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May we please have a link to this wonderful idea? I would love to read more about it. The pics are lovely, what a beautiful gesture.

What a LOVELY thing to do Hyphen, simply lovely.

Thanks for remembering our friend Tertia's family that way.

I also did WalkAmerica this year. And honestly, you (and Julie) were the only reason that I even thought to walk. Before this year I had never 'personally' known anyone that was born too soon, but by simply reading your blog everyday I felt like I should support the March of Dimes. I raised more money than I ever imagined I could have, and am really pleased that it went to such a great cause. Thank you for sharing your story with me and opening my eyes, I had such a great experience!

I'm all choked up. How thoughtful.

I have been contributing to March of Dimes since before finding out about our G & D Tertia. I will be sure to send something extra in my next contribution in memory of all the wonderful friends in the computer who has suffered so greatly.


Heartcrushingly beautiful...

This was an absolutely lovely thing to do, Hyphen. I'm glad Tertia has you on her side.

Oh that is SUCH a nice gesture. I've done Walkamerica for a few years now, and am amazed every year at the number of people who are willing to sponsor me. It really makes you feel good about the state of the world!

Touching, thoughtful, and absolutely divine. Just divine.

Oh, thanks so much for mentioning me. Look at that, I'm famous again. :-)

My own twins were premature, so we started off doing the walk for them. Then we had a whole influx of premies come into our world since last year's walk. This year, we walked for about 10 babies and in memory of Luke and Ben.

When I saw they were having luminaries in memory of those who didn't survive prematurity, I immediately thought of Ben and Luke, so I checked first with Tertia to be sure it was okay and then filled out the forms for the boys.

What a sweet thing to do. Just beautiful.

That is awesomely touching...what a wonderful gift.

Wow, that is so beautiful. What an amazingly touching gesture.

I had never noticed that my Emma and your Luke share a birthday, Tertia.

God bless your boys....

what a wonderful thing to do

What a beautiful thing to do!

What a beautiful gesture.

On this line... I'd like to ask people to please consider signing this...


What a beautiful gesture.


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