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*delurking* CONGRATS!! :)


Wow, that's AMAZING news! I've been re-checking your blog ever since I saw you thought you were in labour. How incredible that you got all the way to the end of this journey successfully, and that your beautiful children have such great birth weights.

I wish you all the very best, and you'll have to post a P.O. Box for those of us who want to send your gorgeous children a wee giftette. Happy, happy times! Congratulations indeed. Can't wait to hear the birth story and see lovely photos. I am beyond thrilled for you both.

Mazel tov !! Those are fantastic weights. Hope mom and babies go home soon !!

Congratulations!!! Hope you'll all be home soon

Congratulations Tertia & Marko!

Fantastic news - hoping Adam will be off CPAP & out of NICU in no time!

For those who don't do kgs: Adam 6.44 lbs / Kate 5.77 lbs

Crying tears of happiness for you all!


PS - Tertia's shower info will be posted on my new blog later today.

(She didn't know this until this writing here, so shhh!)

I'll post back later with URL for you all!

Another big "Congratulations" to the four of you! :-)

How wonderful. Congratulations to you both.

Crying at the keyboard again - just the most fantastic news. Can't wait to see the pictures. Hope you're all home soon.
Much, much love.

OMG what a wonderful surprise to check your blog and read about the arrival of your 2 beautiful babes!! So happy for you both! CONGRATULATIONS :)

Welcome to both and best wishes to Adam for only a quick visit in NICU!

Whoot! how completely awesome! And what faboo weights!!!

Tertia, you did it! You are amazing!

Add me in for the shower gifts.

OMG!!! Wonderful happy news!! Mazal Tov, Tertia and Marko!!
May you take both babies home with you asap!! This is wonderful news.

hanging on to every word....when not reaching for tissues, that is.

Delurking to wish you and your entire family congratulations, happy birhtday and continued joy as you get to know each other face to face!!!! What a blessing to have them both with you, great birth weights for twinkies too!!! YAY!

How wonderful! Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS! wow, such a good weight for twinlets! Hope Adam is off CPAP very soon and you're all home safely asap.

Wonderful News!!! I am crying tears of joy here....

Hoping Adam has a short stay in NICU.

Welcome to the world Adam and Kate!

And thank you to Boulder who did the conversion of the weights for us Americans;)

Congratulations. Wishing that your twins are a constant source of joy and happiness to you and Marko.

Yeah! Happy Birthday Kate and Adam. Congratulations Marko and T!! Woohoo!

This is amazing!! Congratulations Tertia and Marko and welcome Adam and Kate! Am so happy for you :)

Delurker here!

Congrats to all of you! This goes w/o saying, but I know you and Marko will make excellent parents.

Awesome, Tertia; praying for a short visit to NICU for Adam.

Congratulations a thousand times over!!

The best news I've heard...ever.
Hope Adam is out of NICU in the blink of an eye.
Well done, Tertia and Marko!

Congratulations and joy to all.

I am so so so pleased. The first thing I did when I read this fantastic news was phone my mom bawling!!!!

Well done to all of you four. A family. At last.

I am so sos sosososososososssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo happy for you.

Welcome Adam & Kate - your mommy has waited a long, long time.

WOW Wonderful news - Prayers and good wishes Tertia, Marko and the kidlets!

Lots of Love

*delurking* to say CONGRATS!!


welcome to the planet Adam and Kate


I am so thrilled for you right now.

I hope Adam's stay in the NICU is short and sweet.

Much Love,


Wow! They are here! I am so happy for you and that you finally made it! Big babies too! I can't wait to see pictures. Congratulations! Too many exclamations!!!!!

Congratulations to all four of you! You're a family of four now - can you believe it?

So excited to see this news this morning. I hope you're recovering well and Adam outgrows his CPAP really quickly.

YAY! Congrats to you and Marko! Welcome Adam and Kate!!!!!!!

Congratulations Tertia and Marko! I´m so incredibly happy to read this news!

crying happy tears and waiting to read every word.

WooHoo! Congrats and welcome to the world Kate and Adam!

Congratulations! What a wonderful way to start my day, seeing this good news from you - I am thrilled for you!

This is wonderful news! Welcome to our world, Adam and Kate.


