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I went there before, maybe a week or two ago. Since I'm not divorced or struggling with infertility, I just didn't know what to say. I'll go back, though, and try to offer some support.

In America we have a word to describe women who look as gorgeous and divine as you after just giving birth to twins: BITCH!! However, since I like your blog -- I will overlook the whole thing. Anyway, glad to see that you are skinny and beautiful in the midst of raising your two wonderful babes. Keep up the great work with them, and keep us posted on the blog. You bring a lot of joy to people everyday. Even when you don't post about joyous things, we can share in your pain or relive some of our painful moments and stay in touch with life. Here's to you having more and more joy in your life.

I second what Cath said.

About those lost pics...were they digital? If so, I may be able to help. I posted about this on my blog a little while ago...

I am eternally grateful for people who know enough to write programs. Today, I found a program called PHOTORECOVERY®for Digital Media. This allows you to recover digital pics that are stuck on a damaged memory card or disc. I had taken a whole bunch of pics this weekend because my oldest son was testing for his purple belt it Tae Kwon Do. When I went to download the pics to my hard drive, the card wouldn't read. With this program, I have been able to recover all the almost lost pics.

See why I keep coming back here? Today I got to see a real life goddess (you are just as I iamagined you would look, divine!) I got to meet a new friend (Tatiana) and I even got to learn how to save my lost digital photos!!(Thank you, Kristin! It really works!) Man, this blog rocks! Also, a big 'ta' for the beautiful smiling baby snaps, can't believe how big they are now. :-)

1. What do we have in common?
Motherhood, IVF, and of course being gorgeous and divine

2. How did you find me?
Through alittlepregnant, your asshole friend Julie

3. Do you comment? If yes, thanks! If no, how come you don’t?
I have commented one or two times... I really am not very big on that - don't know why. I guess you seem to be doing great on your own and don't need my assvice to improve.

4. What aspects of my blog (if any) do you enjoy?
Your sense of HUMOUR (if that is how the hell ya'll spell it over there)
Your honesty. You say the things we all think but are afraid of admitting. It is so refreshing and wonderful.

5. What do you wish our conversations were more about?
I too would love to hear about SouthAfrica. Texas is so much different (or at least I think it MUST be)...

6. What do you wish I would shut up about?
Nothing - remember, this is YOUR journal...screw the rest of us, we are just here for the ride.

7. I am fascinated by all the different places we are from. Where are you from?
Dallas, Texas - Yehaw!

8. Lastly, any tips, suggestions, adorations or pieces of assvice?
Of course not.

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