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Awwwww! They are absolutely yummy Tertia!

Nothing like baby puke running down your leg in the middle of the night to make you feel like a mom. And I never learned the first time either.

Gorgeous babies!

How totally adorable! I can't believe how huge they are already! You are doing a fantabulous job, Tertia!

I had to laugh at the puke in the slipper thing - I've had puke on every single part of my body, and in every article of my clothing. You get used to it really quickly.

Was I actually the first commenter?

Oh- a question for you! What do kids call their moms in SA? I'm thinking Mom is an American thing. Mama? Mother?

Oh my gosh... they look like they've aged months in the past week!

They look gorgeous!! And their chins are so cute.


Your babies are stunning. V V Gorgeous and Devine!

Oh T, they are so beautiful I just want to grab them thru the computer and hold them. They are getting so big so fast. They do win the most beautiful baby award! :)

Love the second pic especially. Very reminiscent of Zoolander's "Blue Steel" look. (If you haven't seen Zoolander, see it.)

I think the babes are starting to look like each other as they get older. I love their expressions!!

I think the babes are starting to look like each other as they get older. I love their expressions!!

Hey Tertia!

When Alexi was 7 weeks old we flew to Puerto Rico. She still had major reflux issuse at the time. Right as the plane was taking off, she had a wave of puke go on my t-shirt, down my t-shirt and pooled in my bra. Thankfully, I had an extra shirt packed (as I'd learned my lesson before) but didn't have an extra bra. I went "free" the rest of the trip-nipplage and all.

Things to look forward to I guess...the puke running down the leg thing.

I can not get over how much the little ones have changed already. You can really see the personalities coming out in the photos.

They are so freakin' adorable!

the expressions on Adam's face are priceless. They are getting cuter

G & D indeed!!! They are growing up so fast!

Ah yes..the puke. I remember it well. I also remember the explosive poops that came out of my sweet daughters ass at warp speed, covering me in a peagreen mess. She even hit the wall. Ever try and get peagreen poop off of a cream wall?

We painted.

Damn, those are some beautiful babies! They look well-fed, contented, and so happy. You're doing a great job with them, and it shows.

They are just gorgeous! And divine. Gorgeous and divine.

Beautiful babies. Really gorgeous and divine.

I don't read blogs on weekends so I am catching up today and just wanted to tell you that I am completely fascinated and enraptured by your posts about SA. I can't wait to see the pictures you promised (specially naked Marko *wink*) and to hear more about your beautiful country!.

I'm so with you on the pukage. I find it in the strangest of places. Right now, I'm catching a whiff of it in my hair.

Adam's expressions are priceless...you have such adorable children!

You know something, your kids already look like kids - not infants/newborns. So advanced! :)

Oh, stop it. You're killing me with cuteness.

Your babies are G&D!! I love Adam's smile in the 1st picture and his little face in the last one! LOL

O.k., first ... the kids are getting SO big! Adam's face is starting to fill out, that sweet boy! And second, am I crazy, or is Adam's hair getting lighter? In these pictures it looks almost the same color as Kate's, but before I would have sworn that he had darker brown hair!

Those babies are so gorgeous and divine!

Yeah, if I marked all the spots on me where baby puke had dried, I would have been covered in dried baby puke.

I kept a skirt for many years (finally got rid of it about 5 years ago), that I had only worn once and that the cleaners could never get the puke off it. Used to take it out and bug the kid with it.

Ah, puke.

Your story reminded me of when we all died from the flu last September. Oldest child started off with an impressive 27 pukes in 12 hours, followed by young son, myself and then my husband. The defining moment was when I was holding my 10 month old son and I knew he was going to throw up in a major way. I didn't want him to puke on the new carpet, so I decided in the split second I had to take the brunt of it (after all, I could have a shower, my carpet couldn't). We're talking rivers of puke all down my front, my pants, my bra, the chair. But not a drop on the blessed carpet. Ah...motherhood.

V G&D babes, Tertia.

I love that last picture! And I'm sorry to hear of the pukey state of your slippers. :(


They are so cute! Look at those happy little bugaboos.

I sleep in puke. With two reflux babies, I have given up on changing my sheets. Otherwise, I would be changing my sheets 10 times a day. I'm back to changing the linen once a week, because what's the point?

Adan is definetely a mini-Marko. How G&D both of them!


You're right. They get cuter every day. Or at least every time you post pictures. They are absolutely adorable. And I ain't just saying that to be polite. Obviously, you're doing a fantastic job.

As for the puke, one of many things I was unprepared for as a new mother was the sheer quantity of bodily fluids I would be faced (and covered) with on a daily basis: puke, pee, liquid yellow baby poop, breastmilk, etc. My son is 16 weeks old and I'm just starting to resign myself to the fluids and the endless loads of laundry they create. But somehow the fluids are hardest to take in the middle of the night.

A few nights ago, I was carrying my boy back from a diaper changer (a big, oozy diaper change) when he barfed copiously. But luckily, he decided to do this BEFORE I got back in bed, so the puke just splatted on the wood floor and woke up the cat. He got a gold star for that one.

Oh, geez Tertia, they ARE cute!!!!

Beautiful! I love the second one. It looks like Adam is trying to get his sister to conspire against you. V funny. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Note to self: put socks on feet so not walking in puke.