O.m.g. I am so thrilled for you. Tingly thrilled. May you have all the happiness in the world.

Sniff, sniff. What a fantastic way to start my day. Congratulations on the birth of the babes! Nice job cooking those turkeys...big and chubby!!! Looking forward to details and sweet updates on your little family!

WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Welcome to the world Adam and Kate!!!! Happy birthday, little darlings! And congratulations to Mommy and Daddy!


WOW Tertia - I sort of suspected that you would be going in a little earlier then the 17th :-)

Congrats - am so happy for you and Marko, can't wait to see baby pictures.

(Right, I'll go back to lurking now)

WhoooHoooo!!! Congratulations Tertia and Marko. Welcome Adam and Kate to the planet! Praying for a speedy exit from the NICU for little Adam.

Congratulations to all four of you.
Must go psychically will Adam off the CPAP now. Should keep me distracted until we get photos of your big gorgeous babes.

Welcome to the World little Adam and Kate!

Congrats Mommy & Daddy!

Much much love from Virginia...


Big, fat, happy tears of JOY running down my cheeks for all of you. Welcome to the world Kate and Adam! The world has waited a long time to meet you.

Happy Birthday Kate and Adam!

Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Add me to the list of those who can't wait to see the faces of the babies I have been praying for. :-)

I did NOT expect to cry when I heard this news, but here I am with big fat tears in my eyes. Congratulations to your whole family.

Wonderful weights, and I'm sure Adam was just so surprised at being born that he needed a wee bit of help from the CPAP. When we were in the NICU, babies at that weight and gestation were out of the nursery SO FAST we didn't even get to make friends. Hoping he'll be off CPAP soon, and out of the NICU, and into his adorable nursery at HOME.

Can't wait to hear more details, and to see pictures. I've never before been so happy for a someone I've never met.

Woohoo!! Healthy babies in January.

Big Huge Congratulations from the good ol' state of Maine.

Welcome Adam & Kate! The world is suddenly a better place with you here.

Congratulations to Tertia & Marko!

*crying big happy messy tears*

So VERY VERY happy for all four of you! Hold both of those precious, strapping big babies close to you - you did it Tertia!

Wishing a very short NICU stay for Adam so that all four of you can be home where you belong really really soon.

Huge congratulations, and welcome to the world Kate and Adam!

Oh, hooray! Hooray!

Many happy congratulations.

Congratulations and welcome to the world Kate and Adam! What great weights...good job mom!

Hope Adam is bunking w/you and Kate very very soon...can't wait to see pics :)

WOW!! Healthy Babies in January!!!

Congratulations! I am sure you are thrilled. What an event for the 2 of you!

I hope all went well and I'll be watching for details.

I'm so excited! This certainly made my day.

Hey, Tertia. . . you MADE IT!!!!!!

Welcome Adam and Kate!

URL as promised for Tertia's shower:


Please feel free to link to it & tell others.

Yay Tertia!!!

WOW... Congratulations!!! I was just getting settled into waiting until the 17th... but what a wonderful surprise.

Another lurker coming out to say congrulations!!

Hartlike gelukwense met die geboorte van Adam & Kate.
Congrats Tertia & Marko!

Congratulations...you guys are going to be very busy and tired next week, (and next month, next year, next decade...haha!!) so sending you all lots of hugs!
Have a great time being parents!!!

HUGE Goosebumps all over at the fantastic news! Blessings of every type heaped upon all of you.

"On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true..."

CONGRATS! Adam, Kate and I share a birthday!

Delurking...Congratulations! Absolutely fantastic news and what wonderful weights! Enjoy this very special time with your two beautiful babes!


I couldn't sleep all night for wondering how you were doing. Best wishes from Canada,

Wow! Big fat 36-weekers! Hooray for parents and children!

Two big babies! I am so happy and so relieved to hear they're finally here, and that they're so big. Can't wait to hear continuing stories of how the four of you are doing as time goes by. You're the luckiest girl in the world today!

Congratulations to all of you. I think Kate and Adam chose some wonderful parents. Best wishes to all of you. Thanks for blogging -- you may have almost inspired me to have a second child (not quite -- but I am now considering it for the first time).


Frantically wiping snot from my keyboard...

