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oh my goodness! I will be thinking many good thoughts for you and Adam and Kate.
*crosses all fingers and toes and hair*

I'm shitting my pants with excitement!!!
Good luck Tertia!!! Good luck brand new humans!!!

So excited for you. Hope all goes well. Take care.


OOOH! Tertia! What a wonderful day for babies! You heading to L&D and batman heading home.

You and your two beautiful babies (and Marko, of course) are in my thoughts and I'm sending all of my good medical waves around the planet to reach you.

YAY, TERTIA! I will be driftng off to sleep with good luck and healthy baby/healthy Tertia thoughts in my head for you. We're all rooting for you,Kate,Adam, and Marko!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Sounds like they are on their way!!! Best Wishes!!! Keep us posted as much as possible!!! You are all in my prayers.

Ah! Was thinking of you and thought I'd pop in! Very excited here for you in Canada. Good Luck with everything!

Cheers and prayers for you , Marko, Kate and Adam

You've got wet underpants because you've been thinking about me again, isn't that right?

Oh, I do hope this is it! Now my underpants are wet too. Keep us posted, you nerd! Good luck and can't wait to hear.


Oh wow! So exciting, Tertia...Good luck and the whole internet will be thinking about you!

good luck and yay!

Holy Crap!

Can't wait to hear more.

Lots of love to you all,


Holy SHIT! I did not expect to log on and see this! Go Tertia, Go Tertia!!
OMG i am so damn excited MY pants are almost wet! Take care love, thinking of you...

If the wet underpants can't be attributed to a cough or a sneeze, then this could very well be IT!

Can't wait to "meet" your Adam and Kate!

Blessings for a speedy delivery and 2 HBIJ!!

Wishing you the very, very, very BEST!!!! GO Tertia! Go Adam! Go Kate! oh, and Go Daddy! Hugs.

OMG! I am so excited for you! 2HBIJ! I'll be thinking of you all today. wet pants and v. bad back ache certainly sounds promising.

all time best tertia blog day! this news, and the last last post you did made me feel happier and prouder than i have all year. i am so glad that i stumbled upon this spot earlier this year! good luck to you and the healthy babies today!

Shit man!!!!!!!!!!!!111

I am not going to concentrate the whole day!!!!!!!

everything WILL be good. Crossing everything down to my nose hairs here.

Will keep checking in every half an hour, I swear.

shit. m woohooooooooooo - AM SO NERVOUS FOR YOU, BUT EXCITED TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

please keep us posted as I cannot FATHOM going to sleep now. Sending major major Good luck!!

Hoping and praying and thinking about you and the babies.Hugs and kisses !!!

HOLY SHIT indeed!!!!

Very excited for you Tertia!!!!!

Wow! Babies in January!!!

Praying for happy, healthy babies.


I'm so amazed by this it caused me to quote my Gran! GOOD LUCK!

OMG! Delurking to say that prayers are headed your way for happy healthy babies and momma!


Now I'm never gonna get to sleep!!!!!!

go babes! you so have the BoB award. that's why the babies came now, right?


A lot of very heartfelt, slightly incoherent prayers going out to Gd right now! I'm sure He can sort them out. May this be a good hour.

Come home safe, the four of you.

Having heart palpitations now ... MUST ...CALM...DOWN. I will be thinking of you (and not sleeping) and praying for you, Marko, Kate and Adam. Yes, I think this is very much IT ... labor often starts out of the blue like this. Good luck, T! We're all rooting for you!


All my best wishes are headed your way.

Where are the updates by Julie!?

You and your amazing babies are in my thoughts and prayers.

Good luck Tertia!!!!!! Can't wait to hear the news!!!!

OMG- how did I miss this??? Soooo excited and sending you tons of good wishes!!! Much love to you, Kate, Adam and your hubby!!!

Oh my Tertia!! I'm so excited for you! Thinking of you and lots of prayers your way!

Holy Crap! How am I supposed to sleep now??!! Congrats Tertia!!!! Can't wait to see pics of Adam and Kate. My prayers are with you for a safe delivery!!!

OHMIGOSH!!!!! Delurking to say that I'm so v. v. excited for you and Marko. Don't leave us hanging for too long...we want a "Vodacom SMS to email" before they wheel you in the OR and as they're wheeling you out!! Praying for HB...we already know you've the the "J" part of HBIJ!!!! :)

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!!!!!

