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Your babies get cuter everyday!

Aaw, they are precious!

Gosh your babes are cute. I like yor blog the way it is and i know absolutely nothing about ibex's, dont even know what one is.

Your babies are also G&D. My how they have grown.

Love your blog just the way it is.

Oh my god, Tertia, they are gorgeous!

Gorgeous babies (I think you already know that though...) and don't upgrade your blog. There's nothing to "tolerate", the design isn't why we come here, your great sense of humor is! Oh, I'm sorry, "humour".

Aren't little brothers great? I myself have 2, so there. :)

About the blog, the two Ibex may do everything you desire now & in the future. Spruce it up? 2 Ibex can do it. Photo Albums? 2 Ibex can do it. The other thing that you may appreciate is the ability to schedule a post (got a lot on your mind, write & schedule - then go back to babes). FWIW.

Perfectly happy coming here with it the way it is, darling, but would LOVE to see you posting pictures to Albums for us to view (a la Tess). But you may need more bandwidth with posts like your surveys (bitch!).


Oh, and way to go Kate! Keep that brother in line while you have a chance!

Just had to tell you again how beautiful your babies are. As far as the blog, if you make it too fancy or change the font I might have a seizure, I am brain damaged ya know! :P

*smile* I come here for the content, not the bells and whistles. I don't think there's a whole lot of reasons to upgrade unless you really want to. I think your layout is absolutely fine.

And of course, the babies are beautiful as always. *grin*

Babies are growing very fast - and are very G&D. Don't change the blog - intelligence is forever, jazzy bits fade in the light after a while!

Oh Tertia! Your babies are so precious... and getting so big! Of course, I'm not surprised in the least. After all, they take after their gorgeous and divine mother. :)

As far as the blog layout goes, do what you feel comfortable with. If you write your insightful posts in a plain notepad and someone else writes their drivel in a fancy leatherbound notebook, I'd still rather read yours. :) Not that I'm calling anyone else's blog drivel, I'm just saying... for us readers (or at least for *this* reader) it's the content that matters. If you dress it up, dress it up for *you.*

I have not been able to read the blog for the last few days, as here is deep dark Africa we sometimes do struggle to get connected, but reading today the bit about my brother (Marko) and the comments realy upset me, as he is one of the most kindest, giving, loving (in his own way) and understanding person I know. Since day one he has been there for Tertia (good times,bad and sad times), he was struggeling with his own hurt and loss, by himself, and no one knows what hell he went through. I can not believe that there are so many cold heartless people out there. I think most of them are jealous, that they do not have a Marko in their lives. In anycase who cares what you say, as long as Tertia, his kids and family knows he is the best father, husband and friend that anyone could ask for and I am so proud of him. Hats of to you Marko.

Lots of love, me

Wow, they are getting SO BIG, and really starting to chub up.

I love chubby babies. In fact I have one. Keeping him in the pantry for a particularly peckish day.

In all seriousness though you absolutely have to take pics of the cute little ankle and wrist fat rolls. I didn't do it, and he's grown into it now, and they're disappearing. :)

Is your brother G&D like you? And is he single? Can you set us up?

Sorry, getting carried away there... The babies are gorgeous.

I totally have a crush on your brother and your babies are just too cute for words:)

Overwhelmed with cuteness:)

Um T...as your single friend....why didn't you tell me you have a G & D bro who is great with babies???? I could use one of those in my life...hook a sister up!

Babes are just beautiful....they are getting so big!

Is it me, or do they both look just like Marko?

I read your blog for some of the best content on the web. Upgrading Typepad cannot make your writing even more G&D.

Kate and Adam are quite wonderful too. I hope it gets easier every day.

hey tertia -

i personally like the 'vanilla' version.

just my two cents.

As a blogger on Blogger, I understand your frustration. I tried typepad for about a day, until I realized how much it would cost a year! If it's free, it's for me...so I don't really care about all the bells and whistles on your site. I care about the great content. Keep it flowing, honey!

P.S. It looks like Kate is going to be a boxer!

