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They are beautiful and perfect. Many blessing for your new family, Tertia.

*tearing up* Tertia. Your "forever after" has begun. Enjoy it.



What beautiful words! You so very much deserve this happy ending! Enjoy these special days (and the sleepless nights!)

Laura in Tennessee

They are so breathtakingly perfect. Now you are all "so close" in a different sense. As in, Everyone in our family is so close, we love each other so much.

I've been reading you for months, but I think this is the first time I've commented. I'm just so very happy for you, and I couldn't resist conveying my heartfelt congratulations and warmest wishes. Your babies are absolutely beautiful. God bless you and your sweet family.


Oh Tertia, your post made me cry. I am so very, very, very happy for you and your family. They are just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Have you thought about changing the name of your journal?


I can't stop crying because I am just so happy for you, Adam, Kate, and Marko. You have touched my life and I avidly read your blog.
All my love to your beautiful children.

Your nurse took the words right out of my mouth...I am so glad you get take your baby home today. And I am even "gladder" that you had your girl baby already at home.


Tertia- I read your Advent bottle post and remembered they (the NICU) fed my twins with these tiny bottles...you can buy them here:


or here (under specialty products) for the sterile water (it also has a picture, the bottle is on the left)

They come with formula or sterile water (you just dump the water out)-and they even plug into a breatpump. Our hospital gave us a truckload of them before we left and they were awesome, especially since the bigger bottles can get preemies gassy. They even come with disposable nipples.

Lovely. Beautiful. As my three year old would say "perfectly perfect."

Congratulations on your little family. May you continue to be as richly blessed throughout the rest of your life as you are at this moment.

How absolutely wonderful for you. You and Marko have my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes. Let us know how the champagne tastes!

So...when do we get to see a pic of the whole family??? :-)

Congrats! They are both beautiful and it's wonderful to hear that they are home with you!

Absolutely gorgeous babies!! Congratulations on both of them!


What a beautiful post.

I'm so glad Adam came home, safe and sound.

Welcome Home Adam!


Congratulations. This is so big that there just are no words. I'm so thrilled for you. Congratulations and hugs all around.

Yes, you are now "there" - and trust me, it's a wonderful place to be. Congratulations on this wonderful new beginning!

So Close has become So Far. What a gorgeous thing.

Rooting for you always, and looking forward to hearing about the ongoing challenges of motherhood.


Ahh... Don't they look so sweet, adorable, beautiful and wonderful!!!! I love, love, love those pictures!!!!

I am so very happy for you!!!!


Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. I've got tears running down my face right now. Your children are beautiful and I am so happy for you.

**tearing up, swallowing lump in throat**

How wonderful. I am so happy that Adam is home. Congratulations.

That nurse certainly knows just what to say, doesn't she?

Congratulations Tertia! Thrilled to know Adam is home with you, and they are both just gorgeous, like their mommy! Also wanted to let you know that Luke sees me check your blog every a.m. He always looks at your picture so when I log on I tell him "that's Tertia." Now whenever I open your blog, he immediately says "Tia" (well, he's close).

You've come a long way and are so deserving of this joy.

Honey, they're beautiful.

Words escape me. So happy for you Tertia, and your perfectly complete family.

Beautiful post, beautiful babies, beautiful mommy.

I have tears in my eyes.

They are so gorgeous. And both at home with their mummy & daddy where they belong.

this is one of those time when words fall far short...your little family has captured my heart today.

lurve to infinity plus two

OMG the baby feet! I just wanna kiss 'em! two pair! oooo! (I keep dreaming of my [due in 7wks] baby girl's feet.)

Your children are absolutely beautiful and they look wonderful together at home! Tears of joy flowing for the happy family. :)

I have no words. Funny or otherwise.
God bless the four of you --

May God shine His face on your family and give you peace.

Tertia - you are at home - in January - with BIG BEAUTIFUL BABIES - just the way it should be.

I am all emotional on your behalf! love and hugs,mollyv

That is a beautiful sight indeed. So incredibly happy for you!

I am so incredibly happy for you guys. Thank you for sharing your journey. I feel as though I have been holding my breath from the moment I found your blog and now I can breathe. I can only imagine how you and Marko feel. You don't know me, but I feel as though I know you and I feel so blessed to have been able to kind of witness your journey and watch your transformation into a family.

Welcome home Adam! So very very happy for you and your family. Touching that Ben's nurse was there for the discharge.

I'm speechless. I'm so happy you're all home now.

I love the photos. Brother and sister, just kickin' it on a hot summer day. Mom will show up with the lemonade any second now.

Oh Tertia, you've made me cry into my lunch! I'm so VERY happy for the four of you!

YEAH!!!!!! So happy for you, and I imagine you must just be swimming in emotions right now. How wonderful to have your own very special nurse follow you to the NICU! :-) Speaking as a nurse, I can tell you that you probably made her day--there is a lot of sorrow in that job, as you can imagine, and days like this make it all worthwhile for her too.



Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with of us in cyber-land. Your strength, courage, and perservation in the face of so much loss and tragedy (and finally joy), has been an inspiration to myself and countless others.