This is just the most wonderful news! Oh Tertia, you've DONE IT! Big healthy gorgeous perfect BABIES!!! As for that CPAP, it's probably only because Adam has been upside down all this time, with Kate kicking him in the head! LOL Crazy boy - has probably done this on purpose, to get a break from his sister. ;-) The sibling rivalry has started already. LOL

My heart is singing with joy this morning! Must phone my mother, to share the fantastic news. CONGRATULATIONS a million times over, my friend!

{{{huge happy hugs}}}

MAZEL TOV, Mum and Dad! Welcome to the outside, kids!

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

Congratulations!!! happy birthday to you all! wishing you so much joy in your new lives together.

Screaming and jumping around whilst hub wonders WTF!!!!!!!
Take a breather and give us MORE!!!!!

Congratulations Tertia and Marko!

Welcome Adam and Kate. So happy to hear of you safe arrival.

Hope Adam's stay in NICU is short.

So very happy for all of you.

Congratulations Tertia! Am so very happy for you! Can't wait to "meet" those beautiful babies!

Hard to see through the tears!

Congratulations Tertia and Marco!

Happy Birthday, Adam and Kate! The whole world has been waiting for you, little ones!

Woohoo, yaaayyyyyyyy, congrats, awesome.

Adding to the very long list... Congrats!

Congratulations Tertia and Marko, and welcome Kate and Adam! Hooray!
(from a lurker in Pennsylvania USA)


You've made my day!!

Happy Birthday, Adam and Kate! Congratulations, Tertia!! I'm sure those babies are just as beautiful and strong as their parents!

Wow. Amazing.

Does this mean Kate is not on CPAP? Awesome.

Many, many congratulations to all four of you.

Congratulations Tertia and Marko!!

Congratualtions! Wow! You all made it!

Hope Adam has a speedy wean off the c-pap.


I just said that, didn't I?

Shouting my congrats from the rooftop! Congrats Marko and Tertia on the arrival of your "gorgeous and divine" Kate and Adam!! Hope babies and mom (and dad) are all doing well :-)

Yes! Congratulations! I hope you guys get home soon so you can get down to the business of raising those beautiful twins!

Like you, I'm nominated for Best New Blog and when I clicked on your blog, I was so excited for you that I no longer cared if I won this competition...it's yours, hands down.

I'm so very excited for you! I had three miscarriages before giving birth to my daughter and then a year of infertility.. and then guess what...three months later I was pregnant naturally with my son! Surprise!

My kids are now 17 and 18 and if you get a chance, you can read all about them in my blog.

Tertia, seriously, congratulations! My best wishes to you and your family. You've been through hell but I can tell you this from personal experience: You and your husband will now make the world's best parents. We wanted our babies more than anything in the universe, and our kids will grow up knowing that and with a special, glowing confidence and inner spirituality.

I can't wait to read more of your blog*

Robin Slick

Excellent! Mazel tov! May Adam be off CPAP quickly! And an easy recovery for you!

This just made my entire morning!

Congratulations Tertia & Marko! And welcome, welcome, welcome little babies! You have such an incredibly strong and resilient Mummy...and Daddy.

Hope Adam is out of NICU within a baby yawn.


Omg Tertia!! Congrats! What wonderful news to wake up too. Can't wait to hear all the details.

Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov!!

congratulations! what fantastic news.

Happy Birthday to Mom and Dad and WELCOME to the World to Adam and Kate!
Hope you all get to go home soon.

OMG!! Yeah Tertia!!! I'm so happy for you, congratulations!! And great weights!! (Thanks for the conversion boulder!)

Congratulations! Had to read your post three times this morning to make sure I'd read it right--how wonderful!

Oh I can't believe this day is here. Mazal tov to you and your beautiful, beautiful family!! May you be nothing but blessed!

Yeah, this is going to be all novel and amazingly pithy and all:


OMGOMGOMGOMG they're here they're fine T.'s fine, T & M taking home two babies OMGOMGOMGOMG


Welcome, big beautiful babies!

Tertia, you did it. You did it. You did it.

Welcome babies - you've got the best mommy ever.

Becky D

Congratulations Tertia & Marko, what great news to start the New Year!


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