I like your blog the way it is. Save that money for wine and nights out with the G & D Marko.
ALso, I really like the pic of Kate punching Adam. And she is going to love and treasure that photo forever, I see her teasing him with it when they are older.

Another vote to say that the current look is perfectly fine with me. It's nice and uncluttered and I say leave it alone and keep the extra money!

Wouldja look at the smile on that baby boy's face?????? Oh I just want to nuzzle his little neck with kisses...and Kate is a dazzling beauty...simply dazzling, darling.

I think your blog format is just fine; if I were you I'd only upgrade if it benefits YOU...such as the photo album mentioned in previous posts, but I suppose that would be huge benefit to the internet, too.

smooches galore,

24 year old brother eh?

Single 24 year old brother? ;)


P.S - They're getting so big! :)

I can't tell if Kate's trying to knock Adam out or merely offering him a fist to chew on! They're so beautiful.

Re: Typepad. If you think the money would be worth it, go for it. But don't do it just for your audience. The site is G&D just as it is.

G&D as is. Content counts more than image...and that from a designer. As such can also see upgrade 4 You, if image doesnt fit.

love the punch pic--go kate!!

typing 1 handed sux--how do u do it???

The babies actually look alike in these photos. Nomally each has his/her own distictive little look but they really look like twins here. Keep 'em in the cutsy little baby clothes, you only get to torture them with cute for a short time before they learn to protest.

I was really hoping for a brother picture ;)The babes are getting cuter (and bigger!) with each pic! Oh, and I wouldn't change a thing with your design, I'd come back no matter what, never even crossed my mind that it should be changed.

Kate says "Ka-POW!"

I'm with all who say keep your money. The site is great as it is! Spend the $$ on more pics!!

I frequent certain blogs (including yours) for the writing and the community, not the design. Your blog could be a plain white page with typewriter text for all I care. So don't spend the extra $$$ for me!

Ooh, yay! Your babes have now developed screw-on hands! (That's what my family calls it when baby's arms are so chubby, there's a crease encircling each wrist.) Cute, cute, cute. I wish I could reach in the computer and nibble on those adorably chunky little arms.

I just can't get over how much Adam looks like Marko. They're both G&D!

As long as you post pictures of your beautisimous babies, who cares what the rest of your format looks like. (speaking as a reader...)

First she tried to eat Adam's head, now she's punching him out... your Kate is one tough cookie. And she looks so sweet and innocent... perfect combination. ;-)

Hi Tersh, Kate and Adam are so cute, gorgeous & divine!!! As far as the blog goes, I think it is just fine, besides I am more interested to hear what you have to say than looking at graphics!

Oh, the babies are getting so BIG! And, of course, more gorgeous and divine all the time.

Love the blog just as it is. The humour and daily dose of sane insanity is what I come for. Oh, and pics of the G&D babes. Blog on...

Your babes are gorgeous! I know Adam takes after your g&d husband but who does Kate resemble? Are you sure she's yours?

PS your blog is perfect the way it is

What cute babies! Only upgrade if (like me) you're a big geek who likes to fiddle around with lots of settings. If you wouldn't enjoy that, there's no reason to upgrade.

No, don't bother with upgrading. More graphics and customizations could not possibly make your writing any more of a joy to read.

Cute babies! Do they suck on their fingers and stuff? Do they ever suck on each other's fingers when they are lying close to each other? That would be very cute and if they do it, take a picture!

Kate and Adam are really looking alike these days, especially around the mouth and nose. But doesn't K have your eyes? I can just imagine them in their glorious wiggle-hood looking at these pictures. Kisses from another cyberauntie on each fat cheek, please.

And with regard to your site, too many bells and whistles are just so much distraction, I think. I like that this site is all about content, it's clear and easy to navigate. I don't see any need to change the format, unless it's easier or more pleasant for you.

I'm here for the content, the writing (well, of course, the photos!). The look is logical, mathematical, no layer of entertainment to distance yourself from us. Do what pleases you, but suits this reader.