Tertia - you're babies are so adorable! And I have to say that sometimes when boys are very young infants, I have a hard time knowing if they are boy/girl just by looking at their face. Adam definitely has a boy look about him. So cute!

More pictures! Will they call you Mom? Mother? Mama? what is it in SA?

Adam has such a distinctive face for such a young infant! Gorgeous and Devine, just like their mama (and daddy).

Oh, Tertia, the babies are looking so grown-up! What sweethearts.

Adam looks practically ready to drive the Mercedes (won't that be an interesting situation....). And Kate's obviously itching to work on the tax returns.

They really, really are totally beautiful babies, Tertia! Adam looks so much like a little boy, and Kate is clearly a little princess. They don't look like infants anymore, and actually look older than their chronological age (at least, to me!). Such perfect, gorgeous faces... and they seem to have such lovely skin! Are they really that G&D in person, or have you airbrushed their pictures? ;-)

As for the pukeness... I think it's a rite of motherhood. Just a darn good thing you weren't kissing his sweet face when it happened! GACK!

Can't believe how much they have grown, and I think they are getting more alike as they get older.

Just gorgeous, thank you!

As Kit would say, "Take care of you." But of course that doesn't apply when you have two babies! ;)

I am no study on culture, but I can give you the low-down in my neck o' the woods.

For the most part the term "African American" is a politically correct term that some black people like to call themselves. I would have to agree with you on your view of the term though. Also you will not find anyone here on the west coast (Washington State) call a black person "colored", or coulored that is considered derogitory. Maybe in the south by rednecks, but No. I would have to say that 90 percent of the time a black person is black and that is all. Sometimes you can get foofy and say caramel, light skinned, brown sugar, sexual chocolate etc, but that is for fun and flavor.

In South Africa is Charlize theron held in high regard?

How do you find about the latest fashion trends? Vogue?

Does anyone drive any american made cars? Ford, Chevy?

Is it customary for women to shave legs, armpits, etc? Or is it like the French?

How does the school year go? Kindergarten through 12th grade? Is there a summer break or do you go all year round?

Do we share any of the same holidays? Obviously not 4th of July, but any others?

Umm.... can't think of anything else right now.

Oh Tertia... I just well-up when I look at your lovely children and think about how much you have gone through to get here... it really moves me close to tears... (close... 'cuz I'm really not a crier...) The evolution of their expressions just astounds me... they are so gorgeous with such distinct personalities showing in their photographs... I couldn't be happier for you if you were my best friend...

Oh Tertia... I just well-up when I look at your lovely children and think about how much you have gone through to get here... it really moves me close to tears... (close... 'cuz I'm really not a crier...) The evolution of their expressions just astounds me... they are so gorgeous with such distinct personalities showing in their photographs... I couldn't be happier for you if you were my best friend...

ahhh... the night of the pukey slipper... I remember it well. Even though it was 15 years ago! I have never lived it down, and the story still gets a laugh now.

Tertia, both your babies are just so precious. It is so amazing how expressive Adam is! And Kate is so regal. They should start doing some modeling! :)

Is the "3" on Adam's sporty suit part of a Woolies design line? And what's with the Teflon-UV protection in the school clothes in SA? (A great idea.) Are they hot (as in perspire) to wear?

Holy Moley your babies are G&D and BIG!

Where did you get the outfit with Kate's name on it? My Kate (short for Katharine) needs one! altho SA from MI, USA is a long ways to go for an outfit. I believe she's 6 weeks younger than your babes. My Kate will be that big in 6 weeks?? and puking in my slipper too?? :)

Adam looks just like the pic you posted a while back of Marko. And Kate looks just like you! WOW! Their personalities sure do show through on the faces. G&D!

Holy crap, those are some cute babies! Their personalities show more and more with each pic you take. Thanks for sharing with us.

I will up your puke in the slipper with my cat pee in my sneaker--yeah, I think kitty is a little jealous of Miss Pink.

Totally gorgeous & divine children! They're going thru one of my favorite stages of babyhood, aside from the puking. My son is 12 months and still vomits on occasion, he still hasn't outgrown his acid reflux. So we still get the wondrous baths of the meal prior. :S

I'm so happy for you and Marko, you've both done a fabulous job of parenting and are so supportive of each other. I think your children are two very lucky critters, aside from mine of course. ;)


Adam is SO boy! I mean it, he isn't baby, he is BOY!!

I love it!

Kate is still 'baby girl', but adam skipped cute toddler stage and went straight to BOY!

lv 2 u, 2!

Oh, I have so much to look forward to. Everytime I want to romantize this whole baby process, I only need to think of cold baby puke in my slippers to think, no, babies can wait...
Anyway, I'm worried that my future babies will turn out extra adorable like yours and I'll have to eat them. Seriously, how do you keep yourself from just nibbling on a toe here and there?
Although, if the toe is covered in baby puke...

It's amazing how fast they change! They're starting to look like individuals now! Before I could only tell their genders by their outfits, but now they are definitely taking on very different looks. They are just beautiful, even if they are messy disgusting pukers.

Ok, so I see these gorgeous pictures of your babes and I am reminded once again why I will not give up on my dream. Thanks for sharing, Tertia.

So cute - enjoy them for a while before the terrible 2 to 22's set in!

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