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Sadly, I am only this early to comment because it is 4am here and I am up...

You all look beautiful!


OMG! You look exquisite. Honest.
Thin of course.
Hate you.

You and your babies are gorgeous and divine!

You, Adam and Kate-all 3 gorgeous and divine. Thanks for the pics, they made me smile :-)

You my dear are absolutely gorgeous.. Divine even.. Seriously you are gorgeous. And the babies, aren't the the most precious things you have ever seen? Of course they are....

You look very thin! And your arms look lovely and slender. Sigh.

Hmmm, I need to amend my answer to the survey question of "what do you wish I would shut up about" and say "your discussions about any part of you that you may THINK is/are less than beautiful, as gorgeous and divine women have nothing to worry about and are most definately photogenic!"

You look beautiful! Oh! And those babies! Stunning, really!

Oh, those SMILES! Aren't they just the BEST, Tertia? Makes all the hard work somehow more... manageable.

You look beautiful, and surprisingly well-rested! You fake it well, my dear. LOL

Adam and Kate are simply knockouts. Keep posting pics of them - it makes my day!


You all look lovely...what a beautiful family Tertia.


You look amazing, thin and incredibly well rested! I envy you so much... I spent the first 3 months of my baby's life in my pjs, boobs hanging out and sweating like a pig (v.v. hot summer in Argentina !)

Your babies are so cute -- where is the happy father???

T, you've always reminded me of SITC's Carrie - beautiful, immaculate & articulate
....you ooze loveliness.

Just wanted to say: Wow. Those are some mighty beautiful pictures. All of them.

Gorgeous and oh-so-divine. All three of you.

You are ALL gorgeous and divine. Smiles that could light up a room on the lot of you! You look so happy...yay!

Nope... You look great! And so do the kids!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!

The smiling is beyond adorable.

And, darling?

You look like the Aunt of the mom who just had twins, not the mom who just had twins!



How did you doctor those photos? I want to know how you make an exhausted, over-worked, stressed, big-eared woman with an overly generous probiscus look like a gorgeous, divine, glowing beauty with two babes on her arms. Amazing! Please send details immediately (I have a lot of photos to doctor myself).

Hope the wedding was fun, too.

Tertia, you look absolutely radiant and your children are beautiful. Don't be so hard on your looks! Like someone else said earlier, you look like the Aunt not the Mother... I'd never guess you'd given birth a couple of months ago.

That pic of Adam smiling is priceless!

Gorgeous babies, gorgeous mom! You all look fantastic!

you did NOT just have 2 babies. I belive you stole them from someone who actually ended up fat and ugly. Seriously... Divine!!

Oh, and the babies! Delicious!


If you've kept the card from the wedding (i.e. haven't erased it or formatted it or anything). Try the following product:



I have no association with the company, but I was very depressed about loosing a set of pictures, of my kids from Venice (at the Palazzo Ducale), and the program worked! It found all my pictures on the card, and I rescued them. It's really cool, 'cause you can check if it's going to work before buying it.


Gorgeous photos of the babies... but what is that thing smooshed betweeen them?

Oh. Sorry. That must be you.

Everyone has already said it, I'll repeat it, you look gorgeous and divine and certainly NOT like a new mom of twins at all. You are stunning and the babies are beautiful! I really wish you would stop cutting yourself down, you look beautiful and yeah, really thin! I love your smile, your happiness is shining through even though there are the rough moments, you are now a glowing mommy.

Get out. You're ravishing.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! All three of you.

And looking at those last two pics I'm thinking that not only are you getting v.v. thin, me-thinks you're also getting v.v. strong. :) Bet you didn't realize that having twins came with a built in diet (no time to eat) and a weight-lifting regimen. :D

Such a sexy, sexy, pretty little thing.

You and the babies look beautiful.

You look great! So thin!

I hate you.

Look how good you look after TWINS!


You are so thin already! Loser! :o)

I see so much of you in the babies. Its amazing how a picture with you in it brings you into them! What a cute trio!


Everyone has already said it, but you look so thin after having twins! It took me 6 months to lose all the weight. So not only are you gorgeous and divine, but you have super thin genes. Your babies are beautiful - I love Adam's smile.

Love the smiles from Kate and Adam! And you, my dear, look absolutly gorgeous.

Tertia, I am preparing to get TONS of hate mail for saying this but I am going to say it anyway.

I think that your babies are absolutely adorable!! No, that is not the hate mail part. The hate mail part is when I tell you that I truly believe there are some absolutly ugly babies out there. Before I had my first child, I told all my friends to be up front with me about whether or not my baby was ugly. I did not want to be lied to, a mom who was unaware that her little darling ahd gotten the crap end in the looks department. I knew that I would love my baby anyway and I love all my friend's ugly babies too. Ugly babies have their own indescribable charm.

I just had to explain that when I tell you your babies are beautiful, I REALLY mean it! Look at those smiles!!! I have been laughing about their super long legs since they were born. No doubt about who their mommy is!

And you look so happy. What awesome pics!

You and those babies are gorgeous and divine.

The babies and YOU are gorgeous and divine!!

OMG I'd missed this! Oh they're adorable!!!LOVE the dress and you look a bit of alright. Nahh, you look lovely, absolutely.

You just posted those pics of you because you're fishing for compliments aren't you? ;)

Well, I won't have it!

Your smiling babies are beautiful!! And that lady holding 'em... well...

Must be the divine Ms. T!


The kids don't look too bad either..... ;)

You are sooo Beautiful. and is that Red Hair Adam has? If I had been blessed with a Babe then Red hair would have been tops on my list of favorites hair color choices.

Oh look at those babies! They are adorable. I just want to reach through the screen and GRAB one of 'em (I'd give it back, I promise).

You look lovely--pretty dress and great hairdo! Geez. Not the dirty holey t-shirt greasy hair in strings bleary eyed look you had prepared me for!

Tertia, the pictures of you with the babies, all dressed up, made me cry (in a good way) -- all so gorgeous and divine and glowing with health and happiness -- I think you should make that your new signature blog photo -- you've made it, you've really, really made it!

Definitely gorgeous and divine - all three of you! And I love that dress you're wearing!

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What a happy family! You looks beautiful and your babies lovely. You are blessed with the cute babies. Thank you let us share your precious photos.

Hi Tertia

Saw you on Carte Blanche last night. I have been meaning to buy your book for a while now... I'll make a plan to get it this weekend.

The show last night was like a sign for me - just to hold on and have faith. You see I have gone through 3 failed IUI's now and was advise by the FS on Friday that IVF is the way to go. We are starting treatment in January.

Your babies are beautiful!

Thank you!

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