No, don't bother with upgrading. More graphics and customizations could not possibly make your writing any more of a joy to read.

Cute babies! Do they suck on their fingers and stuff? Do they ever suck on each other's fingers when they are lying close to each other? That would be very cute and if they do it, take a picture!

Brothers rock. Mine is 22, he's wonderful with my daughter. Do you have more brothers and sisters or just one of each? I always wanted a sister.

Re: the layout - what brings me back again & again is the writing and the stories. If having more functionality/graphics/pretty stuff makes you happy, go for it. It won't really make that much difference to me, as a reader.

Your brother sounds absolutely gorgeous and divine...if I weren't already taken...I would have to make a quick flight to London to meet this baby whisperer. ;-)

About the layout...I think you should do whatever makes you happy. I come here for the updates and frank attitude. I love your writing...if you want to spruce it up...Go For It!

The babes...As usual they are the epitome of Gorgeous and Divine! Such beautiful children and already playing the proverbial "King of the mountain" game...Go Kate! Thats a wicked right hook! :) You have a beautiful family and I think you're doing a fabulous job.


Can those babies get any more adorable? I hope so.

I agree with what Stacey said - we definently need to see your G&D brother. LOL

Just wondering , is he single???

Also bring on lots of pics of the babies, they are so adorable.

If you change the blog, do it to please yourself. I'm in it for the writing and the pictures of the babes.

Tertia, the babies are simply precious. They have such personality. LOVE IT!

Your brother sounds like a dream. He's going to make a great Daddy someday.

As for sprucing up your blog. I love your layout as it is. Save the money.

Actually, I have to say that my very first time here, I stayed because your blog's look is so streamlined and simple. It's clean, easy to read, easy to follow your links, easy to find my way around your achives, etc. And I like the way your pictures pop up in a new window, so I can leave the G&D babies up while I continue reading ;)

As long as it works for you, I say, "if ain't broke..."

The babes are just scrumptious... you must just be bursting with pride! And boy do they ever look like twins in that shot...

Re the layout... I work with designers day in and day out, and I actually find the clean simplicity of your page to be totally refreshing. Which is why my page looks exactly like it! I chose the exact same template because it's so easy to navigate and doesn't distract from the content.

Same as everyone else, a photo album would be awesome... but only if you feel like it.


Lovely site as-is, of course!
But you are somewhat of a techie, right? You could also register your own domain name and set up something like WordPress. I just went over to WordPress and like it lots - and I'm a total newbie when it comes to making that kind of stuff work.
It is probably the most expensive and long term solution, but it also gives you the most control.

Love the blog as it is.

Gorgeous Single Brother in London.... hmmm.... I'm only in Edinburgh.... it's not THAT far away - only about 400 miles....so if he needs my spare room and some weekend companionship, you only have to ask!

The babes look gorgeous as always - can't offer any advice on anything else, being a single girl but keep up the good work and the gorgeous-ness and divine-ness of course!

Happy Easter!

I really like the look on your diary although what i really like is your writing so you can do whatever you like with the look as long as you keep writing.
AND that sounded like kissing ass but it wasn't (unless you are into that kind of stuff because if you are then I was totally kissing your ass):) Cheers.

You have gorgeous & divine babies, love the red hair...

I come here to read your blogs, couldn't care less about the fancy shmancy look. I always use the old addage KISS (keep it simple stupid). Although an updated picture of you, Marko and the wee babes would be nice on the front page.

I think your current layout is inviting and pleasing to the eye. I don't think you need to upgrade.

Fluff it up in here only if you want to Tertia. I visit for your writing, not the decor.

That being said, I really like the layout you have now. Its clean lines are very appealing.

I also like the babies. They're very appealing too. And clean. :)

oh my goodness, they are just gorgeous. well, gorgeous AND divine.

who cares what it looks like, the way you write?

save the $$ and spoil yourself or our babies!

I'm way late on this one -- but I like the generic look of your blog. I can focus on your fabulous writing, not on the design. I say, spend the money on getting your legs waxed, or toes painted, or something.

dreams and dream interpretation

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