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ENJOY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time!

Oh and Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy 5th Anniversary Tertia! hmm... shopping. I don't think that's the 5th anniversary traditional present. I think the 5th is new tires or something along those lines....

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

1st paper towels
2nd plastic forks
3rd vacumn cleaner
4th riding lawn mower
5th new tires
6th shopping
7th new car
8th Rolex
9th Furs
10th Diamonds... lots of them

I think NEXT year is shopping. Oh well enjoy your sex, sleep and sushi! Know your babes are in great hands so relax and enjoy your special time with Marko!

Happppppyyyy Anniversary dear fwend. I will do a lil duet with Jacques tomorrow in your honour. Islands in the Stream or You Should be Dancing? Your choice. Hehe.

Enjoy the break.
Love u madly

Happy anniversary Tertia! My 5 years is coming up next month--doesn't the time just fly? Seem like it's been no time at all, but can't remember what it was like before on a daily basis? *sigh* Here's to another 5...and another after that...

Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more!!!

Have a wonderful, delicious, romantic, memorable, gorgeous and divine time! Happy Anniversary!

have a great time. happy anniversary, you married such a great guy.

Happy anniversary, Tertia. Have fun!

Happy anniversary!

Happy 5th anniversary. :o)

Have a wonderful, wonderful time. Enjoy that delicious hubby of yours! And we'll be waiting for details. ;-)

Factoring in the time difference between Minneapolis and Cape Town, I'll bet you ARE skipping off into the sunset at this very moment! Good for you. Have a delicious time. And happy anniversary!

Have a wonderful time, Happy Anniversary

HEY. I've been married almost TWELVE YEARS and I've NEVER had a night of the 4 S's.

Oh, wait, I have: snoring, seething, slapping, and sobbing.

Have a FABULOUS time, Tertia dahling. Congrats on your half-decade. Eat some raw for me.

Happy anniversary!! It is our 5 year anniversary also today (assuming today is 4/22 in Africa - I don't do the time difference well). Enjoy!!!

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your time away.

Don't forget to pack your pills

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your night away. Every mom needs it every so often to recharge the ol' batteries.

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. G & D.

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. G & D.


Happy Anniversary Tertia and Marko

Have a wonderful time.

Happy Anniversary Tertia and Marko!!!

Happy anniversary!

I hope dh doesn't read your blog!! We are going away this weekend for sleep, seafood and more sleep!! Shhhh... don't tell him about sex!!!

Happy anniversary, T!

The shopping, sex, and sleep sound good (I guess I could use the sushi for bait).

Happy anniversary!

happy 5th anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary! Have an excellent weekend, and many more happy years!

Happy Anniversary!

Sex! Woo-hoo! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful anniversary, Tertia!

Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do. :)

Happy anniversary! I hope that I'm able to enjoy my marriage and husband as much as you do 4 years from now(my anniversary is this wednesday, one whole year). Enjoy your evening!

Happy Anniversary! Have fun!

Got nothin' here but the shopping...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Have fun, and bring back pics, especially of the sex part ;-)

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Congratulations, we celebrated our 21st anniversary yesterday (21st). Have a wonderful evening

Lurker delurking to say Happy Anniversary! Enjoy a nice quiet evening with your hubby.


Very Happy Anniversary Tertia and Marko! This year is my 5th as well, time flies when you're having fun...or something.


Congrats! Have a great anniversary!

happy anniversary, tertia & marko! may this be only the fifth in a series of many, many more happy years.

See -- the other Tertias are still there! Told ya so! Happy Happy!

Happy anniversary to you and Marko! Enjoy your night out together and I hope you get some special treatment at that hotel.

Congratulations Tertia! Hope you and Marko have a delightful (and well-earned) break.

Happy happy happy! Here's to 50 more. :D

T & M

I cannot think of 2 other people at this moment that are so well deserving of a nice night of love. Happy Anniversary and have an absolute G & D night...hopefully many more to come!

Take care beatiful!

Enjoy yourselves! Have recreational *gasp* sex!
May you have many more happy years together.

enjoy the sleep and let me know exactly how many hours go buy without you feeling that you've forgotten a part of you at home.

Hope you are both having a memorable evening OUT! Congratulations on 5 years of marriage and two beautiful babes :)

"Tertia & Marko shaggin by the sea,

K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Rose with the babies' carriage....."

Enjoy your anniversary darling!


Happy Anniversary dahling! May you have the most arseholy time.

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