Best of luck to you and your sweet babies!

oh tertia!!! love from all of us to all of you......

Hey Tertia,
What better than this! 36 weeks on the dot! Cannot wait to hear from you all...
Wishing you a wonderful birth experience, and an absolutely awesome day that you will never forget.

Yay, here they come! :-) Good luck to you and your babies; I bet you'll all be fine. No, cross that one out - I _know_ you will be! :-)

Wishing you the very very best!
Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way.


Holy Fucking Crap!!!

I'm so damn excited! Now I will NEVER get to sleep tonight?

Yay, yay, yay!!!

Love you & take care of yourself!!!!


Oh man, now I will be obsessively refreshing yours and Julies sites all night! Good Luck!

Good Luck!!!!!

Adam and Kate will be blessed to have such wonderful parents. I am so very excited for you guys. Prayers going up now for a safe delivery and big, healthy babies.

You don't know me, but I'm so excieted for you! Sending you, Adam and Kate best possible wishes from around the world.

Sending you lots of good wishes and hoping all goes well for all of you. Can't wait to see pic of the babies.

All the hairs on my head just stood up... I am so excited for you, good luck, good luck and all the best wishes in the world from yet another lurker.

Oh my Goddess!!!! I am pulling for you!!! Go go go!!! I'm so excited!!!


So so so excited for you!! Sending loads of "everything go absolutely perfectly vibes! I've got tears in my eyes just thinking of you sitting in bed holding your two beautiful babies!

EEEEEEEeeeeeee, Tertia! Good luck!

OMG that is so exciting.

Good luck Tertia!!!

I've just received this SMS form Marko:

"Marko and Tertia proud to announce birth of Adam 2.92kg and Kate 2.62kg at 10:20 today. All is well with mother and babies."

HOW COOL IS THAT??? I'm sooo happy!! Just had to share with you all!

Martie (Johannesburg)

That's fantastic!!

Congratulations Tertia & Marko!

Hooooorrrrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm too excited for you all to come up with anything intelligent to write... so I'll just say it again.... Hooooorrrrrraaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crying tears of joy!

Can't wait to hear all about the babies.

Everything is going to be OK!


*stunned happiness* No WONDER I'm up at 4AM because I could not sleep! Babies being born a million miles away! Congratulations, all four of you. What an excellent start to my Friday!

Absolutely FANTASTIC! Congratulations Tertia, Marko on the birth of and Kate and Adam! I've been wanting to type that for so damn long! It feels so good! Wahooo!

Thank you so much Martie :)

Kate weighs 5.77 pounds, Adam weighs 6.43 pounds=YAY!

tertia, thrilled for your family. posted a copy of martie's note on the vet's board so your wonderful news is spreading. smiling and crying...and loving you all. how amazing it has been to watch these miracles unfold. xo

Wow, hooray for the refresh button - congratulations Tertia and Marko on the arrival of Kate and Adam!

HBIJ came true!

Wow, and big babies they are for their gestational age!

Well done, Tertia & Marko! Congratulations! :-)

GO TERTIA!!! Snivelling buckets here ... wishing you & Marko & Kate & Adam all the very very best for a safe journey HOME ... Will be thinking of you all, lots of love coming your way from Australia

Congratulations to the new proud parents!!

I'm hoping that your birth experience was not traumatic and that you recover soon!

V.v. happy for you all!

with all possible support from across the world...

Tertia, I'm excited, delighted, thrilled for you -- If collective goodwill matters at all, you're going to have a perfect, easy experience!


Welcome to the world Adam and Kate!!

Congrats to proud mommy and daddy!

Standing by...nope, have read the earlier comments...CONGRATULATIONS!!! on the safe arrival of Adam and Kate :)

Good luck.

Good luck! Hope it all goes well with the little ones!

I just popped in to see Tertia. She is looking gorgeous and divine. Marko is proud as a peacock and I got a quick glimpse of Kate who is just beautiful - fast asleep she looks so elegant.

So funny - as I arrived the matron took a call asking why pictures were not already up on the website - she answered "but these babies have JUST been born" - Marko rolled his eyes and said "you have no idea".

Congrats Tertia and Marko, I am so very
happy and relieved for you. Welcome Adam and Kate

Yay!! Congratulations!! Sending lots of love.

Holy shit! Just catching up!


Holy shit is right!!! yayayayaya! I'm so excited and so behind I can't believe I'm just finding out.

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