Jessica, I agree with Gina. That's how I take it, anyway.

And I've never heard of pre-paid electricity. Sounds like a good idea though.

Never heard of pre-paid electric until now, but it sounds very logical! We have pre-paid cellular, but unfortunately, there's a stigma attached to it - only "poor" people (read: losers) have to get pre-paid cell. I think it's getting better (am seeing more friends getting pre-paid), so hopefully that stigma will be gone soon and rather than being seen as "losers" people who use pre-paid will be seen as forward-thinkers who take advantage of plans that help them take advantage of technology.

Ok, am I the only one who thought you were actually putting tokens in the meter? Come on, I can't be?

I have to say, I find that fascinating. So could you theoretically let's say, buy electricity for a neighbor? If you were in a giving mood?

I think the idea of a pre-paid cell phone is great since it's all upfront and especially since the cell phone companies here in the states are so bent on screwing their customers over.

Personally, when i actually get my blog off the ground i intend to totally work Tertia's approach of being gorgeous and devine.

In fact, i am cutting and pasting some of her tartier comments on herself so i can (not a chance) hopefully sound as chic and third world as SHE!!!

I love the 'so last season' comment.

and jessica, to delurk to make a post like that is suicidal. All of Tertia's readers are rabidly protective of her.

Silly Girl!!

The vast majority of people in Aruba have pre-paid cellphones. Mostly to not receive a surprise at the end of the month, and parents also buy them for their children, but control how much is being spent. If you have a post-paid cellphone here, it's sort of a hallmark of being really really rich.

I HAD to go pre-paid while I was in the U.S., because I was an international student and didn't have those magic numbers, the Social Security. That was annoying, because you pay air time in the U.S. Very very expensive.

Jessica, she was poking fun at herself. Jeez, lighten up.

Gina, here in Texas we have flat-rate billing where you pay the same every month based on average use over the year--not really the same as prepaid but that's the only alternative system I'm familiar with. I think prepaid is a great idea. It would save that end-of-the-month shock AND create an incentive to conserve energy.

And I definitely thought there were actual tokens going into the meter. Don't feel bad.

The control freak in me would LOVE prepaid electricity, I'd be monitoring the tokens and keeping a notebook with usage patterns and figuring out whether the kids' Play Station was leading to expensive spikes, etc etc. Now I just pay the bill, with the nagging feeling that I'm probably being ripped off all over the place.

Speaking of "gorgeous and divine," I need a version for my 10 year old boy who is very down on himself lately. Ideas?

Doesn't it get annoying to have to reset all the alarm clocks, VCR's etc.?

Of course we have prepaid mobiles - doesn't everyone - you can also have credit balance on electricty / phone etc whereby you pay a set amount each week so when your account arrives it is already paid -

i think that is pretty neat. you can buy it when you want to- i bet you could buy it for the whole year and not think about it again, couldn't you? that would be nice!

Gina, I'm in S. AZ and never heard of the prepaid option like they have in SA. We too have the option of paying a flat rate monthly and any overage from a lesser bill goes towards the times you go over your normal flat rate. But actual meters...nope not here. But I think it's a FABULOUS idea.

First of all - Jessica, Tertia has stated (somewhere) that ALL women are georgous and divine.

Secondly -- For as little as I use my cell phone, prepaid would most likely be much less expensive.

Thirdly -- re Rose who spends her salary in one week on clothes and shoes -- uh -- yeah -- and --- (LOL)

I want to get my Dad a prepaid cell, because he refuses to get a regular one. But I'm trying to find a gigantic, old-timey shaped phone so that he won't have the trouble of holding a tiny cell up to his gigantic, old-timey shaped ear.

Does anyone know where they sell those?

Northern US states probably can't do prepaid elec because there are laws here about providing the poor with subsidized heat in winter months. No elec or gas can = death.

I want to get my Dad a prepaid cell, because he refuses to get a regular one. But I'm trying to find a gigantic, old-timey shaped phone so that he won't have the trouble of holding a tiny cell up to his gigantic, old-timey shaped ear.

Does anyone know where they sell those?

Northern US states probably can't do prepaid elec because there are laws here about providing the poor with subsidized heat in winter months. No elec or gas can = death.

Crap--if I hit my back button I end up sending to post twice. Why does it do that? I think typepad does that, but other programs don't. Argh. Sorry.

Speaking for a moment with my landlady hat on,I find prepaid electricity a positive boon.Previously, if your tenants left without paying their electricity bills, as happens, you, as landlady, were responsible for paying them. Aaargh. Now, if they dont pay, they can sit and curse the darkness. Nyah. Nyah.

SIR,need info how we can get printed pepaid cards for electricity,need the costs for making these cards.

Hi every one. I have a business in South Africa that handles the selling and management of pre paid utilities. Pre-paid metering is a great thing.
No end of the month bills, no standing in long lines to pay an account, no risk deposits, no extra charges and it goes on.Pre-paid electricity can be managed by your self. You can purchaces one a year.
Pre-paid is the future.


check out this website

Yes I would like to know how do I go about getting electicity put on in my apartment?

I would like to know how do I go about getting electricity put on in my apartment.

I'd also like to know how I can become an employee to sell pre-pay electricity cards.

Thank you.

I think that the pre-paid electricity it's a great idea to rationalize the energy use; and it's good for everyone; could be an option to many users here in Mexico.

Actually i have some cuestions about it, how much the pre-paid electricity cost? it's more expensive than the electricity on a regular conection?

Well, thank you

Pre paid electricity,it may be the only way to get out of the problems.
I live in Guine/Bissau one of the poorest countries in Africa.
We run a small powerhouse and provide the local population with electric power.
As people cannot handle any credit system or whatsoever we have to cover our customers once every week for their energy supply.
We are looking for cheap pre paid KWH (coin)meters, new or rebuilt, to simplefy the system and make it cheaper for the customers.
If you can please help me to find a supplier for this kind of equipment.

Thanks in advanve

I never heard of Prepaid Electicity, but i do know about Electricity Deregulation.

This is cool!


I never heard of Prepaid Electicity, but i do know about Electricity Deregulation.

This is cool!


Does anyone know of prepaid electricity in Houston, Tx.?

Now it has become a very easy job to buy prepaid wireless airtime. The only you need to do is to choose your plan according to your use of airtime. There are so many easy options for you. Comparison today and enjoy your life.

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