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Oo the babies are so g&d . Kate's doing a fantastic job.

Love his little pug nose!

Love the dribble on Adam's pillow! So cute.

So precious Tertia! I can't believe how much they are growing! :)

It's no surprise your babies are G&D, but still...

They keep getting more G&D every day!
Sending lot of strength your way for next week. It will be tough for a while but it will be manageable and eventually, I am sure you will all adjust to the new routine. Best of luck!

I can't believe how absolutely gorgeous your babies are!

Ow wow, *so* cute! Kate definitely does look like the Good Child.

omg they are just so adorable...brings back a lot of memories of those first milestones w/my two...

love when you post the pics :) !!


I am so amazed at how much Adam looks like a little boy and how much Kate looks like a little girl. You know how some babies you can't tell? With these two there is no mistaking it.

Tertia - They get cuter every day! Thanks or sharing the pictures!

Look at Kate's little face! She's so delish!

Go, Kate!

In the cuteness race, it is still very much a tie. They are so lovely.

O. My. GOD. They are so cute I almost can't stand it.

What precious little creatures! I love Adam's Pug nose! He looks as if he is planning his next move. Kate seems content just lying there.

Thanks for sharing!

Kate really looks like the perfect, little lady!

Adam looks JUST LIKE HIS DADDY! Wow!

Awwwww! I want to eat them they're so adorable!

God time flies...I remember when they were still tucked up in your belly...hhhhhh.

So darling! Love these pictures. I remember that stage with my little guy. They just get more fun as time goes by. Enjoy!

I honest to goodness squeaked out loud when I saw these pics.

Kate is such a girl, Adam is undoubtably a boy, and both are totally G&D.

They're beautiful Tertia.

Absolutely G&D!! The babes are scrumptious!

So beautiful!! I could just cuddle them! You are so lucky, Tertia!

I love how Adam is gazing off into the distance as if he's contemplating what to do next - SO CUTE!!!

I love Adam's profile!! What a cute nose, :)

Beautiful pics! They're doing GREAT!

How have they gotten so big??

SO adorable. You must be one proud Mama Tertia!

Oh, now those are two gorgeous babies, I'll tell you what.
Now I've got that song "Anything you can do, I can do better" going through my head :).

I see Adam is learning to lift his middle finger. Hopefully Kate will not emulate that particular lifting...

Tertia your babes are well babes :) they are beautiful. About the nanny log, I have a book that I write in everyday, it has catagories for Day, Date, Sleep : down/up, medication/accidents, food/ toileting, messages for the family, then a big section for the days story. I normally write what we did, what the kids played with, anything that they did that was particularly funny. It also have a column messages to the family (from the nanny). My boss also likes to know if we are going out to do something, not because she doesnt trust me, it just makes her feel a bit more involved if she knows what her kids are doing day to day and se can ask them about it when she gets home.

hope this helps and good luck for tuesday

Wow, in that profile shot of Adam, he looks like a MAN! I mean, I can totally imagine that picture being of a guy at work, gazing pensively out the window. And Kate always looks so lovely... definitely a little girl.

Do you ever catch a gimpse of them that takes your breath away? Makes you see them as much older, just for a second? With my girls, there would be instances when I'd be looking at them from a particular angle... they'd be holding still... and I'd see a young lady, not a baby! I'd get a lump in my throat every time, but also found it thrilling to see what - perhaps - they might look like in the years to come.

Enjoy every moment with your precious babes. They are totally gorgeous, and look like so much fun!

What great pictures! They are so adorable! :)

I love the drool on the pillow, and Adam has such long fingers! :)

They are so adorable

Looks to me that she's not behind really. Aiden was about there, now at 6 months, he's up on his arms and trying to scoot. He rolls across the floor wherever he wants to go and uses whatever means he can work out to get what he wants. He disliked belly time very very much before he could roll back and forth, and would scream after just a minute on his belly, though he will only sleep on his belly. Makes a lot of sense I know. It's so true that all babies develop differently and at their own pace. I like to let Aiden do his thing and develop as he so chooses. I don't know that I want him crawling yet, he's already so active that he doesn't want to be cuddled much anymore.

just a note to say that i am a new reader...happened upon your blog while trying to waste time at work. love it!
thanks for making my work day that much more bearable!

LOVE the profile of Adam!

Cute cute cute babes!!!

Mummy T,

Great work, look at those very yummy babes!

It really is going by fast, yes?


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