I'm sending up a prayer of thanks today that both of your children are at home, safe, sound, and healthy.

Enjoy the rest of your life with them, Mommy, they are precious, gorgeous children.

Much love and admiration,

Oooooooh, Tertia. What a wonderful, amazing day. I'm sending you every good and warm wish in the world.

It´s been a very, very long way indeed. I remenber perfectly when I "knew" you at the boards. It was after your fertilization failure and you were so strong, so brave... I thought if you could do it maybe I could too... couldn´t imagine what a long, hard and cruel waiting was ahead of us... Now you´re here and I´m so proud of you... I´m so incredibly happy for you and your perfect, gorgeous family.
Thankyou, T. for sharing all these years with us. You have helped me inmensely.

I loved this post. It was just perfect in every way. I'm so thrilled for you. Can you believe you are actually on the other side of all that heartache and waiting? You have such incredible joy (and so many many sleepless nights!) ahead of you, you can't even imagine it.

It really made me tear up seeing your beautiful babies, and seeing them together. I remember that I couldn't put my twins next to each other on the bed, and start snapping pictures, fast enough when the second one came home from the NICU.

One journey is over, and a new one is beginning. Huge congratulations!

Just beautiful! I'm so very happy for you!

What's that line from Sharon Olds' poem "The Planned Child?" "...out into/
the world that was not enough for her without me in it,/ not the moon, the sun, Orion/ cartwheeling across the dark..."

Thanks for giving us one of those precious moments of knowing this is enough. *smooch* And welcome home, little Adam. *double smooch, tears and all*


I am so happy for you, Tertia.

Welcome home, Adam!

What a beautiful family...YOU ARE A MOM!!!!

It is an honor, T., that you have shared your pain and your joys with us, the internet. I know we all look forward to reading your experiences as a mother of twins...damn. Mother of twins!
Impossible not to be teary-eyed over this.

Welcome Home Adam! And Congratulations Tertia! You're there!!!

Choked up here. Beautiful post. Welcome home baby Adam. Many blessings to you and your family, Tertia!

Oh Tertia. Beautiful. I'm so glad you had someone there who truly understood the meaning of today. (((HUGS)))

Mine are almost three, and I still can't really parse the idea that they are twins. I still look at them and say "wow! twins!"

What wonderful pictures. A couple of boodles, those two. Have a wonderful ride off into the sunset, you. You're a perfect example of why, when you're going through hell, you should KEEP GOING.

So very very happy for you. I really look forward to reading about your journey through motherhood. Glad Adam is finally home. Congrats!!

You were so close for so long and now you are there. Beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your journey. I feel blessed to have been a part of it.

How wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you! :-)))

What beautiful babies. I will add to the request for a family photo, though. Especially of Mom and babes. :-)

Many congratulations again.

Wonderful..fabulous..you are beyond gorgeous and divine..I am so glad to see them home together that I might just cry.

Thank you for4 sharing this with us

Oh Tertia what a beautiful day. It worked. You finally have the babies you have yearned for all this time.

I love happily ever after stories. Congratulations.

Although I've only commented on your blog a couple of times, I want you to know that I have been following your story and wishing you all the best. I'm so, so happy for you. What beautiful babies. What a beautiful day. Love, Heidi

I am so happy for you T!


Note to self: Don't try to eat oatmeal and read Tertia's blog at the same time - too many tears end up in oatmeal.

This is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

Oh Tertia...

I'm bursting with joy for you and your family right now. Congratulations on the happily ever after.

WAH-{shhh, don't wake the babIES} hoo.

Tertia, so so happy for you guys! How is awesome is that, to see them side-by-side, sleeping so peacefully (and sleeping on [not in] Pooh, too! I love Pooh!) at home?!

And big fat hugs to your most precious nurse. What a special footnote to your story.

I don't know about you, but that tiny detail - the fact that you had the SAME nurse this time - really feels like "closure" to me. Like it has all come full circle, but with a different ending this time. I know nothing... NOBODY... will ever replace Ben. And nothing will ever erase the pain of losing him. But having your two beautiful babies at home with you now certainly is a dream come true.

Showers of blessings on you, as you begin this new journey... together. I'm so damn happy for you, Tertia... I don't even have the words!


Wow!! I stumbled across this blog and I have waited and prayed for your journey to have a absolute happy ending and it does!!!!!
Lady you have a brillant way with words, and you come across as a strong, vibrant person, and I dont even know you, lol..
Congratulations on your beautiful babies and enjoy, cause man you have earned it!!!

Wow. A happy ending. And a happy beginning! Here's to future days!

Now that I have stopped crying...Adam and Kate are absolutely beautiful. Here's to 'Happily Ever After'.

Oh, honey, joy joy joy.

Did they miss each other? I bet they did.

What a special time for you and Marko, a beginning and an end. I cannot imagine the mix of emotions you must be feeling; but am so grateful that you share what you can with us here in your computer.

Enjoy, Tertia: you have earned it!

All I can say is that I am crying and I am so happy for you.

