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Bahahahaha! I love it. :)

I'd have never pegged manly Marko as a guy who'd wear pink, but I guess you just never know....

Haha. You should have aimed for some consistency... the first has a tattoo and the second doesn't! :O

Guess the Tattoo is a stick on one from his old Action Man kit! Lol! Nice pecs!!

More I think about it, I would have thought less pink, more this - being from deepest Africa and all....


I'd heard of elephantiasis in Africa but this is a tad extreme. Love love LOVE his sense of fashion though, very ethnic. Canadian-ethnic but still, quite exotic.

Has Marko seen these pics?

LOVE IT!!!! Marko and my DH could be twins with that build (don't I wish!).

I love it! LMAO Great job Julie! I bet there will be so many horny gals now...

You SOOOOOOOOOOOOO wish!!!!!!!

(no fair, when I saw your title, I *really* got excited!

omfg....lmao ::holding my side::

tooooo funny!!!

Hey - I know Marko doesnt read your blog but tell him he's got to read today's entry!

LOL...GREAT pics. Just what is needed to brighten my day :-)

And you don't feel like having sex?? Good heavens girl!



Wow..that's a pretty big leaf..you lucky girl.


Please advise where to purchase above-pictured harness.

Many thanks,

I'm so fired for visiting your web site at work today.

You're a fruit cake!

HE IS NOT CUTE! Oh Tertia honey you could do so much better.

P.S. I think he might be a gay.

Oh girl...you need to be on my party invite list like yesterday. your bf too.

Boulder - your comments consistently make me actually laugh out loud, that irritating acronym notwithstanding.

Bwa ha ha ha!!!! Nice.
LOL at AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch's comment.

I'll admit, I'm a bit leery of any man whose breasts are bigger than mine.

I am coming to SA right now to steal that hubby of yours..........

The women in my infertility support group have found that the only cure for the 2ww is LOTS of girl porn. Looks like we have a new entry! ;-)

*swoon* I'm with Amber...


Oooh La La!

So, is our goal to get Marko to read this blog, or be very very afraid of it??? Just kidding! I get the impression that no image is safe around Julie... :)

Ack! My MOM is visiting and I pulled up this page! Must load CNN! Must load Google! Must avoid nakedish Marko!!

Hey! Julie's pretty good! Could she put my head on, say, Elle Mcpherson's body? Or perhaps (per my husband's request) on Pamela Anderson's body?


Marko is a HOTTIE!

Ask him if he can make a video of him dancing for us too.

So handsome, so well built, so strangely hairless?

My jaw hurts right now...that's a lot of "beef."

Serves me right for reading blogs at work.

LMAO at AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch's comment! And Mollie wants the harness...way to bring out the "bad girls" on your blog, Tertia!

V v sexy...I think Marko has to see this!


Um, about that harness...I don't get it ;)

Bwahahahahahaha. The comments are too funny.

Yeah...what Emily said...that harness is a bit wierd.

Oh you lucky, lucky lady. But are those rings around his nipples?

I don't care if that is, in fact, Marko. It arouses.. err.. a good soul-satisfying emotion. Hmmmyeah.

G&D! ;D

Isn't that harness set up nicely for the tube breastfeeder thingie and skin-to-skin bonding!

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