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Do I really have to keep telling you?


*fingers in ears, not listening to bitch*

love that map thingy!

Aha... so THAT is why I was bumped off. (I think I had the honour of originally being the first on your map!) I'll stop sulking now!!

Very funny, EXCEEDINLGY funny. Do you know, I've had one on my site for many moons now. I even wrote posts abt it bcs I find it so bloody brilliant. Do you know what I do NOT have on it? Anywahere? A flag from SA. Does this tell you something? Does it? DOES IT?


Get your lazy arse round there and flag me, and then maybe my people will ring your people and we'll talk. Beware of horseys now.

What a fast cow you are though, dahling.

Oh all right, I'll Portie flag you. If I knew you responded to threats so easily I'd have taken that road a long while ago.

Now go get me an ice-cold coke OR ELSE.

That is v. v. cool!

I love that map. And you are soooooo popular...a regular International Superstar!

Damn, I was bumped off too. Off to pout...(because I'm one of those sensitive pisces people you made fun of awhile back). LOL

How cool! I see that you need to do something to attract readers in South America though. We North Americans are Tertia-crazy, however!

Thanks, Tertia! I saw one of those guestmaps on a journal-type blog a few weeks ago and thought it would be neat to have. However, I figured it was something you could only get at that journal site. Now I know I can get it for my blog too!

What an awesome feature! Thanks for doing it and sharing it with everyone!

Just so you know, your bloody map dumped me. ME. Are you dissing me, woman?? Come here and say that to my face. You want i should smack you all the way across the Cape of Good Hope? Which WE PORTIES renamed, BTW, so be appropriately grateful.

Stupid map.

Wow, I can't believe how many Boston readers you have!

Oh my God - I love this! I am a geography junkie - I need this on my site too!!!!

You'll need to sign my guestmap too then! ;o)

I look so cute on the guestmap :) JK

Hey, mine just disappeared, too! Too bad, from Tokyo.

Sadly, your guest map is still dumping people- lots. :( It's so cool though!

i get this "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i clicked on the link. is it me or just bad timing?

Sorry everyone, it is my fault.

Once the map had me back on it, it decided it didn't need to log where everyone else is from.

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