I remember you from TLOL and I'd love to come up with something heart felt to convey how happy I am for you, but I'm just speechless with the knowledge that your two children are home safe in the arms of their parents.


Oh Tertia, how wonderful! And it will just keep getting better and better. Enjoy every moment.

Blessings on your family, complete at last.

Not sure what I'm typing because I can't see through the tears.

I'm just so happy for you all!!!!!!

Oh Tertia! Much much love.

***sigh*** tears and huge lump in throat here. What beautiful children. The one laying on the left with the arms over the head is so relaxed, protected and trusting looking. Absolutely wonderful

Let the new journey commence!

Man, Tertia ... you sure know how to make a girl CRY! I am so happy for you. To see those sweet babes, those HBIJ babies, lying at home, side-by-side with you is too much for words. You have been through so much sorrow, and this joy you are experiencing today is what we have all been wishing and praying for you. What a blessing that Ben's nurse was with you today, too. It makes it seem all the more perfect.

Soak it all in, my girl. You have earned this!

Thank God, thank God. Maybe now you'll finally shut up.


I really should not cry at work. But I did. Tears of joy. Congratulations on this moment. It was a long time coming.

Sigh, I so hate being late to the party... I just figured out what HBIJ *meant* like, two weeks ago and here they are! Home at last!

The internet breathes a collective sigh of relief, crying tears of joy and quietly whispering "YEEE EFFING HAW!!!"

Oh, and is it just me, or do they both have your feet?

I'm so very, very happy for all of you.

*Happy happy sigh. So incredibly overthemoonexcitedlyoverjoyedhappy that you have your perfect little boy home where he belongs with you, Marko and his sister. Kate will have to have some special time with daddy while you take the time to bond with your son.
Tertia you've done it!! Your heartbreaking journey has come to a happy ending and is the start of a beautiful future.
Enjoy the snuggles, little clothes, tiny hands and feet and special and joyful times ahead and yes even the sleepless nights and worries that are normal for every parent. Just remember the old mantra if it gets too tough: this too shall pass....
Enjoy your family! You soooooo deserve it.

That is a beautiful thing to have the same nurse. Good for her too, she has a tough job. I am so glad you are all so close at home now.



*big exhale, huge smile & tears welling up*



Thanks for the response on my previous comment!! I honestly didn't believe you would remember me and feel impressed that you did.

I just want to tell you how gorgeous Adam and Kate are. You sure did carry them well. It's kind of funny to see them in just t-shirts and diapers as I look out my back door at snow and temperatures in the teens.

Good luck to You, Marko, Adam and Kate on your new journey as a family of 4... did you hear that? A family of 4!! Congratulations!!

With love, Melonie

Sending you my most heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! Adam and Kate are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

I will never forget you, or your incredible journey. God bless all of you.


i've been following your heartbreaking journey and i'm so happy for you and for your family.

your babies look so big!

congrats and thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

Sooooo.....what're you changing the name of your blog to now that you're THERE!~? Congrats again by the way!

Big tears of joy are rolling down my face ... Mazal Tov to you and your wonderful - and complete - family, Tertia.
May you have more happy, loving and joy-filled years together than there are stars in the sky.

So v v happy for you!!

Tertia and Marko -

I am crying tears of joy for you!
May God Bless you and your family and always keep you safe.


Love those baby legs! (All four of them.)

Congrats on Adam's big homecoming. I think "So Close" remains a perfect name for your blog--the twins are so close to one another, and you and Marko are so close to them, and the babies have undoubtedly brought you and Marko even more "so close" together.

It's the most amazing feeling.

Congratulations again to you and your family. I couldn't be happier for you.

Awesome!!! Sooo happy for you!!

my best friend had twins hmmm now 5 yrs ago ... and i tell you those kids couldn't sleep with out touching one another and still do .........even if it is was a pinky hheheheh ... Any way i think it is wonderful that he is home now........

I remember bringing home Samantha after Zack had been home for almost 2 weeks. I don't think I stopped staring at them, together for...ever. Enjoy this time. It all goes so quickly. I was just looking through old pictures tonight and remembering all the magical times. It truly does fly by. Every stage is more fun than the next, but it is still so darn quick. Kisses to Kate and Adam. I can understand your fears in terms of parenting preemies...but really, this stage will be short and they will become sturdier and more alert w/each passing week!!!

A hearty congratulations!

"And they lived happily ever after..." such beautiful words. I'm so very, very happy for you, after everything you've been through.

Welcome home Adam, you and your sister are lucky babies to have such wonderful parents.


Welcome home, Adam! And welcome home, too, Tertia. Home to your family.

I am bawling my eyes out in happiness for you.

Happily ever after.

Wonderful and beautiful...
Thanks for sharing your story with everyone.

It's so funny.. just as I was about to click on your link in my blogroll, I was thinking, "If Adam came home, she should change the name of her blog to "There"

Welcome home, little Adam.. and welcome to your dream come true, Tertia. Congratulations for making it there (here).

ah, this warms my heart. welcome home, tertia's family.

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